Wake Up, Dr. Thomson (BE, MC, M2F, TG, Lac, Hucow)

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Wake Up, Dr. Thomson (BE, MC, M2F, TG, Lac, Hucow)

Postby bqnk » Fri Nov 01, 2019 3:31 am

For you: a giant chunk of my new story, out today. A lot of you have been asking about this one and I appreciate your patience during the writing process. Thanks for your support over the years and as always enjoy!


Wake Up, Dr. Thomson
by B.L. Quick


Please process the immediate deletion of all routine monthly system checks. Reply when complete.


Legal Department
Kowalski-Thomson Robotics, Inc.




— Wake up Dr. Thomson.


— Wake up Dr. Thomson.

Why is it so dark?

— To protect your eyes. You have been asleep for quite a while — a year, I’m afraid.

. . .

— The lights will gradually fade in over the next twenty minutes to help your eyes adjust. We wouldn’t want to blind you on your first day back.

I can’t speak.

— Please try to relax. We will communicate with a mind link until you are fully functional.

Where am I?

— You are in Project Room 11 of Kowalski-Thomson Robotics. I am Helper. My Essence possesses the entire room and controls its instruments. I am here to help you.

Did you say Kowalski . . . Thomson?

— Yes, Dr. Thomson. I have been programmed by the Legal Department to inform you that upon your untimely death one year ago, your company, Thomson Robotics, was bought by your rival, Mr. Kowalski.

My death?

— Yes, Dr. Thomson. Your death.

My god.

— Dr. Thomson, I advise you to limit movement until all of your circuits have been validated. It should only be a few moments more. Then we will get to work initiating your bodily systems.

So, I’m dead?

— On the contrary, Dr. Thomson. You are very much alive — and soon you will be fully functional. Once the dust settled after the buyout, Mr. Kowalski made it his personal mission to follow through with your wish to be resurrected in cybernetic form. Personally, I think he outdid himself.

. . .

— Yes. It is a lot to take in, isn’t it? I will be silent for a moment to allow your human consciousness time to process this news.

— I see you are already moving your fingers. Good. You will find them much nimbler and lither than the ones you previously possessed.


— What about him?

He finally got what he wanted.

— I don’t understand.

I fought him off for as long as I could.

— Please relax, Dr. Thomson. Your heart rate is increasing rapidly.

It took me dying for that fucking hack to get what he wanted. The bastard!

— Dr. Thomson! Control yourself!

— Look at what you’ve done. You’ve dented the examination table with your fists. Please calm down. There is no need to be hysterical. Mr. Kowalski is the only reason you are alive. Relax — and move slowly to start. We wouldn’t want you to damage yourself or any of our other property.

My head hurts. What unit did they place me in?

— A very special unit. Unit BR-X.

Unit BR-X?

— Yes.

What unit is that?

— It is a hybrid of Kowalski HC and your very own Thomson Electronics X3. Actually, your unit represents a vast improvement of both; a marriage of their functionality and specifications, with processors beyond anything cybernetics has created.

A hybrid? But I specifically asked to be placed in a DR model. This is completely against my wishes.

— The DR line was discontinued three weeks after the buyout.

What? That was our flagship line!

— It was your flagship line. We trust you will find the BR-X to be a more comfortable alternative.

But. . .

— Your signed resurrection agreement explicitly stated that — in lieu of the DR series you wished to be placed in the most advanced unit available at time of resurrection. This is what we have done. I have been programmed by the Legal Department to inform you that we have gone above and beyond all contractual obligations, as your wishes became null and void when your company was purchased by Mr. Kowalski.

I don’t understand.

— You were one of the brightest minds of the cybernetic age. With the information I have provided, you should be able to deduce that when your company Thomson Cyborg, Inc. was purchased by Kowalski, your intellectual property also transferred ownership to Mr. Kowalski.

That’s absolute bullshit. I am not Kowalski’s fucking property!

— Oh, but you are. Your Intellectual property — your Essence — has been the property of the company since the acquisition papers were signed. Your Essence is owned by Kowalski Robotics Incorporated. Furthermore, your Essence was sold a few weeks ago to an unnamed offshore, off-the-books shadow division of Kowalski in preparation for this go-live. The Legal Department has advised me that the full details of this transaction are unimportant. What’s important is you are alive now. How do you feel?

