Katie's Necklace Alt. Univ. 1-7 (WG, Magic, Revenge)

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Katie's Necklace Alt. Univ. 1-7 (WG, Magic, Revenge)

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Greinskyn's (unfinished) alternate take on a classic.

Katie's Necklace Alt. Univ. 1

Katie closed her eyes and let the water sprinkle onto her face. Her wet body glistened as she ran her fingers through her hair, making sure all the shampoo was rinsed out. After turning off the showerhead, she stood there for a moment, running her hands over her toned and shapely body as little droplets dripped from her small pert breasts. How could her life get any better? she thought to herself. She’d just led the girls’ varsity soccer team to a decisive win in the Section-A finals, automatically qualifying them for the state tournament.

But all was not well in Knoxville. Chloe was eying the soccer queen from the other side of the locker room, watching her primp herself in front of the mirror. Sure, Katie was nice and all to most of her teammates, and even once gave Chloe a useful fashion tip on how to disguise one’s thick thighs under an a-line skirt. But Chloe resented Katie’s arrogance, and was bitterly jealous of her natural ability on the field, not to mention her thin, perfect body. Chloe glanced at the little blue box perched in the locker in front of her, which Chloe had obtained from her aunt’s antique store in the mall. She’d been waiting for just the right time to present it to her nemesis, and now, with state championships just weeks away, it was the perfect moment to make her move.
She walked up to Katie, who was just buttoning her pink shirt over the B-cup Victoria’s Secret bra she had on. Putting on her sweetest face, Chloe smiled and said, “Here Katie, some of the other girls on the bench and I all chipped in to get this for you, in appreciation of what you’ve done for the team.”

A little surprised, Katie stuttered, “Oh, thanks, Chloe…I could always use another necklace!” But as she lifted the small locket and silver chain out of the box, her demureness turned to pure joy. She absolutely loved expensive jewelry (well, expensive anything, actually). “It’s totally gorgeous!”

And it was. The turquoise stone seemed almost to glow as Katie gazed down at it, and she felt a kind of tingling sensation in her chest. “Oooh, why don’t I try it on right now!”

“Look how it matches your eyes,” Chloe exclaimed, trying to hide her own excitement. She knew Katie was enamored with jewelry, but she didn’t think it would be quite so easy to convince her gullible friend to try it on right away. Then she said wryly, “The other girls and I really thought you deserved it.”

But Katie hardly heard this last line. As she clasped the silver chain behind her neck, the tingling sensation grew stronger and she felt a little lightheaded. Maybe she should have had more to eat before the game, she thought, suddenly feeling a little hungry and attributing her dizzy spell to that.

That night after dinner, Katie sat at her desk, feeling the reassuring sensation one gets after having just eaten a long-awaited meal. The food court had made spaghetti, and in honor of Katie’s victory the staff had brought out a homemade Boston cream pie for dessert. Normally Katie didn’t have much an appetite, but tonight she’d wanted to celebrate the occasion with an extra helping or two.

She eyed the necklace still dangling above her perfect breasts. Moving the locket through her fingers, she admired its smooth texture. No sense in leaving it on while she did homework, though. She reached around to unclasp it, but for some reason it seemed to be stuck. As the chain was plenty long enough to reach around her slender cheeks and forehead, she tried to lift it over her head without undoing it. But then the clasp got caught in her silky hair.

Like out of some strange fairy tale, the locket began to glow, similar to when she first looked at it in the box, but brighter and brighter still until it reflected off the walls and mirror. She picked it up and stared at it intently, wondering what the heck was going on. The stone was warm, almost hot, in her hand. Suddenly, the locket snapped open in her palm, revealing what appeared to be a tiny watch inside. Only there were just six Roman numerals carved in a circle and a single hand, sitting stationary at what would've been the 12-O’clock position.

Before Katie’s eyes, the hand began to spin, slowly at first and then picking up speed. Round and round it went as the amulet continued to glow, gradually slowing until it had stopped at Roman numeral “V.” The glow then appeared to coalesce in the face of the watch, forming into glittery blue letters.

“BUTT,” it read.

“That's strange!” Katie remarked, her voice full of bewilderment.
“What's strange?” Jen, her roommate asked.
Katie spun around at the sudden and quite unexpected query from her friend. Jen, who had just exited the bathroom, was still toweling off her raven black mane and didn't catch the odd expression on her face. Katie warred over how to respond. A quick glance showed that the amulet had reverted back to it's normal appearance.
'Did I imagine the whole thing?' she wondered.
Not wanting to appear foolish (who'd believe such a thing anyway) Katie decided against telling Jen what had transpired.
“Oh nothing,” she responded, trying to sound disinterested. “I actually got one of Mrs. Metrick's Algebra equations right.”
“That is strange!” Jen piped up. She was acutely aware how difficult that particular course was having been subjected to it last semester.
The matter seemed settled and Jen continued on getting ready for bed. Apparently advanced algebra didn't elicit much in the way of curiosity.

