Come back (BR, Revenge, BE)

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Come back (BR, Revenge, BE)

Postby Masterclass » Tue Oct 01, 2019 8:06 am

Chapter One

Jessica sat by herself and absent mindedly flicking through the pages of a magazine on her lunch break at the call centre she now worked in. She sat admiring the beautiful Casey who adorned the headline feature. Not even five years since she herself had graced men’s magazines, winning such platitudes of ‘Worlds Greatest Breasts’, ‘Britain’s Sexiest Woman’ and leading to a short-lived career in television. She still had what the guys she worked with called a ‘Killer Body’ and her 32GG breasts were still full and pert. But time had passed and at the age of 33 was considered past it for topless modelling.

Her friend Paula sat down beside her and opened her sandwiches for lunch and glanced at the magazine Jessica was browsing through. “You know she’s got nothing on you these days, yeah she’s in her early 20s, has a gorgeous face, slim toned body and amazing breasts, but she looks like she’d be a total bitch” said Paula before getting stuck into her lunch. “Personally, I think you’re still way prettier than her, your figure is amazing, and your boobs are better. If a bit smaller.”

“I think Casey really is a stunningly elegant woman, I mean look at her blond hair and those eyes are something else” said Jessica. “Your right about her boobs though, I thought mine are big at a GG but hers are easily an HH”

“True. My fella follows her on Instagram, and she comes across as being right full of herself. Is pretty condescending to her fans. I mean they are the ones who buy her magazines, subscribe to her Only Fans and vote for her in the polls.

“Besides if it all was all over today, she’s probably trampled on so many people on the way up not many would want to help her. I mean she’d have nothing if it wasn’t for the perfect big breasts.”
Jessica sighed, “Yeah, but she’s still a mega babe. Big boobs or not, she’s probably shacked up with a rich fella”

Paula glanced at her Fitbit and said “We need to go back soon. But my fella has been recruited to work for World Class Centrefolds as a booker and photographer... and he’s wanting to get you in for a shoot. I told him we’re rota off next Tuesday”

She stared back at her friend whose heart was clearly in the right place and was speechless. “You mean have a centrefold shoot next week?”

“Yeah, he’s really keen to start with a total legend and I think it would be fun”
“I’m not sure, I’d have to get a hair stylist and a make-up artist arranged. It’s not long to organise all that”

“Well...” said Paula before taking the final bite of her sandwich, “I can do your hair and makeup, I mean I glammed you up pretty good for your uncles wedding.”

Jessica’s face lit up with a huge smile and said “OK but let me pay your for it this time. This is so exciting a comeback to glamour modelling at 33! I’d given up on it all together. Thank you so much Paula.” With that they both went back to their jobs listening to customers complaining about not having a big enough overdraft.

Chapter Two

Casey was heading into town to negotiate a new contract with World Class Centrefolds as their premier glamour model. Naturally the tube train was deserted so she took the opportunity to flaunt her considerable assets for her Instagram story. She posed by running her fingers through her long blonde hair, then moving her hands down over her mighty breasts and gentle squeezing them. Casey knew she looked good and whilst wearing a brown leather skirt with matching jumper, she also knew she looked perfectly in fashion. Although Casey was at the top of her game, she still harboured a slight fear that her breasts would suddenly fluctuate or loose some of their precious volume, which is why she took extra care of them.

Casey had a special gym routine to help keep her magnificent breasts as pert and full as possible. Which of course she regularly shared on Instagram, with an occasional shot of her toned mid rift. She even made sure that when she slept with a Premiership footballer that they didn’t get too acquainted with her famous breasts.

As the tube train started to pull up the next station Casey stopped posing and blew a kiss to her phone and stopped recording her Instagram story. She then sat back and glanced through the hundreds of compliments from the viewers. If there was one thing Casey knew how to do it was self promoting herself on Instagram, where she’d amassed over 1 million followers. Most of the compliments she received were from men saying how amazing her breasts are and how pretty she is. “Well” she thought to herself as the tube train rattled along towards central London, “I’ve got £5m in the bank because of you lot and none of you would ever stand a chance with me because your all so pathetic.”

Casey then headed off towards the offices of World Class Centrefolds and put on her Gucci sunglasses as early summer sun shone down, illuminating her hair. In ten minutes, time she would become the highest paid glamour model ever and secure her financial future, so Casey felt good.

Chapter Three

“Hello Casey” said the voluptuous secretary, “The CEO is ready in the board room, just get the lift to 10th floor and its on your right.” Casey flashed a disarming smile and said “Thank you Sarah, may I also say you look magnificent today” before heading off to sign her deal.
Walking into the board room was the CEO and founder of World Class Centrefolds David William.

Personally Casey couldn’t stand the man she described as ‘Odious to the extreme with his self-made nonsense’ whilst showing off photos of his wife and children on holiday, but she gave him a warm friendly smile and said “David how good it is to see you” and pecked him on the cheek.
“Always good to see you Casey, and I must say you are looking particularly beautiful today.” As he returned the peek on her cheek. “Please take a seat and we can get started with your new exclusivity contract. It’s the best deal I’ve ever been able to offer. Five years at £1m per annum.”

“Yes, it’s a particularly appealing contract. I take it I’ll be syndicated out across each of World Class Centrefolds around the globe?”

“Of course, you will. I’ll see to it personally that you are top shelf material in each country that we have a partnership with, which is currently 35 countries.”

Casey sat flicking though the contract and got to the section for the company to cancel it. Suddenly she stopped listening to the CEO’s sales pitch and instead read the page with all her concentration. The first clause was if she had a baby the contract would be cancelled. Fair enough she thought, but that isn’t going to happen so I’m safe there. The second clause was ‘excessive and consistent weight gain over a period of six months or more’ which would be considered anything over 10% of her existing weight. Again, Casey thought, fair enough but that’s also not going to happen.

Her heart stopped when she read through clause three: “Any loss of breast size of two cup sizes or more and the contract will be cancelled with immediate affect and no further payments made to Casey.” Her deepest fear could lead to her whole career being destroyed, but that’s all it is a fear. Afterall she took every precaution possible to protect her magnificent breasts, so she was well protected.

She put the contract down on the highly polished board table and gave another of her disarming smiles and said, “Do you mind if I borrow your pen?” and with that she became the financially secure for life... or so she thought.

“Excellent Casey, your first shoot of your new contract will be on Tuesday with Jessica Wallace who’s making a comeback.” David said as Casey passed the signed contract back to him.

“Oh really, I thought she’d retired years ago?”

“Yes, she had but my new photographers partner works with her and showed me a picture of her. She’s looking better than ever these days and would be the perfect foil for you to work with.”

“Wonderful, I’ll try my best to make her look youthful along side me” Casey said with a laugh, but inside she though that Jessica was an old has been clinging onto whatever scraps the glamour world could throw her. In fact, she thought she look so far out of Jessica’s league that the shoot would be done in minutes.

Chapter Four

That night on the bus home from her ten-hour call centre shift Jessica allowed herself to daydream whilst she absently minded listened to Spotify. It was only four days until she would be back in front of a camera as a glamour model. Even if it’s just one last shoot, Jessica was determined to enjoy it and make it count. She took her phone out and WhatsApp’s Paula to say thank you. Walking into her one bedroom flat, which she’d bought with the last of her glamour model money, she felt like she was walking on air when her phone buzzed with a message from Paula.