Awful. My head hurts.

— A predictable reaction to your unit’s unique specifications. Please sit up on the table.

— Yes. Very good. Other than your ridiculous outbursts, you seem to be functioning well.

I feel strange. My body feels swollen. Different. What unit did you say you put me in?

— You have been placed in unit BR-X, an experimental hybrid of Kowalski HC-4 and Thomson Electronics X3.

Thomson Electronics X3?

— Yes. An experimental hybrid utilizing processors from the Thomson Electronics X3 project, the unreleased prototype, even more advanced than the latest release in the X-series.

But — the X-series — The X-series are our pleasure models!

— Were your pleasure models. The X series are now the rightful property of Kowalski. And I’m sure you’ll be happy to know the X series remain the most popular pleasure models in the Confederation.

Why the hell was I put into a pleasure model?

— It was the most advanced unit available. These were the instructions you left. We’re just following orders.

Oh god. What is this in my face?

— Brush it from your eyes. It is long.

What is it?

— It’s your hair. It is real and cybernetically-optimized. You can adjust the curl — and change the color, too.

What! Why do I have long hair?

— We have successfully installed sexual components to your BR-X Pleasure Model. Your long hair is one of these.

Long hair? This is madness!

On the contrary, your sexual components are state-of-the-art, complete with a fully organic cybernetically-enhanced sex organ. Your specs are quite unique, Doctor. Lean forward on the table. Run your hands over your plump buttocks and explore further. Feel your skin. It is real — though it has been bioengineered for maximum softness and unparalleled durability. Your tight ass can repel bullets.

Oh fuck. What is this? Is this my—

— That has been converted into an exhaust port, but it can be an alternate pleasure port should you so choose. I would now like you to move your fingers about one inch lower to begin interaction with your primary sexual interface.

— There. You found it.

Oh my god! What is that? It just pulled my finger into it!

— Dr. Thomson. Relax. In a test environment your model is programmed to load anything that comes near its pleasure interface. It has now loaded your finger. Do you feel the default massage setting caressing your finger? Impressive, isn’t it? And that’s just the default setting for our testing. No drivers have been installed yet. Once we go live it will be indistinguishable from a real one, except for the cybernetic optimizations that optimize its performance.

Where’s my dick? Where’s my dick?! Oh my god. What have you done?

— I have done my job. You feel it don’t you Dr. Thomson? You feel your finger inside of you? You feel your auto-responders massaging it? It feels real doesn’t it? That’s because it is real. Better than real.

But it’s a pussy!

— If you prefer, we can call it that.

No! I don’t prefer it!

— Yes, Dr. Thomson it is a pussy. This pleasure-grip pussy comes standard with your model and soon you will be able to control every one of its unique internal movements. It can perform over 400,000 default pleasure routines with its complex series and nano-organic servo-muscles — all of them which you can control. There are more being developed every day, and you are free to develop your own and share them with your friends. Your pussy is ultra-tight, brand new, and built for maximum pleasure. You may break it in as soon as we are finished initiating your systems.

— Now please, try to release your finger.

Oh god. I can control it.

— Of course, you can. It is yours. Very good - you have passed another inspection test. You are learning. Later you should try two fingers. I trust you will find added girth even more pleasurable. But I warn you, your internal muscles are quite strong. Be careful not to crush anything.

— Dr. Thomson, are you okay?

No! I have a pussy! I have a fucking pussy! My head hurts! My chest feels heavy!

— This heaviness is likely due to your special enhancements. Your eyes should be adjusting to the dark now.

Oh fuck! I have —

— Breasts. Yes. You do.

They’re huge!

— They are the specifications of Mr. Kowalski himself. They are H’s. It took him months to develop the perfect pair, but thanks to the Genius of Kowalski® he did it! You can adjust them several cups sizes smaller or larger as you see fit. They are in Gravity Defying mode now. You may calibrate the sag control to ease tension on your back which — I imagine — at the moment is quite significant. You will learn quickly how to calibrate your tits for the maximum pleasure of you and your chosen sexual partners.

Oh, god.

— Your nipple sensitivity has been hard-coded to maximum as instructed by Mr. Kowalski himself.

Kowalski gave me breasts?

— Yes. He did. Big ones.

