Droop!!! (Story Ideas/Incomplete)

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Droop!!! (Story Ideas/Incomplete)

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Oct 29, 2019 9:49 am

Hi! I felt like sharing some ideas I had for a possible story

There once was a girl with a pair of breasts that were both so large and perfect that nobody seemed to believe they were real and natural, when in fact they were.
The girl suffered many accusations and cruel, malicious teasing and name calling. This unfortunately caused the girl alot of frustration which she blamed on her perfect breasts as the cause of it all.
She had a set of large DD's that were just too perfect with absolutely no sag whatsoever, indistinguisable from a set of implants, a really good set of implants. In fact, they looked even more perfect then most fake DD's.
It was easy to see why it was hard for most girls to acknowledge her breasts as real, as that would mean coming to terms with their own inferiority. With their very pride at stake, it's not something easy for them to do, even to themselves.
It was much easier to believe that this 'too good to be true' set of breasts to be just another case of plastic surgery then to admit their own envy/jealousy.
Unfortunately for the girl, she suffers for their insecurity, and eventually reached her breaking point, finally deciding that she has to do something about her breasts to make them not so perfect, or in her words, more natural looking.
At first she tries countless do-it-yourself remedies herself trying every idea she could think of or read on the internet, but none of it work.
She hires a professional to help her accomplish this. She is warned that the treatment would take a year, regardless of progress or the state of her breasts, the treatment could not be stopped, under any circumstances, until the full year has elapsed, and that it's irreversible so she better be sure that she wants this.
She hesitates a bit, wondering if she is making the right decision or if this is a mistake but remembers all the mean and hurtful things everyone says to and about her. She resolves to herself that this is the only way, as she tried everything else she can think of already and decides to go through with it.

Their extraordinary resilence and vitality was so strong that they managed to resist the professionals best efforts for quite a while...
...But eventually even the most resilient and perfect set of breasts gave in to the treatment, finally/at long last succumbing/losing the battle/surrendering to the effects of gravity
Once that happened, once that barrier was past, once the last of her breast's resistance was gone they became far more pliant and responsive to the treatment.
The rate of degradation/sagging accelerated much faster than even an average pair of tits, beyond any of their expectations, even beyond their wildest dreams.
By the end of the treatment, her set of hangers became so stretched out, saggy, limp, and lifeless that noone ever accused them of being fake again. So I guess...mission accomplished???
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