Jessica couldn’t quite believe what it said: “No worries babe, Matthew has asked for your shoot to be a girl-on-girl with Casey! So exciting xxx” Her big come back would be with the number one glamour model in the world!

She couldn’t quite hide her excitement, and phoned Paula. “Hey Paula bases, that’s such amazing news! Does Casey know?”

“Yeah, she does, Mathew said she was in the office today and signed a new contract. Apparently, she said she’d do her best to make you look young”

“Really? That’s pretty bitchy and shallow to say the least. Anyway, her attitude is her problem not mine. I’m just so excited and I can’t thank you and Mathew enough”

“Well according to Matthew she’s really over-protective of her breasts and doesn’t let any of the girls touch them when shooting, so you can always get back at her and give them a squeeze. I’m sure Mathew would love to see that”

“Stop it!” Jessica said with a laugh, “I’ll just do what he says when we shoot and it’ll be all good. Although I do wonder how they feel, I mean they look so firm”

“They do, don’t they? I’ve always thought they look to good to be natural, but according to Mathew World Class only sign girls with natural boobs.”

“You can tell there natural because her nipples are so huge, but you’re right Casey’s breasts do still really high up on her chest and they never seem to fluctuate or sag. Like ever. I remember when I was that age, mine use to go up and down a cup size regularly. Hers just don’t.”

Chapter Five

Casey was getting ready to go out with her girlfriend on a hunting mission to bag a couple of rich guys who where too shallow to want anything other than a simple one night stand away from their girlfriends or wives. She admired her perfect figure and spectacular breasts in the full length mirror of her Kensington flat as he put on her new dress she’d bought from Harrod’s earlier in the afternoon.

It framed her curves perfectly and emphasised her ample cleavage, whilst the light gold colour went with her hair. She looked exquisite. The buzzer went and she let Emma into the flat for pre drinks, although neither of them drank alcohol, it was a chance to finalise the nights plans, check social media for which places looked popular and get an Uber together.

“Emma darling you look fantastic tonight, I love that dress on you with those heels” said Casey to her one friend she would never betray. The only reasons she didn’t is that Emma knew all of Casey’s secrets, all of the guys she’d slept with and all the hush money she’d made. Emma also knew that Casey’s biggest fear was anything happening to her magnificent breasts. Casey also knew all of Emma’s secrets, like the foreign leader she’d slept with and received a monthly allowance from to stay quite and be available whenever he was in London. It was a pro-quid-pro friendship.

“Thank you Casey babes, you look absolutely sensational tonight, I reckon we’ll have easy pickings tonight” said Emma who was wearing a little black dress that framed smouldering eye shadow, her small breasts and toned flat stomach perfectly.

“Of course, I hear the new Chelsea striker is out with his entourage tonight. He must be worth a bit as they signed him for £125m” said Casey.

“Oh yeah, I heard that as well. Also there’s a banking conference just finished so some of the richest men in the world are in London tonight at the Great West End Hotel”

“That my dear Emma trumps any footballer. Shall we go there then?” Casey took her phone out and ordered an uber to the bankers party. “They’ll be like putty in our hands tonight once they’ve had a drink”

Casey and Emma strutted hand in hand into the Great West End Hotel where the bar was full of rich middle aged men drinking and socialising to soundtrack of piano playing. They split up as agreed and Casey went straight to the bar and proceeded to make eye contact with sun tanned man dressed in an expensive looking suit. Instantly he made eye contact back and smiled at Casey, she smiled back and he proceeded to pardon himself from the conversation and make his way over.

“Good evening ma’am, may I say you look stunningly beautiful tonight” said the man in a strong New York accent.

“You may” said Casey with a polite giggle and a slight head tilt. She then offered a hand and said “Casey”

“What a lovely name for a beautiful young English girl. Gregg Miller, pleased to meet you.” Said the banker.

With that her night was sorted. She got acquainted with Gregg and his friend Michael, and with an well practiced manner waited for the time to introduce Emma. It was easy pickings indeed, especially as the wedding ring lines on both Gregg and Michael were clearly visible, which meant more hush money down the line.

Casey found the sex pretty routine, a little bit of touching and a little bit of fore play and he came on her breasts. Next morning, she ordered him an uber back to his hotel where he met Michael and exchanged tales before heading to Heathrow and back to their wives and families in New York.

Chapter Six

Jessica spent a quite night in on Saturday, watching Netflix through a face mask and drinking water. She wanted to look her best for Tuesday as it wasn’t every day a 33-year-old ex glamour model was offered a comeback to the top.

She looked out an outfit especially for getting to the World Class Centrefolds offices and tried on the new classy black lingerie she’d bought that day. She was still a size 8 with a pretty flat stomach and her breasts were still big, pert and full. Jessica felt lucky as she tried on her new 32GG bra and found it fit perfectly. In so many ways it wasn’t her beautiful face or the fact she kept her body in shape that Jessica had owed her glamour model career to, it was her stunning breasts, and now they would help her again get in front of the camera. Jessica looked around at her flat and thought “I owe all of this to my breasts.”

When she was out shopping in the afternoon, she’d got herself measured and was delighted to still be the same measurements as she was five years ago when she’d been dropped.
Looking back, she’d enjoyed every minute of her glamour model career, with the tabloid photographers and stylists giving her constant attention. Then a day after she turned 28, just like that it was over. The paper she’d had a contract with closed and with no other offers on the table, other than sticking a dildo in her for drunken pervert’s pleasure on Babe station, she decided to retire. There was a line and Babe station was well and truly over it. So, she’d took a month out and started applying for jobs, after a lot of knock backs due to a lack of experience, Jessica managed to get a job in a call centre where she’d met Paula.

She sipped her water and thought that she’s quite happy living a modest life after all of the glitz and glamour of her 20s, but that Tuesday would be a nice way to revisit it and might even lead to some extra money on a regular basis which would be nice.

Jessica felt that she was ready for a comeback and taking the magazine out of her handbag she took to work admired every picture of Casey and the elegance of each pose and the style she exuded in every photo. Casey was incredible, she is so classy though Jessica, as she remembered what Paula had said about her attitude. If she’s rude to me I’ll forget it quick enough thought Jessica, and as long as the shoot looks great, I’m really not fussed.

Jessica took off her face mask and looked at herself in the mirror, she was still young and pretty. “I shouldn’t be insecure shooting with a younger girl.” she said to herself.

Chapter Seven

Casey woke up at her usual time and lay in bed casually checked her phone when a notification came through for the shoot at 1pm. “I’ll make Jessica look like an old hag today, she really is nothing on me.” She thought to herself, as she then proceeded to search Facebook for her, where she was shocked at how good Jessica looked these days. Jessica had clearly looked after herself and managed to keep her breasts nice and firm looking. Whether or not they would look so good without a top on, well Casey would find out this afternoon. In some ways as Jessica was still so good looking it made Casey jealous of her and found herself building up a real sense of dislike towards Jessica.