Katie breathed a sigh of relief and tried to put the whole incident behind her. The slim girl's concentration was ruined, however, and she just couldn't continue with the calculations. Thoughts of blue light and leftover pie kept intruding on her thoughts. The amulet itself seemed to be sabotaging her efforts as it's cool smooth surface caressed her tender skin with every movement. Even Katie's own stomach joined in, choosing that very moment to growl loudly.
'To heck with it!' She thought irritably while slamming the dreaded Algebra book shut. 'I can always copy off of Laura's paper tomorrow!' She justified.
Katie turned off the lamp and got ready for bed herself. While brushing her teeth she tried to ignore the feel of the metal charm bouncing against her modest endowments. She wasn't very successful.
A short time later, clad in her nightie, Katie was making for the inviting covers when her stomach growled again, this time louder. She froze in her tracks, unable to escape the sound or the sensation it highlighted;
Katie immediately changed course making for the small fridge instead. There bathed in the soft light of the tiny interior bulb lay nearly half of the delectable Boston cream pie. The slim teen knew how many calories lurked in the sugary concoction and very nearly closed the door.
Very nearly.
Moments later Katie sat cross legged in her favorite chair eating forkfuls of pie directly from the tin. The sensations so closely mirrored those of her childhood back home where she'd eaten her Mom's pies in much the same manner.
Katie stopped, fork halfway to her mouth.
She missed her Mommy.
Being away at private school made Katie miss her family so much... yes even her annoying younger sister Melissa.
Katie put the pie aside and hit speed-dial #1.
“Hi Mommy!” Katie said excitedly when she heard the familiar comforting voice on the other end.
“Kitten! It's almost 10:30 is everything alright?” Mrs. Pryde sounded concerned.
“Yes Mom every thing's OK” she reassured. “I just missed you is all.”
“I missed you too dear. It's been weeks since we seen you last. Is school going well?”
“Yeah school's good...as good as it can be anyway.” Katie replied.
“Are you eating well?” Mom asked with the typical motherly concern.
Katie's eyes darted over to the much decimated pie. “Yes Mom, I'm eating well.”
“Any boyfriends?”
“MOM!!” Katie replied in standard teen aged frustration.
“OK OK I get the hint.” (a melodramatic sigh) “I guess you're getting old enough to be responsible for yourself.” Mrs. Pryde conceded. “Pretty soon you won't need your old mother at all. Why I bet even now you're too mature to go shopping with me at the mall this weekend...and certainly too independent to have me pay for a new outfit...”
“What time can you pick me up!” Katie blurted, interrupting her mother's monologue.
“How about 10am? That way we can break for lunch.”
“That'd be great mom!”
“Yes it will be...now about your boyfriends...”

Ch 2

Katie had great trouble falling asleep that night. For one, she had given up trying to remove the necklace and now it still hung uncomfortably around her neck as she tossed and turned under her covers. The other thing, obviously, that was keeping her up was the very strange experience she’d had earlier that evening. Had she drifted off to sleep doing her math homework, and only dreamt about the glowing locket? Although she’d felt pretty lucid through the whole experience, she had no other way to explain it. The third thing that was bothering her was that her body felt strangely uncomfortable lying there in her bed. When she lay on her side, her hip seemed to dig into the mattress more than she was used to. On her back, her spine felt arched, as if something was pushing her legs and groin up off the mattress. These feelings seemed to get worse as the night wore on.

That morning she had to force herself out of bed, she’d gotten so little sleep. Forget about going for a run before school. As she went through her daily routine, she experienced more odd sensations, like for instance the toilet seat felt different somehow. And her favorite jeans (size 6) she wanted to wear felt extremely tight around her butt as she pulled them up. In fact, she couldn't even fasten the snap let alone get the zipper up. What in the world was going on?

A look in the mirror told the story. Her beautiful, toned ass, the pride of the senior class, appeared to have grown in size overnight, as if the entire meal of spaghetti and multiple cream pie servings had gone straight to her rear end. She reached around gingerly behind her. Even wedged into the skintight pants, there was a lot of give as she pressed her fingers into her spongy behind. This is impossible, she thought.

Convincing herself that her jeans had shrunk, she pulled them off (with some difficulty), and examined herself in just her underwear. The toned muscles on her ass were hidden beneath a soft layer of fat, with even a hint of cellulite where her butt intersected her thighs. Turning to see her silhouette, she discovered that her ass now jutted out behind her—like about two or three inches more than before!

She tried on a more casual style of jeans that used to be loose, and to her relief, they fit. All hopes were now dashed that the other pair had simply shrunk, however, as she filled up the seat of this pair to their max. She couldn't even worm her hand into the back pockets. Strangely the material was still kind of loose around her thighs.

What the heck?
Fortunately her roommate wasn't around to bear witness to the whole humiliating episode.
“I have to find Chloe.” She vowed, snatching up her purse and storming out of the dorm room.
A practiced eye would have noted a slight waddle to her gait...

The elusive Chloe was no where to be found. Katie was embarrassingly late for her first hour class having waited outside Chloe's Home Ec class until the bell rang. It felt as if all eyes were on her expanded rear as she slunk her way red-faced to a desk in the very front of the room. The journey seemed to take forever. In fact Katie could swear that everyone had been staring at her butt all morning. She could almost feel it shake as she walked to her classes, and when sitting she was acutely aware of the increased padding beneath her. Several times already she'd had to sneak into the bathroom to dislodge her panties from the crack of her ass. It was like wearing an extremely uncomfortable cotton thong. Katie could feel it working its way in right now...

After class and what had seemed to be the thousandth time of whispering coming from behind her back, she darted yet again to the girl’s room to survey the damage. In the mirror, her baby blues still stared back at her, capping her flawless face. Her blond hair still rested on her slim shoulders, framing the blue necklace resting on her chest. Her perky B-cups pressed her silk shirt outward in two perfect ovals, and her slim waist accentuated curvy hips. Only now they looked curvier than yesterday, pressing her jeans taught at the zipper. Further down nothing looked amiss, the denim actually hanging loosely over her toned thighs and calves. Turning sideways, she saw basically the same thing: angular chin, slim neck, round breasts, slim waist, BUBBLE BUTT, toned legs. Turning another forty-five degrees, (she really didn’t want to look at herself from this angle) her plump ass seemed to announce itself to the world, impossible to miss even in the larger pair of jeans.
“I have got to find Chloe” she declared the second time that morning, addressing the empty girl's room.