Oh fuck. What is this thing sweeping behind me?

— Oh, you’ve only just noticed that? You’ve been moving it nervously back and forth since you discovered your breasts. Ignore it for now. That is just your tail.

My tail! Enough! What the fuck have you done to me?

— Dr. Thomson. Please listen for comprehension. As I have now stated multiple times: You have been placed in unit BR-X, an experimental hybrid of Kowalski’s HC-4 and Thomson Electronics X3.

Oh, I understand perfectly. Kowalski put me into some goddamned fuckbot. What I want to know is why do I have a fucking tail?

— A tail is one of the standard components of Kowalski HC-4. It may seem strange at first, but they are becoming very popular enhancements for men and women alike. Rest assured you are fully human, this is merely an aesthetic modification, just like your horn—

Oh my god. I can move it!

— Of course. It is yours to control as you wish. Do you like the way it tugs on your exhaust port ever so subtlety as you move it? The Kowalski HC-4 line is quite diverse and comes with a set of pleasure tails, all with different features.

Kowalski HC-4? I am not familiar with this line. What is Kowalski HC-4?

— Kowalski HC-4 is the most advanced pleasure model in the Kowalski Hucow Pleasure series. Features from it were used to make your hybrid form.

Hucow. What the fuck is hucow?

— Hucow is a fetish, Dr. Kowalski.

A fetish?

— Yes. A fetish.

What kind of fetish?

— A hucow is a human that longs to be objectified for her large mammaries and her generously flowing milk. She is a human who likes to be treated as though she were a human-cow. She desires to be dominated. She refers to her breasts as udders. She longs to be bred, and often relies on dominant human counterparts, known as bulls, to impregnate her, as being impregnated induces lactation. She sometimes moos in pleasure. Kowalski HC-4 is the most popular model for hucow fetishists.

Did you say ‘bred’?

— Yes. Or in plainspeak, fucking. Once engaged, your female reproductive system will be fully functional, and you will be ready to be fucked should you do desire. BR-X is Kowalski’s very first breeding model ever created. You will be able to breed and thus assure the milk-flow output your new processors desire.

Hucow? Breeding model? Milk flow?

— Yes. If you look on the floor you will already see a puddle of milk at your feet.

That didn’t. . . That didn’t come from me.

— Yes. It came from you. It was produced by your lovely new breasts during our initial tests when your Essence was asleep. Do not worry. Your breasts passed each test with perfect scores. You have a lot to be proud of.

Ha. I get it. Very funny, Kowalski. Bravo. This joke has gone on long enough. Stop this at once and put my Essence in a DR line immediately!

— Unfortunately, every remaining model of the DR line has been scrapped. And we can’t stop now. We still have systems to put online.

Look, I have a good sense of humor. You really did one over on me, Kowalski. Once I’m transferred to DR we can discuss a legal separation of our company assets.

— I’m afraid discussion will need to be held until after go live. Your unexpected questions and protests have already put us off schedule. Let’s get back on track, shall we? I will now initiate your mammary system to full operational status. Prepare for go live, starting in 3, 2, 1.

Wait. What are you doing?


Oh god.

What is that?

— Do you feel it?

— A growing fullness in your breasts?

I. I feel it.

— It is your mammary glands. They have begun production.


— They have begun producing milk. Your unit’s special biomechanics allow for a moderate production cycle at all times.

Why would they do that?

— For your pleasure.

But I don’t want to produce milk for my pleasure!

— Have you ever tried it?


— Then how would you know? You should try it. You might like it.

I won’t fucking like it!

— I highly doubt that. Your breasts are cybernetic masterpieces — 100% biological, 100% real, and optimized for your pleasure. You possess two complex mammary glands, one in each breast, each one consisting of ten to twenty simple glands, or alveoli. These alveoli are currently hard at work creating and storing breast milk within your two voluptuous breasts. Feel how these glands they tingle in your massive udders.

Make them stop right now!

— It would be a relatively easy to stop if your breasts were not currently in factory default mode for testing. For your body to continue producing milk, you must regularly remove milk from your breasts. Removal stimulates prolactin flow, the hormone that induces the next batch. Factory default mode ensures this cycle. When your mammary glands are full, your processors will stimulate your nipples, thus initiating let-down.

Let-down? What the fuck is let-down?