She then got up and went and done her early morning gym routine, followed by a quick dip in her hot tub and some breakfast. Admiring herself in the mirror Casey thought her breasts would need to be measured again, they seemed to be getting even bigger – if that was even possible. She then casually put on a pair of tight fitting leather trousers, ostensibly to show off her curvy bottom, a low cut white top, to emphasis and show off her enormous cleavage, tied her hair back and put on her favourite black jacket and off she went to shoot with an aged older woman, who may look good, but was five years past her best.

Chapter Eight

Jessica got up early on Tuesday morning and tried to hide her excitement at what could be a big day in a potential come back. She wasn’t just shooting with World Class Centrefolds – which is a massive achievement in itself, but she was getting to pose with Casey – the greatest glamour model in the world. Jessica felt amazing and couldn’t stop smiling as she got dressed.
On the street below she heard Matthew and Paula beep the horn of their Fiat 500 as they picked her up for the shoot. They had to be there for 11am so Matthew could get the studio set up and Paula performed miracles on Jessica’s hair and makeup. Jessica could feel that today was going to be a good day for everyone.

“Wow Jessica you look amazing babe, absolutely amazing” said Paula as Jessica got in the back seat of the small car. “Thank you, Paula, you both look lovely today.” Said Jessica feeling a bit embarrassed at the compliment her best friend paid her.

“Right Jessica, you got everything you need for today?” asked Matthew safe in the knowledge that she would have everything she needed and more.

“Yes, I’ve got my hair straighteners, make up, some brand-new black lingerie you asked me to get and a robe to wear between shots” replied Jessica.

As they drove into London Paula turned around in the front seat to talk to Jessica sitting in the back, “So apparently Casey has been mouthing off again, saying that you’re really lucky to be considered a glamour model at all and would never cut it at the top these days.”

“That’s not even the worst of it” said Mathew with his eyes on the road, “She says you’ve had a boob job and a tummy tuck, as no one over 30 could look as hot as you without surgery.”

“That’s not very nice but I really don’t care I’m all natural just as she is, and I reckon after today we’ll be at least acquaintances.” Said Jessica.

“No one ever wants to shoot with Casey for a second time, she’s just so nasty to the other girls all the time.” Said Matthew, “She loves the limelight and anyone she sees as a threat gets extra bitchy treatment.”

Chapter Nine

Casey was in make up when Jessica arrived and started to change into her new underwear. “Oh, so you’re Jessica Wallace” said Casey in a sarcastic manner, “I didn’t recognise you, its been so long since you modelled.”

Jessica sat in the chair beside her as Paula started to style her mousey brown hair. “Hi Casey, its good to meet you, I think you are best glamour model in the world and I’m just thrilled to get a chance to shoot with you today” said Jessica in a humble manner.

“Don’t get me wrong Jessica, you were an idol of mine when I started out but what I’ve achieved is far greater than anything you could have done” Casey said as she got up out of the chair wearing her robe loosely around her perfect figure. Casey then let it drop to the floor to show off how amazing her figure really is to Jessica.

Jessica turned her head slightly to look at Casey with her eyes starting at her feet and moving up to her truly magnificent breasts. Jessica breathed out and said, “wow you look absolutely amazing, and your breasts are huge but pert, what size are you?”

“Thanks, I’m a 32HH at the moment but my bras have been getting a bit tight recently, so I think I’m growing even more”

“That’s amazing, you must look after them really well” said Jessica as Paula straighten her hair.

“Yes, well I’ve got a routine every morning to keep every part of me nice and pert. I don’t want to end up on the scrap heap before I’m 30. That would be disastrous.”

Matthew popped his head round into the make up room and his eyes instantly scanned Casey’s perfect figure before saying “Right girls that’s me set up, I’ll be shooting you in front of the white wall today. There’s another booking at 3pm so we need to be finished for 2pm” before adding “You both look amazing”

Chapter Ten

The studio was well lit up with the white wall where the girls will be posing bathing in pure white light. Matthew finished taking some warm-up shots of Paula who enjoyed the attention and the chance to pretend to be a glamour model like her friend Jessica.

Casey walked in and sat down in her chair waiting for Jessica to arrive, “Where is she gone? We’ve not got time for delays” she spat out.

Jessica walked in and said “Sorry for the wait, but here I am ready to go”

“Right loose the robes girls” said Matthew as they dropped to the floor, he thought to himself that he had the greatest job in the world. Here he was, getting to photograph to insanely hot women, and being paid for it as well. “Right Casey you up first”

He began to take photos with his digital camera of the greatest glamour model and rather than tell her what to do, just let her pose. Casey worked the camera as she knew all the tricks to emphasis her perfect figure and flaunt her enormous but pert breasts. When he called Jessica up, he did the same, and as he snapped away it felt like Jessica had never been away. She posed perfectly, pushing her ample boobs out at the right time and gave the camera a sultry gaze.

“Right girls time to shoot both of you with your bras on.” Said Matthew as Casey strutted up to the white wall her breasts bouncing as she walked. “Casey put your arms around Jessica’s waist”

Casey did as she was told and leaned into Jessica and said quietly “I bet you’ve got really saggy boobs without that bra on.” Jessica kept her look towards the camera and between changing poses said, “You know I thought you were nice but you’re a total bitch”.

“Oh, I am, and I’m proud of it. When your breasts are as good as mine you get to be a bitch” replied Casey in a stern manner, “Just face it you’re nothing and this will be your greatest shoot but it’s a shame as no one will be looking at a has been they’ll all be looking at me” said Casey.

“Right girls loose the bras” said Matthew as the girls took them off and passed them to Paula, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen two girls with such huge perky breasts in the same shoot before ladies, this will go down in the glamour model history books”

Jessica was hurt by how nasty Casey was to her and had to stifle a tear. Then she remembered what Paula had said a few days ago – Casey never lets other girls touch her breasts and she hatched a plan for revenge.

“Jessica you stand behind Casey and gently cup her boobs for a few shots” said Matthew who was unaware of the frosty atmosphere between the two models.
Jessica did exactly what Matthew asked her to do, and then proceeded to start to massage Casey’s firm nipples. “Are you feeling the cold Hun?” whispered Jessica into Casey’s ear

“What are you doing you freak?” replied Casey as Jessica started to squeeze her nipples. “I’m going to give you the greatest feeling of all time today, you orgasm like never before” said Jessica in a warm whisper.

Suddenly Matthew noticed a that Casey’s left nipple was beginning to lactate and he stopped taking photos and changed his camera to start recording a video. Jessica continued to squeeze Casey’s nipples and she began lactating from her right nipple.

Casey spun round with a look of equal fear and pleasure across her face. Jessica began to suck on Casey’s huge oversized breasts and the trickle of milk became a jet as if a damn had broken.

Pleasure gripped Casey and she feel to her knees and Jessica followed changing from her left to right nipple.

The streams of milk emptied from Casey’s perfect breasts, they suddenly started to lose their famed firmness. Casey could feel herself start to orgasm as Jessica continued to suck on her huge breasts, but Casey also felt something else.