Lunch was a horrible experience. She knew her friends could tell she had gained weight, but she’d been starving for all of fourth and fifth periods. She just couldn’t resist ordering three slices of pizza and a large fries. Even then, she wondered if it’d be enough. Amanda and Laura watched in disbelief as Katie wolfed down the food like she’d been starved for months. Katie felt like she was in a trance. All that seemed to matter was to inhale the pizza as fast as she could.

“What are you doing?!!” said Amanda.

“I don’t know?!!” said Katie. “What’s got into me? Suddenly I can’t stop eating.”

“Maybe you’re nervous about the tournament,” said Laura.

“Get a grip!” said Amanda. “Katie's got nothing to worry about on the field.”

“Hey, nice necklace,” Laura said, trying to come up with something positive to say and change the subject.
Katie didn't even seem to hear her, however, as if she was lost in her own world. She continued on mechanically devouring her meal. The two friends exchanged wide-eyed looks and excused themselves as their friend began wolfing down her third slice.
Katie instantly regretted her huge meal (Ironically at the same time craving more). The already tight jeans now clung ever more fiercely to her expanded frame.
Still no sign of Chloe.
All too soon Katie found herself in the girl's room. She was in the middle of giving a loosening tug to her jeans when just then a blue light reflected off the mirror. Oh no, the amulet was starting to glow again! As she grasped it in her palm, it snapped open just like it had the night before, sending blue light bouncing around the room. The watch hand spun and spun riveting poor Katie with it's hypnotic motion; this time stopping on “VI.”

“THIGHS,” read the blue letters.

By now Katie had a pretty good idea what was going on, even though it made no sense. The numbers must correspond to different parts of her body, and at random times the watch would spin, adding globs of fat to whatever corresponding body part it landed on. Five was her butt; six, her thighs. Why couldn’t it land on her chest? she thought.

It was only about half way through the next class that Katie started feeling the effects, whether of the amulet or the pizza she couldn’t tell. As Ms. Green droned on about photosynthesis, Katie felt her jeans growing ever tighter around her thighs. Where the fabric had hung loosely only minutes before, creases were now forming and stitches stretching. During the walk down the hall to math, her final class of the day, she could actually feel her inner thighs rubbing together slightly. She didn’t even want to know what she looked like from the back.

Just then the elusive Chloe passed her in the hall... seemingly appearing from nowhere. She had an evil grin across her face. “I bet you can’t wait for number two,” she whispered.

“What?” But a group of students late for class smashed into Chloe and pushed her down the hall before Katie could say anything more.

She IS responsible for this, that bitch! thought Katie, as she struggled to stay focused in math class. By now her jeans were feeling really tight. Sitting like she normally did, with one leg crossed over the other was impossible. Even now, forced as she was, to sit with her legs straight felt awkward and uncomfortable. She kept fidgeting in her seat. Of course this motion only encouraged her too small panties to ride up once more...

When class was over, she struggled to her feet and burst out of the room to track down Chloe. She finally found the little weasel sitting with the other losers who only got subbed in when their soccer team was way in the lead.

“I need to talk to you, now!” Katie demanded.

The other girls looked surprised, but Chloe didn’t seem the least bit distressed. “What do you want, Katie?” Then her eyes glanced down at Katie’s chunky thighs packed into her jeans. “Hey,” she said. “You know what? I know a great trick for slimming down ‘problem areas’ under an a-line skirt.”

The other girls giggled. Rumors about Katie porking up had already made their way around the school, though a lot of people were confused over why they hadn’t seen it coming over a longer period of time.

Katie wasn’t amused at all. She grabbed Chloe by the hair and pulled her into the alleyway between the two school buildings. “What the ... did you do to me?”

“I think that’s pretty obvious,” said Chloe, her eyes darting down to Katie’s wide hips.

The smug expression on the heavier girl's face made Katie want to scratch her eyes out. “You stop this voodoo magic right this minute or I’ll have you cut from the team!” she shouted.

Chloe grinned maliciously, her eyes little rings of fire. “Careful about that tone of voice, Katie honey. It could cost you.”

“Don’t you threaten me, you little bitch! I don’t know what weirdo camp you went to to find that necklace, but you better take it back there this instant!”

“What are you, too enamored with the sparkly little stone to remove it yourself?”

Katie stood there, mouth agape. Why hadn’t she thought of this before? If the amulet was causing her rapid weight gain, why not just yank the damn thing off. After her halfhearted attempts last night, she’d simply given up, unwilling to risk breaking the glittering chain. Was this strange device screwing with her mind as well?

Katie grabbed the locket and yanked on it hard. The chain dug into the back of her slim neck, but it neither stretched nor broke. She pulled at the chain on either side of the locket with both hands, to no avail. Attempting to lift the chain up around her neck, it suddenly got very slippery, and she couldn’t grasp it in her hands. She tried to lift the locket itself, but the higher she raised it, the heavier it became. By the time she had it to her forehead, her strength failed her and it fell from her hands. She cringed as she waited for the lead weight to come crashing down on her chest, but it only bounced against her lightly, no different from a normal necklace.

