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My Patreon Page, XWG, BBW, BHM, Sex

Postby theapes » Tue Oct 15, 2019 4:29 pm

Hey all. I figured I'd post this here to let you know about my Patreon page. It contains a lot of male and female weight gain, sometimes nerd, sometimes slob, lot of times sex.

Here is an excerpt from my latest story, which is a sequel to the Bridesmaid, which includes pregnancy.


Knocked Up Without Warning
by Jake (JMJ) and ST

As she pulled up to her million dollar plus Colonial, Gwen grabbed her remaining cup of coffee and the empty bag that had contained two donuts and threw them in the garbage. Even with the snack she still felt famished and hoped that Arthur had remembered to order food.

When she got inside, the smells from the kitchen informed her that he had in fact taken care of dinner, though she could not see any take out bags or packaging. She placed her Dolce & Gabbana tote on the love seat by the door and made a bee line to the bedroom.

Once there, she practically tore off her impossibly tight clothes and stood in her bra and panties before taking them off too in an attempt to get comfortable. She slowly walked to her dresser and did not acknowledge the chubby face that stared back at her. She had clearly put on more weight and even though she was still above average height, the weight was starting to show up as move than just making her voluptuous. Her breasts had started to sag ever so slightly, no longer perky like they had been. A few bright stretch marks were still visible even on her olive oil skin. Her belly, never trim but always flat, had begun to bulge and love handles had formed over the lines where her panties had dug into her hips. Her hips had softened with excess adipose and were up a few inches than they had previously been, now up to 42. Her tush jiggled quite a bit as she bent over to throw on sweat pants, the cheeks having also gained cellulite along with their increased size. Her thighs shook as well and her stomach formed three rolls as she bent forward to pull the pants up. She donned a t-shirt that she did not recall buying and went back out towards the kitchen.

Once there, she spotted her husband sipping a beer by the fridge. Arthur was a tall man, his family of Scottish decent. He was tall, probably 6-4, and a big man. He had been a collegiate athlete, playing linebacker at Harvard. He ran a hand through his thick reddish blonde hair and winked at his wife.

“Hey babe. Dinner’s done.”

“I can see that, though I don’t see any boxes. Where did you get this from, Mulino’s?”

Arthur took a pull of his Heineken and gave her a curious look.

“I cooked it hun. Like I always do on Wednesday’s. We usually don’t do take out until tomorrow and then Friday. Then we go out on Saturday and I grill Sunday. You alright?”

Gwen was definitely confused now. She hadn’t known her husband to cook at all in his life, the duo relying on pre-bought health food and take out to get by.

“You cooked? I don’t remember you being much of a chef, Art.”

She poked him in the midsection and was surprised to find that it wasn’t muscle that she felt but actual fat. Now that she thought about it, his face looked fuller than she remembered, and his chest wasn’t so defined. His arms were still big, though now they appeared soft. He looked like a football player who stopped caring too much about his appearance. Not fat, but definitely soft. Plus, he never drank beer, only red wine so that too seemed off.

“Ouch, that hurts babe, really. You didn’t complain at all when I made those lamb chops you loved last week, or the lobster ravioli I made Monday.”

He patted her yielding ass firmly, enjoying the way it bounced. She yelped and quickly smacked it away.

“Hey, that smarts.”

“Sorry, sorry, it was just sticking out and you know I can’t resist your curves babe.”

He leaned in and kissed her and for a second she forgot their prior conversation. Meals she never recalled having before now popped up in her head and the thought of him cooking was no longer foreign to her. Still, something in her head was not completely ok with what was going on.

“Not, not here. I had a long day and I’m still hungry. What did you make” she asked, backing away to try and clear her head.

“Pork chops stuffed with gouda, three cheese macaroni with bacon, seasoned sweet potato bites and a chocolate cheesecake for dessert.”

Gwen’s mouth instinctively watered at the sound of all that food. It actually got worse when she glanced over at the dining room table and saw the impressive spread laid out before her. She had to restrain herself from jumping into her chair and calmly walked to her seat.

The meal was excellent, and each bite made Gwen feel more and more comfortable and doubting that anything was amiss. Her mind was too busy occupied by the wondrous aromas and palate exciting food she was devouring. Almost enough to prevent her from hearing something that she knew Art would never say if things were normal. Almost.

“Then that lard ass woman’s husband bothered me. Pain in my ass.”

She bit into the pork chop and moaned at how succulent it was. She was chewing so loudly that she did not hear Arthur say she shouldn’t mock someone who was just curvier than her. Her chewing wasn’t loud enough to dampen what he said next.

“Ah, they’re the ones that just had the baby right? Must be nice to go home to a kid each night.”
She practically dropped the fork from her hand. What did he say?

“What? Who wants a screaming thing just yelling at all hours of the night? That’s not something I want!”

She sipped on her wine and shook her head. Just what had gotten into him?

“I don’t know, I just don’t think it would be completely bad to have one kid, would it? Maybe have an Arthur Jr. running around? My parents would love that, so would yours.”

He cut into another piece of pork chop and ate it, smiling at her.

“I, I don’t think so. You keep that to yourself. You must be hanging out with too many dads or something, that’s not for me!”

She went back to her eating, hoping he wouldn’t bring it up again. She was thankful when he changed the subject to work and how he had been able to do a lot of it from home the past few months. She didn’t realize that he had been but on second glance it would make sense as to how he had time to cook.

Once dinner was finished, Gwen glanced down at her stomach and grew concerned. It was bulging quite significantly and her shirt was barely covering it. She was about to poke it when Arthur appeared in front of her, holding up a very large sized piece of cake (actually it was definitely two pieces of cake).

“Smells good, right?”

Gwen tried backing away. She did not think her present food baby was normal.

“I, I shouldn’t eat that hun. I think I’ve put on weight.”

She motioned towards her stomach and thighs, patting them both and was discouraged when her thighs jiggled. She knew she had put on weight, though she was unsure how long that had been going on for. She was finding it harder and harder to imagine that she had just been curvy when she woke up that morning. Now it seemed as if she had been “battling the bulge” for some time now.

“Ah, you look sexy as hell. I told you I love all the curves you have. Especially these plush thighs. I just want to take a bite outta em!”

He mockingly made a biting motion and she giggled for a second, before again trying to restrain herself.

“No, no, Art. I can’t get like all the fatties in my office. I need to diet and be the sexy woman you married.”

She stood up and went to walk away but Arthur grabbed her by the arm.

“Baby, you’re still the sexiest woman I know, maybe even sexier than before. Tell you what” he said while looking back at the cake. “How about we go up to bed and I let you have some dessert while I have something much sweeter than chocolate?”

He kissed her passionately and she felt herself go numb. She grabbed him tight and let him pick her up off her feet. He grunted slightly at her girth but eventually readjusted. He let her grab the cake and carried her away to the bedroom.

That night Gwen had more orgasms than she thought humanly possibly as she munched away on the cake, a big content smile on her rounder face.
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