Her prized breasts were getting lighter, they were rapidly shrinking with her cup size falling away with every squeeze. She could feel her prized ample boobs shrinking right in front of the camera. Jessica kept squeezing and sucking away on Casey’s breast milk, feeling herself getting closer to Casey’s toned body, could they really be getting dramatically smaller? They must be thought Jessica to herself, she’s losing her prized assets, the breasts that made her a millionaire are shrinking and diminishing right now in front of her.

Jessica felt the jet of milk begin to subside and looked up at Casey who was clearly experiencing the greatest orgasm as she’d promised her. Jessica let go and Casey slumped. She stood up and looked down at Casey’s saggy breasts. They really had lost their precious size and volume. Jessica reckoned she went from being a 32HH to maybe a 32AA, with her once huge breasts looking limp with her breast milk splashed across the studio floor. Jessica knew that she’d never model again but she also knew that neither would Casey who’d went from having enormous gravity defying breasts to saggy A cups with nipples so huge they were completely out of proportion they looked ridiculous.

Jessica looked down at Casey who was starting to come around and said “That was fund. I guess we’re both has beans now. Except you’ve lost your assets. Getting bigger? My arse you’ll be luck to fill out an AA cup now.” With that she walked away and put her robe back on, safe in the knowledge that Casey would never model again.
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Re: Come back by Masterclass (BR, Revenge)

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:17 pm

Great story! Kind of reminds me a bit of 'Losing It' by resupplied69. Though a question about the end in case I missed something. Why can't Jessica ever model anymore? Did she shrink too at the end? Or is it simply because of her age? Thank you! :)
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Re: Come back by Masterclass (BR, Revenge)

Postby Masterclass » Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:59 am

Thank you! I really enjoyed 'Losing It' by resupplied69, I hope he finishes it one day - I'd really like to know how it ends.

I was thinking that Jessica would be banned because of what she'd done to Casey and also that because she was 33 (which is way too young to quit modelling - just look at Lucy Pinder, she's better than ever IMHO) and that the industry seems to like calling time on models careers when they reach the big 30.

Your post got me thinking and I probably ended the story far too soon, so I have written some extra chapters.

Hope you enjoy the next instalment of Come Back.


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Re: Come back by Masterclass (BR, Revenge)

Postby Masterclass » Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:09 am

Chapter Eleven

Casey slumped onto her expensive sofa and felt deflated. She was no longer the big breasted sensation that had graced the front covers of men's magazines around the world. Instead she had become her worst fear: a small breasted no body. Casey sat back and looked down at her top which was no longer straining against the sheer perky heft of her magnificent 32HH cup breasts, which had been emptied out. Instead it sagged mournfully against her now far smaller – and more pathetic looking – saggy breasts.

She sat in a humiliated shock as she replayed the events of the day over in her mind, whilst cluching the enormous bra she’d worn to the mornings’ shoot. Casey felt lonely, isolated and full of despair that she no longer had the assets that made her famous. “Why did I let this happen to me?” she said out loud to herself. “I have to fix this, not with tacky implants but somehow.”

Casey began to think of a way to restore her breasts back to their original gravity defying size. She thought back to every doctor and surgeon she’d slept with over the last five years. Then she remembered.

There was a doctor in Oslo, Norway who was researching ways to reverse breast atrophy. She stormed into her huge bedroom and went straight for the bottom draw and found her little black book, or as she called it “an insurance policy”. She’d never envisaged using its pages of contacts for this purpose but instead thought of it as an record of every man she’d slept with including the time and place and whether he was married at the time.

Leafing through the pages she found him ‘Dr Peter Olson’ and rushed back through to the living room to find her phone. Nervously she picked up the latest iPhone and dialled his number.

“Good afternoon Dr Olson’s office, how may I help you?” said the receptionist in perfect English. Casey was a bit taken aback by phoning Norway and being spoken to in English.

“Um yes, hello, I was wondering if I could speak to Dr Olson please?” Casey said in a nervous manner, as in her rush to phone him she hadn’t thought through how she would explain her situation, “It’s Casey from London.”

“One moment please” replied the receptionist.

As Casey waited on the phone she began to nervously pace the living room and felt the tears welling up inside her.

“Hello Casey, Dr Olson here, its good to hear from you again.” Said the Dr in a thick Scandinavian accent, “How can I help you today?”

“Oh hello Dr its so good to hear you too, can I check that its just you on the phone?” replied Casey with a quivering voice.

“Yes of course, its just me in my office – I haven’t even put you on speaker. You sound upset my dear, what’s the matter?”

Casey began to sob quietly down the phone – for the second time today one of her damn’s had broken. She never cried, but this wasn’t never. “Well my breasts have… shrunk… my precious breasts have shrunk… I was at a shoot and another girl started to squeeze and suck on them and… then they lactated…” she cried gently for a moment before continuing, “and the breast milk just gushed out and now their small and saggy…”

“There, there my dear. It’s OK, I can help you as my research has successfully reversed the atrophy process. I can help you get your breasts back to their natural size.”

Casey was speechless for a moment before saying “You mean I can get my size back?”

“Yes, you can. I have developed a method for re-stimulating the mammary glands and allowing them to start producing milk again” said the Dr with a smile on his face and professional pride in his thick Scandinavian voice, “I just need you to come to Oslo to my cinque where I can examine you and commence your treatment.”

Casey began to cry again, “Thank you doctor, you’re a life saver. How does this treatment work?”

“I will need to give you injections each day for as long as it takes, may I ask what size you were before the ‘crule incident’ happened”

“I was a 32 double H cup” said Casey

“Ah I remember, they were the most spectacular breasts I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Such wonderful size, shape and firmness. And may I ask what size they are now?”

Casey tried to hold back the tears as she answered in a meek voice “32AA”

“That’s quite a change but fear not I can restore you back to your full and firm glory” remarked Dr Olson, “Please get a flight to Oslo as soon as possible and I’ll see that I personally treat you in the upmost privacy.”

She didn’t know what to say other than “Thank you Dr, Thank you” before stifling another sob “Just one question how long will it take?”

“I should say six months my dear and you’ll be back to your original size”

Casey ended the call and proceeded to book flights to Oslo for the next day. She then went through her make up draw and found her hair dye. She was determined to not let anyone recognise her and suffer any further humiliation before she got her prized assets back.

Chapter Twelve

Jessica sat at home that night not really sure what she had done. Except had by going a bit ‘Physico’ wrecked the greatest pair of breasts in the glamour modelling world and with them not only Casey’s career but any hopes she’d have of a comeback. No one would want a model who viciously groped and assaulted another model for reacting to childish insults. At 33 she should have known better.

In the car home with Paula all they had spoke about was how quickly Casey’s prized big boobs had deflated in front of Matthew’s camera.

“Like a damn gave way” remarked Paula, “They literally deflated from being huge pert boobs to saggy small breasts in a minutes. She really is nothing without those huge magnificent breasts.”

“I know… but I can’t help but feel bad. I’ve destroyed her career” replied Jessica.

“Yeah but she deserved it, the bitch” said Paula before continuing, “What did they feel like before you started to squeeze the life out of them? I bet they were fantastically firm.”