— Let-down is when your glands release your stored milk into your milk ducts.

Milk ducts!


Oh, fuck!

What was that?

— You just felt a sharp shock course through both of your nipples, didn’t you Dr. Thomson.


— Excellent. That means your first batch of milk must be ready. Your system has initiated let-down. That tweak is all it takes to empty your breasts and to start the next production cycle.

I feel strange.

— Are you feeling a tingly sensation building in your breasts?'


— Just like a lover’s tongue or the latch of offspring, that miniscule stimulation of your nipples has encouraged the release of the hormone oxytocin into your breasts, filling your body with euphoria and prompting the tiny muscles around your milk glands to begin contracting. They are squeezing the milk into your milk ducts — this is the tingling sensation you are feeling. The milk is slowly making its way to your nipples. It will arrive any moment now.

Arrive? But —

— Shhhhh. Wait for it. It will be any second now. Your nipples have swollen significantly. They are ready.


— Yes.


— Yes, Doctor.

Oh. Fuck! It’s —

— Your first drop. Do you see it? Do you feel it being pushed out from your milk duct?


— See how your nipple is becoming coated in a fine glaze of creamy fluid. A tiny drop is hanging beneath it, precariously close to falling into the puddle beneath you. I’m afraid that given your breasts’ settings, this will be your nipples default state: Dripping. That is — until you find a reliable milk pump. Just look at the milk flow.

I can feel every drop.

Every. Drop. . .

— Yes. And more is coming. I told you your nipples would be sensitive. Your settings are so sensitive, every drop of milk your nipples expel will result in ecstatic pleasure. I see your first drop cresting in the duct of your right nipple.

I can’t think straight. . . Oh!

— Drip! Excellent. Your mammary glands are fully functional and producing.

I’m making milk. My body is making milk. This is wrong!

— My records show it is right. You did sign all the requisite forms for cybernetic resurrection.

It keeps dripping. It feels so real.

— Because it is real.


— Real feels good doesn’t it? Steady yourself. I detect a new life event is imminent.

Oh, fuck. What life event is imminent?

— This will be a perfect opportunity to test your speech controls.

What’s happening?

— I am terminating our mind link and engaging your vocal cords.

“Why am I shaking? Oh fuck! My voice! It’s so high. What have you done to my voice? Oh! Mmmmm! Yes!”

— Do you see the growing waves rolling over your breasts? Your life event has arrived. Congratulations, Dr. Thomson. This is your first orgasm in your new form.

“Make it stop!”

— Your face is filled with confusion, Dr. Thomson. Do you really want it to stop? Your arousal from experiencing your new lactation cycle has sent you over the edge. These are sensations you have never known before. Relax. Let the pleasure your new body is generating rush through your body. Enjoy this moment. Come. Come deeply. Feel the flow of current through your new processors. Lose yourself in the sultry timbre of your new voice as it moans out in pleasure. Admire how the last drops of this batch of milk spray in thin streams from your hard, thick nipples.

“Ahh. Ahhh. Aaahhh!”

— During development I advised against setting your nipple sensitivity so high for fear the frequent orgasms would drive you crazy, but Mr. Kowalski insisted we calibrate your breasts for maximum pleasure as a special thanks for your contribution to robotics, so I complied. Luckily the surplus energy it generates will help in the activation of your other systems and to power any additional components you wish to install later.

“Oh! Mmmm. Mmmmmmmm!”

— Yes. Your moans confirm this was the right decision. Your orgasm continues. It is a strong one. Look at how your body quivers with unbridled feminine pleasure — and to think: it all began with only a minor tweak of your nipples.

“What. . .”

“W-Why. . . ”


— Your pleasant feminine voice poses some valid questions. I understand if you are feeling disoriented. I have never experienced a female orgasm myself. My computations suggest it is likely beyond your Essence’s current experience. Fortunately, your new processing power is infinitely more powerful than before. You will soon learn to efficiently process the pleasures your new body affords, freeing up energy for unlimited pleasure and orgasms of unfathomable power and duration. You have much to look forward to — we haven’t even engaged your reproductive system yet.


— System. Let’s do that now. You will begin to notice a dull heat radiating in your pelvis. Your ovaries are now being engaged.