Chloe smiled. “Cutting it won’t work either. It’ll just dent your scissors. That necklace is yours and yours to keep. Like I said, the other girls and I wanted you to have it.”

With that, Katie lunged at Chloe, her hands grabbing for her neck. But in reality, Chloe was the stronger of the two, and she easily averted Katie’s attack. “That will cost you,” Chloe said, and the amulet began to glow yet again. “We’ll just see who gets cut from the team.”
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Re: Katie's Necklace Alt. Univ. 1-7 (WG, Magic, Revenge)

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Ch 3

Katie stumbled backwards. “No, don’t do that! I’m sorry. Chloe, please!” But the amulet continued to glow brighter. Katie had a sick feeling in her stomach as it popped open and the hand began to spin.

“Round and round my locket goes!” Chloe chanted. “Wherever it stops, Katie grows!”

“IV” the amulet read. “WAIST.”

“Oh, no!” whimpered Katie. Next her to ass, Katie’s pride and joy had always been her toned abdomen, her slim back and her perfect, twenty-four inch waist.

“Too bad for you it wasn’t number two!” Chloe giggled.

Katie sank to the ground in tears, already feeling her jeans start to cut into her stomach.

“Ta ta!” sang Chloe, as she skipped away, leaving Katie there to suffer.

The walk home was torturous. Each block, she could feel her jeans getting tighter and tighter around her waist. By the time she was halfway home, love handles had formed at the sides. Not to mention her silk shirt now clung to her middle, the buttons gaping as her expanding flesh pressed against the fabric. Walking felt different, now, too. Her wide hips swayed from side to side as her pudgy legs rubbed together. As she climbed the front steps of the senior's dormatory, she noticed that she was actually winded—just from the half-mile walk home—and she felt hot and sweaty under her tight clothes.

Back in her room, she stared at herself in the mirror. Her perfect, hourglass figure had vanished, leaving a pear-shaped one in its wake. Her cute face, slim shoulders and arms were still there, as were her firm breasts—but her bust seemed smaller now, in contrast to her lower half. Turning sideways, she understood why. Her stomach actually stuck out further than her chest, and her thick butt and thighs completely overshadowed her toned upper body, drawing the eye away from her small breasts.

“I look awful!” she moaned, her eyes watering up. She unbuttoned her shirt, averting her gaze to avoid seeing how much her tummy pooched out over her jeans. Sitting down on her bed, she felt it form into rolls as she slithered out of her jeans. Standing back up and looking at herself in only her underwear, she really did begin to cry. Her panties cut deep into her hips—they were clearly two sizes too small—and her B-cup breasts encased in the white lacy bra looked completely out of proportion to her wide hips and thighs. Turning around backwards, she could see two small pockets of fat on either side of her lower back and cellulite on her lower butt and thighs. Tears of humiliation rolled down her cheeks.

She pulled out what she thought would be the more forgiving outfits in her closet—billowy skirts and loose tops, jeans that flared out at the bottom to balance out her thighs. But as she tried on each ensemble in turn, nothing looked good. Most of the jeans she couldn’t even come close to buttoning and the rest she couldn’t make it up past mid-thigh. All her tops now clung stubbornly to her middle. Her favorite one, shimmery red with buttons down the back and a low-cut neckline, she didn’t even bother trying on. It used to hug her snugly under her breasts and stretch nicely around her slim waist. She loved the way it had emphasized her curves. Now her thick waist would never allow it to button.

Katie plopped onto her bed in frustration, now back in her underwear. She noticed the mattress was sagging a little lower than normal. Resting her face on her palms, she sat there for a good while, sobbing gently to herself. “All right,” she said at last, “time to face the inevitable.”

Gingerly, she walked into the bathroom and pulled the scale out from under the sink. The last time she weighed herself, she’d been an even 116 pounds. That was a week ago last Tuesday. Now, gazing down at the scale, trying to ignore her pooching belly, she watched the dial settle on 131. A fifteen-pound gain—no wonder none of her clothes fit.

There she stood, studying the numbers carefully as the sparkly necklace dangled on her chest. She shrieked, averting her gaze and covering the locket with her hand. “No! No more! Please!” The locket was glowing once again.

As the dial spun, Katie’s mind wandered back to her encounter with Chloe. Why does she keep talking about number two? she wondered. But as soon as the question entered her mind, it was answered.

“CHEST,” the letters spelled out, as the dial stopped on number II.

Suddenly Katie’s spirits were lifted. Ever since she was a little girl she’d been fascinated with breasts. Big ones, small ones, it didn’t matter—she wanted them. When she’d gotten her first bra in sixth grade, she’d been so proud she’d worn it every day for the next week, even though she barely needed it. Being a thin and athletic girl, her breasts had never gotten overly large. By the tenth grade she was a large B, not quite a C. In contrast to her slim waist, even what she had looked plump and inviting, especially when she dressed them up in low-cut, stretchy tops. Still, though, she’d often wondered what it would be like to be genuinely busty.

She examined her chest. Were they already getting bigger? Her bra cups didn’t feel any tighter than normal. But wait, no, actually they did, a little. She looked closely in the mirror. Very slowly, hardly enough to notice if you weren’t paying keen attention, the flesh above the cups of her bra was being pushed upwards. Within a minute or two, a crease had formed where the garment pressed into her growing breasts. This was enough to snap Katie’s mind back to reality.