Jessica turned to face Paula, who was driving them home as Matthew needed to speak to the CEO about the mornings’ events, “Oh my god yes! They were so good to feel, like so firm and big and bouncy as well” before turning back to face forward and said with a sigh “That just makes it worse. I should never had done what I did.”
Chapter Thirteen

Matthew placed the memory card from his camera into the CEO’s PC and selected the file. “It was so strange, I just don’t know what happened. Well I do, but watch this and see what you think” he said as he prepared to play the footage back.

The video started to play on David’s computer screen at the moment Casey’s prized big breasts began to lactate. First the left nipple began to secrete milk followed by the right one and soon both girls were on their knees with Jessica sucking on Casey’s bulging breasts. David watched on, speechless to what he was witnessing. Suddenly he moved in his seat as a plume of milk burst from her left breast.

David paused it, “Wow in my twenty years of managing glamour modelling I’ve never seen anything like this” he said in a shocked voice.

“Just wait” replied Matthew as David started playing the video again.

Jessica began squeezing and suckling Casey’s giant breasts in an every more aggressive manner, until they gave way and began to literally lose their size right in front of his eyes. David watch in astonishment as his best model, easily the greatest big boob model in the world lost her prized big breasts, with every possible cup size being drained out of them. In literally a few minutes she’d went from a gigantic 32HH to a measly 32AA. David didn’t know what to say as Jessica got up and walked away with her magnificently huge pert 32GG breasts gently bouncing with every step she took. Behind her slumped Casey with two huge puddles of breast milk in front of her, signifying the remains of her once great career.

“Well that was… how’s Casey feeling after that?” said David in a genuinely concerned tone.

“She seemed in total shock when she came round from the orgasm. She put her hand up to where her breasts were and then moved them back until her fingers touched her nipples. It was as if she couldn’t believe what had happened.”

“I’m sure she couldn’t, I don’t think I really know what’s happened” said David, “How is she now?”

“Casey got a taxi home but first insisted on wearing a hat so no one could see it was her.”

“That’s understandable, I know she rubs the other girls up the wrong way but that was taking it too far. I’m afraid Jessica will never model with us again, I just can’t allow that behaviour.” Replied David before saying in a resigned manner, “I’m afraid neither will Casey, we have a strict policy of FF cup or higher. Now she’s lost her gravity defying breasts I’m afraid she’s finished with us.”

Chapter Fourteen

Casey arrived at Oslo airport wearing a jeans and a baggy jumper with her blonde hair dyed black and sun glasses on. Gone was tight fitting top to emphasis her enormous cleavage, which had shrunk the day before. She searched around the arrivals hall until she saw Dr Olson, who looked in much better shape than she remembered from their one nigh liaison in Berlin a year ago.

“Dr I am so glad to see you” remarked Casey as she took off her sunglasses and lent in to kiss him on the cheek.

“Casey, it is so good to see you, may I take your suitcase? My car is just out here” replied the tall doctor to the shorter glamour model, “I was thinking we could head straight to my practice and get you examined this afternoon”

Casey shot him a smile, the first she had since the morning before, and said “That would be wonderful, I really appreciate you helping me.”

“Its nothing, really. My work has been approved by all the major medical bodies last month so this is my reward. Restoring your breasts back to their truly magnificent original glory will be my life’s greatest achievement” he said as they walked over to his car.

As they walked Casey felt something she hadn’t felt in years, gratitude towards another person for going out of their way to help her. “Thank you Peter.”

On the drive back to Oslo Dr Olson remembered back to the night he met Casey at a party in Berlin the previous summer. She’d looked resplendent in a tight black dress that hugged her curves in all the right places and emphasised how huge, pert and perfect her breasts were. They were easily the greatest pair of breasts he’d ever had the pleasure of getting acquainted with and she was easily one of the most beautiful women he’d ever laid eyes on. “Yes” he thought to himself “Getting them back to being the big full beautiful breasts they were will be my greatest achievement”

Chapter Fifteen

Casey sat on the examination bed in Dr Olson’s practice as he switched on his computer and began to type before turning around.

“OK Casey first I will need you to take off your jumper and allow me to examine you. Please don’t feel embarrassed” said the doctor.

Even thought in the car journey from the airport they’d made small talk and he had put her at ease she still felt humiliated at what had happened to her world famous big breasts and self-conscious about taking her top off, something she’d never felt before. In fact she’d always revelled in flaunting her huge assets. But that was before ‘the incident’, as she’d started referring to it as, happened the day before, leaving her with small saggy breasts. Meekly she took her jumper off and revealed the damage inflicted on her once magnificent boobs.

Dr Olson tried not to let his shock show on his face, but he was truly taken back when Casey removed her jumper to reveal small saggy breasts instead of the greatest pair he’d ever know Dr Olson was looking at a shrunken, deflated and small saggy pair of breasts with nipples so large they were completely out of proportion to the rest of her chest. Then his professionalism took over and he said “OK what I need is a drop of your breast milk from each side so I can reproduce it in my lab, then I will commence daily injections directly into each breast to fill the glands back up” he paused to let the news sink it to Casey as she sat there devoid of emotion and staring straight ahead at the white wall 15 feet away, “Then as the gland begin to fill back up your breasts will begin to regain their size and shape. As I said it will take six months but I promise you that I’ll get your breasts back to their original size.”

The next day Casey accompanied Dr Olson to his practice and felt a pang of fear that this new process might not work, or that it might lead to any number of complications. “Stop thinking like that” she said to herself, “This will work, just have faith in Dr Olson” Again she sat up on the examination couch and removed her top, at which point the doctor examined her again and felt relieved that his worst fears – that she’d have continued to shrink overnight – had been groundless, there was no change at all.

“Right Casey may hurt slightly as you may feel a slight sting but hopefully not” said Dr Olson in a professional manner as he proceeded to inject Casey with the first shot.

Casey just sat there, looking straight ahead, just as she’d done the day before, whilst feeling the needle slip into her left then right breasts. Suddenly she could feel them change slightly, as if they were beginning to regain some size already.

She turned to Dr Olson who was clearing away his things and said “I can feel a warm sensation where you jagged me doctor, is that normal?”

He turned and smile a confident smile, and said in his Scandinavian accent “Yes, Casey that’s completely normal. Now all you have to do is avoid any major exercise – like excessive gym work, to allow your breasts time to regain their size” he paused before saying “Oh and come back every day until we are finished getting your boobs back to their big full beautiful size again.”

Casey blushed – she couldn’t remember the last time she’d blushed – and said “Thank you Dr, but where can I stay in Oslo? I live in London and I can’t fly in and out every day.”

“Why you can stay with me, I have a spare room in my house.”

Next morning Casey woke up and felt her breasts like she did every morning but this time she felt something strange. At first, she felt a bit startled but then realised it was working, Dr Olson had managed to increase her bust slightly from an AA cup to a B cup. It was working. Sitting up she felt herself welling up.

Chapter Sixteen

Two months had passed since Jessica had committed the greatest crime of her life, and not a day went passed when she did not think about the damage she’d inflicted upon the greatest glamour model in the world. She’d felt embarrassed at work after the video had been leaked online and jokes started being said behind her back.
Paula had continued to support her and one Sunday morning she was lying in bed debating whether or not to get up when Matthew phoned.