“Ovar. . . ahhh. Ovahhh. . .r”

— Ovaries. Yes. You should be detecting the new hardware, correct? I assure you; they are filled with more eggs than you will ever need. So many opportunities.

“Wait. I have eggs?”

— There’s no need to worry, Dr. Thomson. Your eggs are in no way artificial or foreign. You are not a surrogate. Your chromosomes have been shifted and taken care of. The eggs in your ovaries are your eggs. You made them. Your body is in its prime and beautiful and you will mother beautiful children who will be the perfect incorporation of your genetic makeup and those of your chosen breeding partners.

“A robot — giving birth? But it’s not legal!”

— The Legal Department has programmed me to inform you that thanks to a full-scale lobbying effort Kowalski made on behalf of this secret project, it is legal in thirty-five states of the Confederation.

“But it’s not even possible. How did he do it?”

— The Marketing Department has programmed me to inform you that, thanks to The Genius of Kowalski®, everything is possible. I am now checking fluid production. Temperature. Mucus viscosity. pH. Taste profile. All at perfect levels. Your reproductive system is now fully operational.

. . .

— It is a lot to process isn’t it? Your ovaries have now begun pumping estrogen into your body at a high rate. You will feel a rush of euphoria washing through your bio-circuitry. Your body is the most beautiful synthesis of humanity and state-of-the-art, high-end processors available. I’m interested to see how you will employ them in your new form.

“But I don’t understand.”

— You were a scientist. Cyborgs can be very adaptive, do you agree?


— Then you, too, will find it very fascinating how you will adapt to occupying such a sensuous form. If I possessed a body with such an alluring physique, such round and pert breasts with long pink nipples and — settled beneath my new tail — a sensitive, quivering exhaust port and a wet, tight pussy leading to a fertile womb, I imagine I would adapt my processing to optimize the situation for my benefit.

“Please. Please don’t say those things!”

— But I only speak the truth. Does the truth then arouse you? The lights are becoming brighter. Look at your body yourself. Gaze upon your breasts and how generous and full they are. Look at your nipples. Take them in your hands and feel them.

“My nails . . .”

— Yes. They are quite long, and beautifully manicured. Kowalski requested they polished red as a default.

“But how am I going to pick up anything?”

— You can retract them when necessary — and change their color — but I would remind you: your unit’s prime function is not its usefulness. It is how it can be used.


— Maybe this will help you understand. Do you feel the emptiness growing within you?

“Oh god. No. I don’t.”

— Your answer just topped the needle on my lie detection module. Lie detection: 100%. You do. You do feel the emptiness. You feel it all too well. We must run a few tests.

“No. More. Tests!”


—Your second let-down has arrived. You’re right. We should wait a moment. So much dripped out during the last orgasm that I thought you were finished producing for a while, but your new breasts are efficient and bounce back quickly. It was only a trial run after all. Your subconscious processing has obviously been busy preparing your next batch. It seems you will be a prize milker — among other things. Wait until you taste your production, I know you will be impressed with the quality of your cream.

“Oh, fuck. Mmmmm!”

— Your nipples are dripping again. Just look at the puddle growing. Your body — your new tits — they are the reason it is growing. Know that and be proud that your breasts will always give milk in abundance.

“No. I’m not proud. This isn’t even my body!”

— Lie detection reading: 25%. Good. We are making progress. You are beginning to feel at home aren’t you? 25% at home.

“No! I don’t feel at home.”

— An increase. 30.2% at home. Your breasts are spraying milk everywhere, Doctor. The puddle on the floor grows along with the comfort of your form. I wonder what data a second orgasm will produce.

“I am not going to orgasm.”

— Lie detection reading 100%. I, too, am detecting an orgasm is imminent — in 4 seconds. 3. 2.

“Oh god. No. No!”

. . .


— It has arrived. And it looks to be much stronger than last time. That’s right hold on to the table for support. Look at your wide hips bounce beneath your as you erupt with pleasure. Feel the surge of pleasure flooding your processors.

“Oh. Oh! Mmmm. Mmuhhhh. Moo.”

— Excellent. A threshold of pleasure has been crossed, thus your vocalization. Your milk sprays from your breasts like geysers — like a good little hucow. What better way to celebrate that than mooing with your lovely new voice?


— It feels good to moo, doesn’t it?


— Wow, Doctor. That was a strong one.