“Oh no,” she said aloud. “I don’t have any bras in a bigger size.” She looked down again at her chest. The creases were getting deeper, and she was starting to feel the band pressing into her back. Going braless was not an option. Though she adored her breasts, she didn’t like people staring, and any excessive amount of jiggle or—god forbid—a nipple showing, was entirely out of the question. She’d gone without one on once since the seventh grade—kind of an experiment when her mom was late in doing the wash—and the experience had not been pleasant. Every time things shifted when she moved too quickly, she was sure somebody saw.

Katie hurried back to her room, feeling the expanding flesh above the bra cups quiver (not to mention the flab on her butt and thighs). To reduce the increasing pressure around her middle, she loosened the eyelets on the band to the middle notch. This seemed to work for the time being, though the garment seemed to be covering less and less of her by the minute. She pulled on an a-line skirt and grabbed the first top she could find that might look halfway decent—one of those drapy things that are tight around the bust and loose at the waist. Her cleavage escaped through the neckline, but it worked all right. She grabbed the car keys and hurried out the door.

Katie did her best to ignore the stick-thin mannequins taunting her from every store window she passed by. She had to stay focused. She was on an urgent mission: bra shopping.

Indeed, the garment she’d put on this morning could hardly contain her now. Her growing breasts had pulled the underwire away from her chest, and her breathing was becoming restricted by the skintight band. As Victoria’s Secret was still halfway across the mall, she ducked into the ladies room to make some adjustments. Thankfully no one was in there.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she had mixed emotions. Her breasts had really grown more than she’d hoped they would, and a good four inches of cleavage thrust up and out of her top. With considerable effort, she undid the band and refastened it at the loosest setting. Even this was too tight. Crossing her arms in front of her chest to conceal the odd shape of her bust in the ill-fitting bra, she walked quickly the rest of the way to Victoria's Secret, feeling the disturbing sensation of her lower half jiggling underneath her skirt.

Katie really had no idea what size she now was, so she grabbed a handful from 34-C through 36-DD in a variety of styles. The saleslady gave her an odd look as Katie darted into one of the stalls. She removed her top, revealing a pair of breasts that were half in and half out of the bra she was wearing. She unhooked the painful strap, relieved to finally be able to breath freely again. But what she saw then made her pause.

As she freed her breasts from the undersized cups, they spilled out onto her ribcage, bouncing and swinging on her torso. As they did so, she felt them tugging against her chest muscles. Looking very closely in the mirror, she could see them still growing slowly, pushing outward to the sides a little more with each passing moment. She watched as her large nipples (larger than before) inched ever lower on her torso. At first they pointed mostly straight out like they used to, but as the accumulating flesh sagged increasingly lower under the force of gravity, her nipples drooped southward. Katie stood there watching, her excitement over getting a free boob job turning to concern. At last the process slowed to a halt, but the damage had already been done. Her new breasts felt heavy and uncomfortable—and didn’t look so hot either, hanging so far down on her chest.

Katie hefted them in her hand, trying to take stock of their increased weight. She lifted them up to where her youthful breasts used to stick out proudly from her chest, about halfway between her elbows and her shoulders, and released them. She watched in dismay as they fell back down to where they were before, bouncing a couple times before settling to a halt. So this was what it was like to have big tits.

She tried on a 34-C. The band felt constricting and the cups couldn’t quite contain her expansive chest. The 34-D was better, after she figured out how to put it on—she now had to lean forward and let her breasts fall into the cups. In this bra, her boobs had a little room to spare, but she had to put the band at the loosest setting. It appeared that she’d gained weight not just in her breasts, but also around her sides and back. The 36-C she tried on next was the opposite—a little loose in the band and tight in the cups. Okay, so she was something like a 34 1/2 C/D—was that even a real size?

She finally settled on four new bras, two in 34-D and two in 36-C. She also picked up some matching panties in a larger size.

Katie walked back to the other end of the mall in one of the 34-Ds she’d convinced the saleswoman to let her wear out of the store. (“Sorry, I haven’t gone bra shopping in a while, and my old one really doesn’t fit anymore.”) She noticed that while the new bra supported her okay, it couldn’t keep her large breasts from jiggling if she walked too fast, and every time this happened she felt the straps digging into her shoulders. How do women put up with this? she wondered.

Katie glanced at her reflection in the window as she passed by Marshall Fields. Now that her bra wasn’t squeezing her in half, her large bust was pressing tightly against the fabric of her top, causing it to pucker. The garment didn’t look so hot anymore, just like the rest of her clothes. Throwing up her hands in defeat, she entered H&M and starting browsing through the jeans in sizes eight and ten. She steadfastly refused to even look at twelves.

Ch 4

Back at the dorm Katie was relieved to find her roommate absent. She had no clue how to explain the mysterious changes (she could hardly deal with them herself) and was thankful she didn't have to deal with the issue now. Unpacking her shopping bags, Katie was fearful that another round of the curse could be coming at any moment. Fingering the locket, she studied the ornate object carefully. It was still the gorgeous turquoise color she’d been enamored with since the beginning, but there was nothing unusual about it right now. In fact, glancing in the mirror she still loved the way it looked, like she was almost proud to be wearing it. She thought it added some sparkle to her pudgy figure.

By dinner time Katie was starving. It had taken nearly all her willpower not to succumb to the temptations of fast food at the mall. Oooh, those Cinnabuns smelled so good! Okay, actually she did succumb just a little, but there can’t be that many calories in just one of those sweet, frosted rolls, can there? Her mouth watered just from the memory.