“Hey Jessica, are you busy today? One of my models cancelled last minute and I need to shoot a feature for the Norwegian copy of World Class Centrefolds” said Matthew

“But I thought I was banned from ever working with World Class again?”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll take care of it. I just need to pick you up in 30 minutes. Paula will do your hair and make up.”

“Yes of course I can, but only if you are sure?” replied Jessica. With that her second come back was on.

That morning Matthew shot Jessica on her own, and he made her really work the camera. For two hours he snapped away at every pose the two of them could think of, with Jessica’s beautiful figure on full show, topped off with her amazing 32GG breasts.

Jessica put her robe back on as Paula came over to help tidy up the set. “These photos of you Jessica are outstanding” remarked Matthew, “I’ll show David the CEO tomorrow morning and let him know we have a super star back in the business.”

Peering over her boyfriends should at the laptop screen, Paula said “Wowzer Jessica babes you really look amazing in each of these shots. They’ll be daft not to take you back on after seeing these.”

Jessica didn’t know what to say other than “Thank you, I appreciate everything you have both done for me. Especially today, it was good to relive a proper glamour shoot where I don’t wreck things.”

Matthew appeared at David’s office just before 9am on Monday morning. It was customary to let the CEO approve the results of each and every shoot before sending the pictures to the publishers. After some small talk Mathew said “So the girl I had booked for yesterday morning cancelled last minute and I could only find one replacement.”

“Fair enough, who was it?” said David

“Take a look, I think she’s ready for a comeback, don’t you think?”

David examined the pictures on the screen. It was true Jessica did look absolutely incredible. For a woman approaching 34 years old, well passed it for a glamour model, she was sensational in front of the camera lense.

Her body was in great shape, her face was really beautiful, but it was her magnificent breasts that stole the show. They were huge and pert, measuring in at a mammoth 32GG.

David cast his mind back to the last time she’d been in his studio and squeezed the life out of his best model. Suddenly he was caught in two minds. It went against everything he stood for to allow her back into the fold after destroying another model’s future. But then again she did look great and barring that one incident she was a nice, down to earth girl. That settled it, Jessica would get another chance.

“Yes, she does. But only if she keeps her hands to herself. If she does anything to harm another model I’m holding you personally responsible. Do I make myself clear?”

Mathew beamed “Of course. I’ll get these over to the publisher now” before heading out the door, he stopped and said, “Thanks I appreciate this a lot and I’m sure Jessica will as well.”

Jessica’s glamour modelling career reboot finally kicked into gear with requests for shoots all around the world coming thick and fast. Both her and Paula had to quit their jobs to go full time and, in the process, started their company to look after all the money they made. It was an incredible come back.

Chapter Seventeen

Five and a half months had passed, and Casey was nearly back to her original size as she now flaunted a pair of H cup breasts, and in a little over two weeks she would be back to her glorious 32HH bust.

She found the time away from London incredibly relaxing and hadn’t missed the partying and craziness at all. She’d read the conspiracies online about her sudden demise, and even watched a leaked copy of the video Matthew shot of her breasts dramatic shrinking and came to the conclusion that she’d had it with the glamour modelling industry. Especially when she’d seen a World Class Centrefolds magazine with Jessica as its main star.

How, after all the millions of copies and website hits she had made that company and the income generated by them, had they allowed the girl who ruined their most prized assets ever pose for them again was beyond her.

The answer was easy, Casey, as the same as Jessica, are just models who’s glory years are short and bodies just commodities for people like David to sell for profit. She was sure she was done.

That morning Dr Olson performed the routine injections and noted, in a warm friendly manner, that “in two weeks you won’t need me anymore. Your breasts will be restored and retain their magnificent size and shape for the next 30 years. After which there will be some natural sagging in line with your age.”

“Dr Olson you have really saved me from being humiliated. In fact you’ve changed me from being a real bitch who treated every other model as a piece of dirt not worthy of being near me. Now I’m far more relaxed and I owe that to you” said Casey.

It was true she had become more relaxed, she’d learned that its better to be nice than a total bitch.

“Well what are you going to do after were finished here? Return to London?”

“Probably but I’m finished modelling, I think I’ll enrol in university and study medicine.”

Chapter Eighteen

As the plane approached London City, Casey felt good about life. She’d got her magnificent breasts back – if anything they were now even bigger at a staggering 32I – and was ready to enrol in university. She was wearing a conservative ensemble to match the wintry weather and was excited about seeing Emma at the airport.
The two girls shared a warm embrace as they hugged each other in the cold winter air, with Casey saying “Emma you look amazing, and what this? Did you get a boob job?”

“Thank you so much Casey, yes I did. I went from a 32AA up to a 32D. I’ve stopped going out as well and now just visit a few of the old haunts. It just wasn’t the same without you” said Emma, genuinely thrilled to see her friend, “And what can I say, you look amazing, even in a huge drab coat I can tell your back to your best.”

“Yes, I’m thrilled with what Dr Olson done for me. He worked some amount of magic. But I’ve got to tell you I’m giving up the party girl lifestyle and the topless shoots. I’m enrolling in university to study medicine”

Emma frowned slightly before saying “That’s amazing but you need to do one final shoot for your fans. You need to show that bitch Jessica that you’ve made a come-back, that your not going out on anyone elses terms, that you are going out on top” she paused before saying “You need to put her in her place as she thinks she’s the greatest.”

Casey looked down at her feet as she replied “I don’t hate her, but I do owe my fans one last hurrah, don’t I?”

Chapter Nineteen

David had called a meeting with Mathew, Jessica and Casey at the World Class Centrefolds offices for the Christmas shoot. He hadn’t told either of the girls that the other would attend. Instead he told Jessica to come prepared for a sexy xmas shoot and he’d told Casey that as she was back in London, he would like her to shoot with the company again if she’d like.

Casey was the first to arrive. She looked different somehow, maybe it was the Nordic style clothing that covered her famed body up, or maybe she’d just done her make up differently. The minute David saw her though he smiled and headed over to hug his one-time greatest model.

“Casey you look simply amazing, but first I have to apologise about what happened all that time ago” he said

Releasing herself from his hug Casey looked David in the eye and said “You never called me to make sure I was OK. My career was over, and you couldn’t even call the woman who made you millions” she paused to study his reaction before continuing, “But I was saved by a world renown doctor who helped me get my size back.”

Before David could reply Jessica and Mathew walked into the board room and Jessica’s face turned white as if she’d seen a ghost. For the last few months she’d been the number one glamour model in the world. After she had ruined the girl standing in front of her career and stolen her crown. Jessica was completely speechless as her eyes moved over Casey’s body. She looked incredible, like she’d never drained her breasts six months ago.

It was Casey who spoke first, “Jessica you don’t have to apologise. I’m sorry for being a total bitch to you. The things I said were heartless and wrong and I’m sorry” pausing to say “You’ve done amazing in the last four months and that’s down to hard work. I respect that.”

Jessica didn’t know what to say, so David spoke instead, “Well how would you two like to be our Christmas Centrefolds this year? I have a very generous contract for both of you ready to sign?”

“One last shoot then I’m done with this David” said Casey in a stern manner.