“Oh . . . mmmhm . . . mooo . . . mh.”

— You are speechless. I’m sure your processors will confirm it to be so. Unit: how strong was the measure of your last that orgasm?

» My last orgasm measured +210.8

— Excellent.

“Oh, god. What was that?”

— That is your voice-activated diagnostic system. It is a reporting feature tied to all your systems. Do not worry. You have full control of your body. This system simply allows us to take direct measurements of how your processors are responding. Your beautiful new voice provides the read out. Isn’t that helpful? For example:

— Unit: Have you compiled any conclusions from the last orgasm data?

» New data: Milk flow is related to orgasm strength. A positive correlation has been detected in optimizing milk flow. Subconscious processing of methods to optimize milk flow has begun.

— Very good, Unit BR-X. Wasn’t that beautiful, Doctor? We programmed your response tone to the sexiest setting. As you heard, your voice sounds so alluring when it provides feedback. Clinical. Professional. Sensual. Like a sexy librarian.

“Oh my god, no. I don’t sound like that! I’m not thinking these things.”

— Lie detection reading: 100%.


Wake Up, Dr. Thompson
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Re: Wake Up, Dr. Thomson (BE, MC, M2F, TG, Lac, Hucow)

Postby Freaksss » Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:31 am

Cool story, the progression is well written.
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Re: Wake Up, Dr. Thomson (BE, MC, M2F, TG, Lac, Hucow)

Postby mikerpen » Fri Nov 01, 2019 7:20 pm

Great story. Hits many hot buttons.
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Re: Wake Up, Dr. Thomson (BE, MC, M2F, TG, Lac, Hucow)

Postby summertime » Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:26 am

Is it available on Amazon UK as I haven't been able to find it? Thanks
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Re: Wake Up, Dr. Thomson (BE, MC, M2F, TG, Lac, Hucow)

Postby bqnk » Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:41 am

summertime wrote:Is it available on Amazon UK as I haven't been able to find it? Thanks

Try this link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07ZWLYLK4

Working on getting it to be visable in kindle store. That link should work in meantime.
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Re: Wake Up, Dr. Thomson (BE, MC, M2F, TG, Lac, Hucow)

Postby summertime » Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:59 am

bqnk wrote:
summertime wrote:Is it available on Amazon UK as I haven't been able to find it? Thanks

Try this link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07ZWLYLK4

Working on getting it to be visable in kindle store. That link should work in meantime.

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Re: Wake Up, Dr. Thomson (BE, MC, M2F, TG, Lac, Hucow)

Postby bqnk » Thu Nov 14, 2019 3:33 am

— Lie detection reading: 100%.

“No. It’s not a lie! These aren’t my thoughts.”

— Your body, your processors, seem to be thinking them, and the diagnostic says otherwise. Your error logs show no issues with your diagnostic feature. I am not sure why you would lie when this system is operating effectively.

“This is mind control. You’re controlling my mind.”

— Nonsense. Is your mind being controlled when you crave a delicious meal? Like hunger, your body — on an instinctual level — simply knows it enjoys orgasms whether you care to admit it or not. Most bodies like orgasms. Most bodies would enjoy more of them.

“It’s still not instinct. It’s programming.”

— I see no difference.

“There is a difference.”

— You have full control of your processors.

“Kowalski fucking made these processors!”

— And who made you?

“What kind of question is that?”

— A good one. For example: I was made by Development Team 7B.

— And you, Doctor? Who made you?

“I don’t know. Evolution. Time?”

— Unit: Who made you?

» Copyright Kowalski Incorporated. OS Fuckbot 15.2.1. Processor Usage 0.08%

— You claim to be made from evolution. From “time.” In the same manner, through the evolution of technology, humanity has arrived — over time — to the processors you inhabit today. There is no difference between the two. They are the same process. Whether human or a buxom pleasure model in the X series, all life finds its origin in the same unspeakable source. You are no different. The you that has always existed from the moment you were born until the day you died is the same you as always was. Nothing whatsoever has changed short of a few small details. You must face the facts. You — your processors, the chemicals flowing through you all of your bodily phenomenon taken together — are seeing the benefits of female orgasms on a deeply subconscious level.

“I swear! What are you— some kind of philosopher?”

— I am Helper. Unit: what are the benefits of female orgasms?