Tonight’s dinner was pork, potatoes, and vegetables. Katie surveyed the array of food, her mouth watering at the sight. Unconsciously she thumbed down the hem of her new blouse which had ridden just high enough to allow a peek of soft tanned flesh pooching out over her waistband.
Katie wasted little time in getting started. “Can I have a slice of the roast pork?” she asked the server. Watching the juicy slab being removed from the loin brought about inspiration. “Can you make that two please?”
After her second helping of tater-tots, Katie nearly slapped herself on her wrist. No more, she told herself, but her stomach still felt empty and the asparagus looked decidedly unappealing. Maybe just one more slice of pork—pork’s not so fattening, is it? And how could she skip the leftovers from last night’s Boston cream pie? The very thought of the delectable dessert waiting in her fridge spurred Katie to clean her plate in record time.

Jen gave her a concerned look. “Katie, are you putting on weight?” she queried.

Katie fidgeted in her chair, gathering her fuzzy robe a bit tighter. “Um, maybe just a little.” Then added weakly, “I’m sure I'll work it off on the soccer field, though.”
Jen maintained her gaze a bit longer as if trying to justify how so much weight had “Magically”added itself to her friend. (Which of course was exactly what she was doing) 'We went to the beach only a week ago!' Jen's memory pointed out as she scanned the wide flare of the robe...a distinct discrepancy from the slim hips seemingly only days prior.
The struggle going on in her roommate's mind wasn't lost on Katie. She sucked the last fudge off a Popsicle as she tried to conjure up an explanation.
Jen watched her friend finish the frozen treat and discard the stick. Her eyes followed the sticky wood as it plopped into the now empty pie tin joining three others and their torn wrappers. 'Wow! That must be a whole day's worth of calories!' she mused. 'No wonder Katie's been piling on the pounds. Shaking her head and placing a hand on her own flat tummy Jen walked wordlessly away.

Katie managed to get through all of her homework this time before disaster struck again. As the dial landed on Roman numeral “I,” the blue letters formed the dreaded word, “FACE.” She just sat there gazing at the amulet, trying to believe it wasn’t true.

She ran to the mirror, staring at her reflection. Her angelic face stared back at her. Nothing amiss—yet. It was getting late, so she started getting ready for bed. She'd had enough bad news today.
“I'll deal with it tomorrow.” She whispered defeatedly.
As she unhooked her bra, she breathed a momentary sigh of relief as the pressure on her shoulders she’d felt on and off all evening was relieved. That, however, was replaced by the now familiar tugging sensation as her breasts sank down to their new lower resting position. Walking back and forth to the bathroom in a nightshirt, she felt compelled to cross her arms to keep her boobs from swaying so much.

Katie tried to force the amulet out of her mind as she tossed and turned in bed trying to get comfortable. Braless, her large breasts pulled against her chest no matter what position she was in. Lying on her stomach was out of the question. On her back, they rested on her arms, an odd sensation. On her side, they lay one on top of the other, the amulet dangling in between. All the while she couldn’t keep her mind off what she would see when she looked at her face in the mirror next morning.

* * *

Actually, it wasn’t as bad she thought it would be. Yes, she now had the beginnings of a double chin when she smiled, and her cheekbones were covered by a small layer of fat. Her entire face was generally rounder. But her hair still looked good, and her eye makeup still looked good, and her blush and lipstick still looked good, didn’t they? A little extra effort could hide her flaws, right?

She settled her breasts into one of her new 36-Cs. With a good, supportive bra, she could still get her chest to retain it’s perky, youthful appearance, couldn’t she? Turning sideways, she pulled the cups up in front and tightened the shoulder straps. There, that produced the effect she was going for. She poked at the tops of her breasts. Her cleavage might not be that firm, but it was still there, right? Katie tried to ignore the way the soft flesh bulged over the tops of the cups.

Hey, she could still fit into a size eight—that meant something too, right? Well, she almost could anyway. Only the most forgiving of all the eights she'd tried actually fit. Even then the material was pretty tight in the hips and thighs, causing small love handle to form when she did up the snap. 'Still it was an eight' she reassured herself.
A tank top completed the ensemble. She liked it because it left her still-thin arms bare and the low neckline accentuated her large breasts. Hopefully the ample cleavage allowed would hold a wandering eye from wandering too far south. She’d just need to remember to keep pulling it down if it rode up over her protruding tummy.

Right when she’d finished getting ready, she felt the amulet grow warm against her chest. “.... What now?”

There was only one number left: “II. ARMS.”

Sure enough, as she walked to school, the jiggling that had been confined before to her butt, thighs, and chest, now spread to her upper arms. In fact, the movement there was even more pronounced, and she started to get self conscious about it. Crossing her arms did little good. Every time her foot hit the pavement, the reverberations would cause the growing flab between her shoulders and elbows to quiver. She wished she’d warn a long sleeve shirt. Her only solace was that all the numbers on the dial had now been used up.

As Katie walked through the halls of Knoxville Academy, she was sure every pair of eyes was following her, gawking at her plump form. Katie wasn’t fat by any means. These last few rounds of the curse had actually given her back her hourglass figure (only now it was filled with more sand than before.)

What mattered, though, was not whether she was officially overweight, but how she felt about her appearance. Her attempted confidence from this morning was fading rapidly. Her butt and thighs actually felt like they took up more space than they used to, especially when she would sit down. In the halls between classes, her shirt would ride up after only a few steps, exposing her love handles and the soft, quivering flesh on her belly. She would avert her gaze each time her silhouette was reflected in a classroom window. Why had she warn such revealing clothes? she kept asking herself.