“Um, Yes I’ll also do the shoot, if Casey is OK with that?” said Jessica

Chapter Twenty

Jessica was the first on set and sat in her chair wearing her robe whilst the finishing touches were made to the winter set. The day had taken on a surreal feel, with David playing a master stroke of genius, by pairing up her with Casey. For the first time in ages she was genuinely nervous and unsure how the shoot would play out.
Behind Jessica the heavy soundproof studio door swung open and Casey made her entrance. No theatrics just a casual walk up to the chair beside Jessica and sat down.

“Hey” said Jessica to Casey as she got herself ready.

“Hey” replied Casey, “I meant what I said upstairs in the board room. Forget about the past and let’s make this the great shoot it should have been.”
Matthew walked over and said “Jessica you’re up first, so loose the robe”

Dutifully she did and revealed a slender and toned figure with her trademark full and pert 32GG breasts. Mathew snapped away for a few minutes before calling up Casey for her turn.

Everyone in the studio was shocked when Casey stood up and removed her robe. She was just as slim as before, but her breasts were even bigger, fuller and perter than ever. In the next twenty minutes she captivated Mathews camera. Jessica stood in awe of Casey’s come back.

Then it was the turn of both girls to pose for the camera, which was the easiest job Mathew had ever had.

“Right girls lose the bras, and please don’t hurt each other this time” Mathew said.

Casey unclipped her 32I bra and released her magnificent breasts for the camera. Jessica couldn’t help but gawp at how big they were, never mind how firm they’d become. They were easily the greatest pair of breasts she’d ever seen; their enormous size dwarfed her own humongous boobs. Jessica realised that Casey had changed, she’d grown up as a person and was now easily the greatest glamour model in the world.
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Re: Come back by Masterclass (BR, Revenge)

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Excellent job! Well done! I am glad it worked out for the both of them! It is wonderful to see that Casey learned her lesson and became a better person. So does that mean she retires from modelling permanently after that shot and tries to become a doctor even though she is now the best model in the world? I guess she is quitting out of principle because the people in charge didn't really care about her but only about the money they make.

I loved Losing It too and I hope that resupplied does finish the story as he said he would.
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Re: Come back by Masterclass (BR, Revenge)

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Chapter Twenty-One

The rest of winter passed and as the new year begun Casey kept her promise and retired from glamour modelling. The Christmas shoot with Jessica proving to be the perfect way to end a magnificent career in front of the camera. She also scaled back her Instagram posts and closed her Only Fans service as she got ready for university.
Initially she had some trouble getting into a full-time university but due to her high school qualifications was able to enrol part time online instead. With plenty of time on her hands she found that her true circle of friends was just Emma but after a while even she got bored of going for coffee and brunch, as she’d met a man and things were going steady. As some friends do, they drifted apart over time.

Casey then decided to drop Jessica a text and from meeting for coffee one Sunday, she found that they both had a lot in common. After a while Casey began helping Jessica out at her shoots for World Class Centrefolds, especially after Paula became pregnant to Mathew. Over the course of the next few months rumours flew about that Casey would make a return, but she stayed true to her principles and out of the limelight.

At the start of summer World Class Centrefolds hosted its annual party to showcase its models as David tried to get new publications around the world to buy their photos. The dress code for his models was simple, plenty of cleavage, legs and bum. To help him out he’d paraded Jessica, who was wearing her new red dress which perfectly framed her now world famous 32GG breasts, as being his ‘Best Big Boob Model’ and ‘Guaranteed to sell you magazines in seconds’. After David found another girl to work the party with Jessica found Casey for some light relief.

“This seems a bit boring doesn’t?” Casey said to Jessica as the two of them went to a quiet room.

“Sure is, it’s just full of really boring middle-aged men” replied Jessica, “It’s just not my thing at all. Although all of the girls look really hot.”
Casey took a bottle of water out of her bag and looked at Jessica. “You know you’ve been spending a lot of time together recently and I really appreciate your friendship” she said before sipping some water, “Thing is though we never talk about guys, do you have a boyfriend on the go Jessica?”

“Um. You know how it goes in this game, guys just chuck themselves at you thinking their amazing and their total dicks” replied Jessica with a slight hint of embarrassment in her voice, “I just can’t being doing with that anymore.”

Casey appraised her expression before saying “Well there has to be a guy out there for you?” as she paused for Jessica's reaction, “Unless that’s not your thing?”

Jessica looked down at the ground with a look that she wanted the world to open and swallow her. Did Casey really have to have this conversation now? Here at a party full of drunken men and tipsy models?

Casey gentle took her hand and said: “It’s OK, I won’t say anything to anyone” as she tried to give her a reassuring smile, “In fact why don’t we get out of here all together?”

A look of fear crossed Jessica’s face as she glanced up at Casey and saw that she was being genuine, before saying: “Where do you want to go?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe back to mine?” asked Casey in a playful manner, “Its not far and its way better than here, because it’ll be just you and me.”

Chapter Twenty-Two

They just finished their goodbyes when the Uber pulled up outside to take them back to Casey’s plush spacious city centre apartment. “Are you sure about this asked Jessica?”

“Of course,” said Casey as she started to stroke her leg. One thing Casey had learned was give the taxi driver a show and never get started too quickly.

“That’s good, because so am I” said Jessica, “I never knew…”

Casey put her finger to Jessica’s lips to stop her saying anymore before they got to her flat. “Just wait, two minutes and were there.”

As soon as they got out of the lift and Casey opened the front door she spun Jessica around and pressed her up against the wall. They both gave into temptation and began vigoursly kissing and tearing at each other’s clothes.

Casey reached around and began to unzip Jessica’s red dress, then with slight of hand freed her huge pert breasts with a quick unclip of her 32GG bra. The gentle bouncing motion made Casey move back from kissing Jessica, and this allowed Jessica to get the last of Casey’s blouse unbuttoned, exposing her truly massive 32I breasts in their push up bra. In a well-practiced move Casey reached around and unclipped her bra and let it fall to floor. Jessica was amazed at the size and firmness of her enormous breasts.

Casey led Jessica by the hand along the corridor to her bedroom where they began kissing some more as she took off the last of Jessica’s clothes. There in front of her, standing completely naked, was the Jessica Wallace, proud owner of an amazing curvy body with gravity defying breasts. Casey gently pushed her back onto the bed and removed her panties. Naked on the massive bed the two girls began licking, squeezing and sucking on each-others huge breasts. Soon Casey’s impressive collection of dildos, vibrators and handcuffs were brought out.

“Let me tie you up” Casey said to Jessica in a panting motion, “I want you to feel so much pleasure from this” before switching on her vibrator and showing it to Jessica with a laugh.

Moments later Jessica – the current queen of world glamour modelling - was handcuffed to Casey’s bed and began to feel intense pleasure as the vibrator performed its magic on her. Casey then moved up and straddled her stomach and began licking and squeezing her magnificent breasts when a thought hit her: “She’s lost in the moment, really go to town on her breasts make her feel the pain you did, make those glorious firm 32GG shrink like she did to you. Let her know the pain from going from having the best big boobs in the world to nothing but tiny tits.”

Casey spun into action and began aggressively sucking on Jessica’s firm perfect nipples, just as she had done to her, when she suddenly eased up. No that wasn’t fair, Jessica had become a close friend, and maybe even her lover, so Casey began to enjoy her enormous breasts instead.