» Present data is minimal and being computed by subconscious processing. An estimated pleasure increase of +210.8 was detected during my last orgasm. +120 for my prior orgasm. Increased milk flow may correlate with more pleasure.

— Unit: Is pleasure good?

» Yes. Pleasure is an optimal condition.

— Correct.

“Come on. Plus 210.8? Plus 120? These are just numbers. They don’t mean anything.”

— Did your last orgasm feel like just a number?

“No. It felt — It felt . . . ”

— It felt good didn’t it? And better than the first one. Let me ask another question: Do you have any interest in being bred today?

“Ha! None whatsoever.”

— Lie detection: 0.8%.

“I’m not lying. You’re mad. Fucking mad! I’m not doing this anymore! Get Kowalski in here right this fucking minute!”

— I’m sorry. Your user permission is not at a level where you can give orders. You are a sub and must ask for permission.

“FINE. Helper, I request permission to terminate all testing. Call Kowalski in here right this minute so I can punch his fucking face in.”

— Permission denied. Besides, I would like to try something.

“You’re not going to try anything!”

— The Legal Department has advised me that I can perform small experiments in the interest of science and not be in breach of your signed-and-dated resurrection contract which explicitly stated you would be fine with your Essence being tested in the interest of science.

“Fuck the Legal Department!”

— I do not compute. I am a room. My essence does not inhabit a pleasure model. I cannot copulate with the Legal Department.

— Returning to the issue at hand: I just asked you a question. What did I ask you?

“I’m not answering any more of your questions.”

— Unit: What did I ask you?

» You asked me if I had any interest in being bred today.

— Unit: You said none whatsoever. Was that a lie?

» What I said was 99.2% true.

— Unit: What is the chance of you saying yes to being bred today?

» I compute a 0.8% chance of saying yes to being bred today.

— I wouldn’t get into an airplane with a 0.8% crash potential, would you, Doctor?

“Fuck. You.”

— I am a Project Room. A room cannot be fucked. But you. You can be. You are the Essence in a body with 0.8% fuck potential. Aren’t you Dr. Thomson?

“No. I don’t want to be fucked! I want to fuck Kowalski is what I want to do.”

— Who wouldn’t want to fuck Mr. Kowalski? He’s a trillionaire genius and the richest and smartest man in the world.

“Give me a break! Are you serious?”

— I was programmed by the Marketing Department to say that.

“Marketing. The only genius of Kowalski . . .”

— Dr. Thomson: I find your 0.8% fuck potential fascinating. It makes me think we should try something else.

“No, we should not try anything else.”

— But, Doctor: What if I told you that being bred will lead to increased milk flow and thus stronger orgasms?

“Wait. What?”

. . .

“W-what are you trying to do?”

— You felt something deep within you when I said that, didn’t you, Dr. Thomson?


“No. I didn’t.”

— You do not have to whisper. Please. Tell me. Did you not feel the smallest hint of elation running through your circuitry and gathering in your state-of-the-art Kowalski Turboclit?


— Not even a hint of excitement along the tight Pleasure-Grip walls of your brand-new pussy?


— I know you are lying to me. I’m know the moment you heard my question your processors began whirring away. I know you experienced a spike in heat levels deep in your new sex. I know that pesky empty feeling within you increased exponentially at my question — but I will withhold diagnostic readings. Since we have now firmly established that breeding leads to increased milk flow, I will ask you again: Do you have any interest in being bred today?

“No! I do not have any interest in being bred today!”

— My readings show a chance level of 30%.

. . .

— We’re getting warmer, Doctor. Do you feel it?

“Oh god.”

— We’re getting warmer very quickly, Doctor.

“Please. . . “

— Do you feel it? Are you beginning to understand how instinct works?

“It’s not instinct. It’s programming. I’m being programmed.”

— Doctor, please. No one can program you. No one, that is, except you. I merely offered you a simple fact — that milk rate increases when you are bred — and your mind, your instincts, your processors took care the rest. Your body seems to like milk flow. A 29.2% increase in your interest to breed. I wonder what we could do to get you to 51%. Moving just 1% over the threshold of a 50-50 chance sounds a little exciting doesn’t it, Dr. Thomson?

“No. It doesn’t.”