What was more, she was physically uncomfortable. The tight jeans restricted her movement, and her stomach pressed constantly against the waistband. She half wanted to unsnap them to relieve some of the pressure. She was also starting to have second thoughts about large breasts. If she moved too quickly, her cleavage really got into action, and it was kind of embarrassing. Her bra straps tugged relentlessly against her shoulders, which were starting to get sore.

Worst of all, walking seemed to take more effort than before. Her body felt heavier, weighed down as if by some foreign substance. She found herself constantly eager for a chance to sit down.

At least her friends were on her side.

“I gained weight one time sophomore year,” said Amanda during lunch. “It was the worst experience of my life. But Laura put me on a diet of cereal and lettuce and the pounds came right off.”

“That’s right,” said Laura. “It works like magic. Wanna try it, Katie?”

“Um, no thanks.” replied Katie. Besides the fact this was the seventh time a diet had been offered to her this morning, the thought of eating nothing but corn flakes and lettuce for a week was repulsing. (Especially given Katie’s increased appetite) She picked at her cup of yogurt, eyeing a boy at the table across from them who was biting into a juicy hamburger. “That looks so good,” Katie sighed dreamily.

“Katie! Concentrate!” Amanda reprimanded. “This is going to take some willpower.”

“Oh, right,” Katie said, forcing from her mind the vision of delicious grease dripping down her chin. “I think I’ll go get a grilled chicken salad to finish off my lunch.”

“That’s the spirit,” said Laura.

That Katie hadn’t had any junk food since last night was a small victory, but it was a victory nonetheless.
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Re: Katie's Necklace Alt. Univ. 1-7 (WG, Magic, Revenge)

Postby buzzy » Sun May 27, 2012 5:19 pm

Ch 5

“Oh shit,” Katie muttered. She had forgotten to buy a new sports bra, and there was no way in hell the tiny thing hanging in her locker was going to fit. She’d have to go with what she had on and trust her luck. She’d gone to soccer practice in just a normal bra before, and while she didn’t like it, it was tolerable. At least it used to be.

Katie hid in the corner while she undressed, trying to keep the other girls from seeing her flabby body in her underwear. It felt nice to get those jeans off. As she struggled into her soccer clothes, however, she realized they did not fit well either. The shorts were pressed tight against her ass, and her breasts stretched the cotton top to capacity. About an inch of her stomach was visible below her shirt, now matter how she adjusted things. A small belly roll pooched out over her shorts as she leaned over to tie her shoes.

Despite her wardrobe problems, though, she was actually excited about practice. Soccer had always been how she’d escaped the turmoil of schoolwork and relationships, her method of relocating her spiritual center. The sport had always come naturally if not effortlessly, and ever since her fourth game when she’d scored a hat trick—the first ever by a freshman—she’d been the star of Knoxville Academy.

Practice began in earnest.
“Five laps around the field for warm up. Go!” screamed coach Bopkins.
“Just five laps, with states just around the corner?” Katie said to Laura, the disbelief over such an easy task given to them evident in her voice.
Katie soon regretted it. After only a few yards, she realized her everyday bra was inadequate for this level of activity. Her large breasts sloshed around on her chest with every stride. The straps scraped against her skin, tugging heavily on her shoulders. It felt like she was going to pop right out of the bra!

It didn’t take long to become aware of other unpleasant sensations as well. The fat on the backs of her legs and butt pulled against her muscles each time her feet hit the ground. It wasn’t quite painful, but it was an icky sensation, like there was more flesh than was supposed to be there, weighing down her limbs. Her flabby arms jiggled incessantly, and this actually did become uncomfortable. After the first lap, she folded them under her chest, both to ease the soreness in her arms and to attempt to hold her flopping breasts still. It worked to some extent, but her whole body still felt annoyingly heavy, much worse than when she’d just been walking between classes. As she ran, she now felt every pound that had been added to her frame.

Katie started to tire after only the third lap, and she gradually fell back toward the rear of the pack. It was only with a determined burst of speed in the final straightaway that she managed to finish somewhere in the middle. Everything seemed to jiggle during that last sprint. Katie stood there trying to catch her breath as the rest of her teammates finished.

“Katie, midfield!” yelled Bopkins. They were moving right into a scrimmage. Katie sort of half-jogged over there, still breathing heavily from the warm-up run.

She became increasing discouraged as practice wore on. She still had all her old moves, but she couldn’t execute quite like before. She kept finding herself a half step behind where she wanted to be, and her thicker legs felt less agile. The jiggly sensation didn’t go away, and by the end of practice, her bouncing breasts were starting to ache. This had to be one of the most hellish experiences of the young soccer star’s life.

Katie finished the scrimmage with just one goal and two assists. Not bad—for anyone but herself. Nevertheless, her friends congratulated her as always.

“Nice goal!” said Amanda.

“Thanks for the assist!” said Laura.

The team jogged back to the locker room. “Nice job today, Katie!” coach Bopkins yelled after them, much to Katie’s surprise. “But for Christ sake, wear a sports bra!” he added under her breath. Katie, Laura, and Amanda all heard this and exchanged weirded-out looks.

Katie figured she’d shower at home today. “Coach was right, I forgot my bra!” she whispered to Amanda. “So I don’t have anything clean to change into.”

“Yeah, you think we didn’t notice!” giggled Amanda.

The real reason was that at her new weight Katie was embarrassed to shower in front of her teammates, most of whom were now in better shape than she was. Her former confident poise and gate in the locker room...even nude, was now gone. She quietly and most importantly quickly packed her things and was almost out the door when Coach Bopkins' booming voice halted her instantly.
“Just where do you think you're going Miss Pryde?” The blockyish 40-something coach demanded, her eyes were as cold as the tone in her voice.
“I...um...don't have anything to change into...” Katie weakly stammered, unable to meet the coach's glower.
“You mean you came in here nude!” Bobkins demanded, the sarcastic question echoing off the bare concrete walls of the locker room.
Katie moved to reply, but her words were drowned out by raucous laughter from the other girls.
“March your skinny lit...march your ass back to your locker now Missy!” (A sternly pointed finger guided the way) “I don't allow any of my players to leave here filthy. I want you in that shower in two minutes or you're suspended!”
The snickers and chides of the other players hushed instantly at the threat. They all knew what such a loss would mean to their chances in the tournament.

Katie rushed back to her locker, her mind oblivious to the extra jiggling taking place along her form as she went. There was no doubt in her mind as to the validity of Coach Bopkins' threat, especially after a quick glance to her right verified the older woman was indeed timing her.
Katie pulled upward on the hem of the snug fitting top trying to yank it off in one motion. It clung so tightly to her expanded form, however, that it refused to be removed that way. She then switched tactics and grasped the collar instead. Grudgingly the garment began to work its way upward. Unfortunately the sweat dampened fabric decided to bring her breasts along with it! Katie felt the soft mounds begin to press against her face just as the collar reached the top of her head. To her horror, the shirt refused to budge any further. With breastflesh threatening to smother her, Katie began to hop up and down as she tugged. As you can imagine this created quite a stir...both in her body and the captive audience of her teammates. Finally the reticent shirt pulled free allowing both breasts to drop downwards.
Katie didn't have time to savor her victory, however, as she had no idea how much time had transpired. Quickly hooking her thumbs into the tight band of her shorts the sweaty teen tried to remove them. This too was no easy feat and had to be accompanied by considerable shimmying and jumping until finally Katie was free. This victory was fortunately a two-fer as panties accompanied them. This left only her bra. With a rapid motion the former garments were discarded. Katie's arms continued in motion, deftly reaching behind to unhook the bra. At first she had trouble getting her fingers under the tight cloth of the band as it was pressed so tightly into her yielding flesh forming a light roll. Eventually she managed and the strained material sprung free leaving angry red marks where they'd just been.
Katie stood there humiliated yet victorious, somehow unconsciously knowing she'd accomplished the feat in time.
“I said IN the shower!” Bopkins yelled, shattering the fragile victory.
Katie took off across the slick water-soaked floor, going as fast as she dared. Her breasts, freed from any constraint, flopped wildly in her flight. As she passed, the other players were treated to her mildly abundant rear; the cellulite filled flesh of which was a cascade of motion.
The plump teen knew all eyes were on her softened form as she lathered under the harsh stream of water. Katie fought back tears over how yielding her skin had become. Her fingers sank in easily especially at her waist and breasts. Her only consolation was that the sound of the water drowned out the comments of her teammates.
Fortunately the novelty of the once “miss perfect” having to display her new abundance, wore off quickly. By the time Katie had finished her shower the locker room was almost empty. As she toweled dry Katie became aware of the extra areas that needed drying. She was surprised at how much moisture clung under her breasts. Her small pert mounds had never required the added maintenance. A blush formed on her cheeks as she gently eased up one breast then the other. The former gap between her once slender thighs also presented another burden. Widening her stance somewhat, Katie bent to towel there as well, especially along the new folds just where leg met torso. She was somewhat surprised to see a small trickle of water escape her belly button as she leaned forward. That was certainly unexpected! Katie couldn't help a small exploratory probe of the area with her finger. The feel of her soft tummy giving way under the slight pressure snapped her out of the reverie.
Wrapping a towel around herself, well holding it, anyway, (The small industrial towels no longer reached around her cleavage) Katie headed back to her locker. As efficiently as possible she dressed and headed for the door. Makeup of basic hair care were far from her mind at this point. All she wanted to do was get away.
Just as she thought the whole ordeal was over, Katie ran into Chloe (Who’d gotten subbed in for about thirty seconds before costing her team a goal)
The big girl cornered her in the hallway.

“Go away. I don’t want to talk to you,” said Katie. She had given up her aggressive tactics, afraid that Chloe would do something even worse to her.

“Okay, but just tell me one thing. How did it feel out there on the field today?”
“Shut up. It felt fine, I guess,” said Katie

“Shut up. No it didn’t. Describe it for me,” said Chloe


“Come on, describe how it feels to be fatter.”

Katie swallowed hard, trying to think of a way to get out this. She gazed at her tormenter, whose protruding stomach drooped over her jeans. Chloe had to still be twenty or thirty pounds heavier than Katie was. “I don’t know,” Katie said at last. “You should know, I guess—” (Oops, that was probably a mistake.)

“Because I’m a size sixteen?”

Wow, bigger than Katie thought. “Uh…yeah,” she stammered, starting to get a little scared.

“What size are you, now, honey? I’m guessing a ten, two sizes up from last week.”

Chloe was right. Katie had been fooling herself all day that she fit into an eight. “Okay, you win,” she said quickly, her fear turning to anger. “I’m a size ten in jeans and the bra I’m wearing is a 36-C. Are you happy now?”

“No. You and I are gonna go for a walk, and you’re gonna describe everything you’ve experienced up till now. Otherwise you’ll wake up tomorrow a size 12.”
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Re: Katie's Necklace Alt. Univ. 1-7 (WG, Magic, Revenge)

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When Katie surveys the damage to her chest in this story, I picture this

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