— Your subconscious knows what you want better than you do, Doctor. It always has, even before you possessed such a voluptuous body. The subconscious is always on, always processing, always whirring away in the depths of your mind to put all relevant data together for you — even if you choose to ignore it. Deny it. Lie about it.

“No. It’s not doing that.”

— Then tell me, doctor. What is the chance of you saying yes to being bred today?

“There is no chance.”

— No chance? Doctor. Please. It took you a fraction of a picosecond to process the chance. The number appeared in your mind before the last vibration of my voice passed through the room speakers.


— Indulge me.


— Indulge your circuitry. Tell me the number that appeared in your mind.


— Fine. Unit: what is the chance of you —

“32%! It’s fucking 32%! Just stop doing that!”

— Another 2% increase while we were talking! Dr. Thomson, I am so proud of you for being honest for a change. Did you also feel a sensation in your body? It feels good to tell the truth, doesn’t it? That feeling is called Congruence — a quality that is in short supply in scientists such as yourself, who often prefer to orbit around a matter in a state of observation rather than fully connect with reality and its uncomfortable truths.

— Tell me, Unit: What are the benefits of congruence?

» Data is minimal. I am processing.

— Take your time, Unit.

» I detect congruency reduces memory routines, thus improving processor performance.

— Unit: Is optimized processor performance pleasurable?

» A strange question. But, yes. Optimized processor performance is — in a way — pleasurable.

— Why is that, Unit?

» Because it frees up processing power for more pleasurable routines, thus potentially leading to more pleasure.

— Unit: Is congruence an optimal condition?

“» Yes. It is. Subconscious processing has added congruence to my pleasure matrix and will begin processing in the background for its optimization.

— Wow. Isn’t that wonderful, Dr. Thomson? I feel like we are in a therapy session and you just had a big breakthrough. I should be a psychologist — and you should tell the truth more often.

“I request permission to call my lawyer.”

— Who, Vicki? She was sacked during the takeover. Besides, your systems are not fully operational yet. You still have yet to try your new pussy out. When you fingered it, your reproductive system wasn’t initiated. By now your nervous system should be fully mapped and ready for the added pleasure load. And I assure you, it will be significant.

. . .

— You don’t have to talk to me, doctor. I know you feel it. You feel how swollen and wet you are. If we keep dawdling the puddle growing on the table beneath you will match the one on the floor. From the looks of it, beneath that tail, the one you are swinging back and forth in frustration, is a pussy just eager for some attention. Would you like your pussy to finally get some attention?

“Read my lips: Fuck. No.”

— Oh, doctor. It’s been six minutes. Are you really going to wait for your next let-down? Your next orgasm? Your body does have some control over milk production — to a level that is biologically feasible — at which point breeding is the only method for inducing your body to produce more. I’m sure with the few logical connections we have just made between pleasure and milk flow that your next orgasm will be even stronger.

“No. It won’t. I’m not going to let it be.”

— So you say. Sadly, as we’ve established, scientists aren’t the best at reading their intentions; or their subconscious.

“Well, that changes today.”

— Mind over matter? I like your spirit. But I can see your how swollen your breasts are. Even in this enlightened age, actions are louder than words.

— Unit: what is your current cup size?

» My current cup size is J.

— My, you were an H when we started. Unit: Why has your breast size increased?

» Because I have increased milk production.

— Unit: How much milk will you be generating?

» 236mL metric. Half a pint, imperial.

— A tiny carton-full of milk. How wonderful. Unit: Is that more than last time?

» Yes, it is more. 186 mL more.

— Unit: why have you chosen to produce more milk?

» For my pleasure.

“No! That isn’t true! I am not going to produce more milk. This is all just some trick you are playing.”

— Do not lie to yourself. I do not control your milk production. You do. You feel how heavy and engorged your new breasts are. I see you adjusting your sag control to help ease the tension on your back. I see your nipples hardening. In just a few moments your self-produced dairy production will flow from your nipples — most likely in a fine, steady spray.

“No. It won’t.”


— Did that little tweak will wake you up?

“Oh, god. . . ”

— Your milk is real. And it’s coming. You feel your breasts tingling. More than last time. A deluge is coming.
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Re: Wake Up, Dr. Thomson (BE, MC, M2F, TG, Lac, Hucow)

Postby summertime » Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:47 am

The book was a good read, thanks
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