Chapter Twenty-Three

The sex was so good it became a regular thing and over time it became a full-on relationship, as they had so much in common. Casey took the lead by ensuring they were discreet about meeting up and how they appeared together when they were out. A little intrigue would help Jessica’s career which seemed to be going from strength to strength over the following months.

The CEO of World Class Centrefolds called a meeting of all his employees one Monday lunchtime. The board room was filled with chatter as it was a rare opportunity for all the girls to catch up which wasn’t a drink fuelled party, when David walked in. Eventually, after shouting a couple of time managed to quell the noise. Jessica stopped talking along with the other girls and looked up at the CEO.

“Thank you for coming into the office today, I’ve got announcement to make” he said in his usual confident manner, “As you all know we are the biggest, and not just in boob size, glamour modelling company in the world. However, the last few months have been tough trading as a couple of our main clients have closed and others downsized.

“So to keep the company going we are merging with another agency, ‘Stunning Glamour Ltd’. This means there will be some changes around here, but I guarantee you that you all still have a job. There will be no redundancies at all.

“Instead we are dropping the FF cup requirement to model for the new company, ‘World Glamour Centrefolds’, and they will be moving in to share our offices. This means there will be an additional 25 models on the rosta.” David paused before asking “Open the doors please.”

As the board room doors opened the new models walked in and Jessica noticed straight away that they were all completely different to her colleagues. None of them were busty curvy models, instead they were all tall skinny girls. “Please make your new colleagues welcome ladies” said David as he turned to shake the hand of his new business partner.

Jessica felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to face a tall slim model. “Jessica Wallace? I’m Katie, pleased to meet you” said the new model and offered a hand. Jessica was 5’5’ and Katie had to be at least 6’, with no bust at all.

“Hello, its good to meet you too” said Jessica shaking her hand, whilst not sure of what to make of the chain of events. She liked the small family feel of World Class Centrefolds, all the girls got on and that was why the company had been successful.

Katie began to take Jessica in with her eyes. “She’s got a beautiful face” thought Katie to herself, “But she is short and a bit fat at a size eight. Clearly, she only models because of her enormous boobs. She’d be back at the call centre if it wasn’t for them.”

At the same time Jessica, who was hardly an alpha female, didn’t know what to think except that Katie made her feel uneasy. She eventually managed to say: “Wow you are incredibly pretty, I really like your make up Katie.”

“Thank you, my personal stylist does my hair and make up every day. Do you work out Jessica?”

“Well I go to the gym a couple of times a week but nothing serious” said Jessica who couldn’t help but notice Katie’s perfectly flat stomach.

“I work out every day, and ensure I always have a calorie deficit. it’s the only way to have a real body” Replied Katie in a firm tone.

For the next couple of hours Jessica mingled with the new models and then made her excuses and left. Waiting for the train to Casey’s flat she texted her to let her know of the major developments and how uneasy Katie had made her feel.

Chapter Twenty-Four

A few days later Jessica was having a meeting with Matthew about ideas for shoots over a coffee in Covent garden. Mathew was one of the few guys she felt she could confide in and started to tell him about how the strange feeling she got from Katie.

“She just seemed weird. Like there’s another side to her. I don’t trust her and I really don’t want to be around her” she said.

“I know what you mean Jessica, but we’ve got to work with the new models and Katie has asked to work with you on your next shoot. She want’s to go with a bondage theme with you and another of new girls” replied Matthew, “I’m afraid David has agreed it and we both need to do it tomorrow.”

“No way I won’t do that” said Jessica, who was clearly becoming upset at the prospect of a weird shoot with a weird crew.

“Look don’t worry I’ll be with you the whole time, so nothing will happen” said Mathew trying to reassure his friend.

The night before a shoot Jessica usually stayed at her own flat before heading to Casey’s. But this time she wanted to be close to Casey, so instead stayed at hers.

“I’ve got a really bad feeling about Katie, like there’s a real malicious streak to her and that she could be violent. I know that sounds daft, but I have that feeling” she said to Casey.

“Look it’s a couple of hours tomorrow and you’re finished having to shoot with her. So please put those thoughts out of your mind” said Casey, “Besides I’ll be there with Mathew and we won’t let anything bad happen to you. I promise” before gently kissing her.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Jessica got a restless sleep that night and couldn’t shake the foreboding thoughts from her mind as she went through her usual shoot day routine as they waited on Mathew coming to pick them up.

Casey could tell Jessica’s mind was racing so tried to take her mind off it. “You look beautiful today; I was thinking we could look at booking a holiday after the shoot. With all the hours you’ve been putting in, and all the studying I’ve been doing we deserve it.”

“That’s a great idea, do you have any ideas?” asked Jessica as she heard Mathew pull up outside.

“How about Italy?” said Casey as she picked up her bags for the shoot.

Matthew picked up on Jessica’s apprehension immediately and tried his best to calm her down by telling some jokes and playing pop music over the car stereo. It seemed to do the trick and the atmosphere in the car was significantly lighter when they arrived at the studio.

Casey and Jessica went off to make up suite whilst Mathew went and set up his camera and the lights. Casey watched Jessica getting undressed and couldn’t help but feel in awe of how well she looked after her body.

At 34 years old Jessica really should have stopped modelling by now, but instead she took good care of her physique, watched her diet and followed an exercise routine to make sure her prized assets – her stunning full pert 32GG breasts – stayed in perfect shape. Casey admired her girlfriend and couldn’t wait until they were on holiday together.

“Here’s your new underwear Jessica” said Casey, who had started to show a little more cleavage recently when she was around her girlfriend.

“Thanks” said Jessica, noticing that Casey had unzipped her hoody a bit more than usual, and displayed a line of her deep 32I cup cleavage. The thought of getting acquainted with Casey’s colossal breasts after the shoot cheered up Jessica no end.

Just as Jessica had finished putting her lingerie and robe on, Katie appeared. “There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you. Can you try these handcuffs on? There for the shoot” said Katie, passing Jessica a black metal hand cuff.

It fit fine and Jessica passed it back and said “Here you go. I just need to finish getting my hair done and I’ll be through. Won’t be long.”

Twenty minutes later Jessica walked into the studio which had the far wall light up with Mathews lights. On the wall were two hand cuffs and two ankle cuffs. Katie was talking Mathew through her last ideas.

“Right Jessica” said Mathew “I just need you to take your bra off and get into the hand and ankle cuffs”

Jessica took off her robe and unclipped her huge bra, setting her immense 32GG breasts free, and handed them to Casey who headed back to make up with them. As Jessica got into the cuffs Mathew said: “Sorry be right back I just need to pick up another lens, I’ll be two minutes” and left the studio.

Suddenly Jessica was alone and restrained against the wall with only Katie and another model in the studio.

“So, you are the greatest ‘big boob model in the world’ eh?” spat Katie in a venomous tone, “Big breasts like yours have no place in the glamour model world. You should have a real body like Sophia and me.”

Jessica felt frightened as Katie moved up close to her, placing her long bony fingers upon her world famous 32GG breasts.

“I must say they do feel incredibly firm” said Katie as she began to squeeze her massive pert and firm breasts, “Now I know why you get whatever you want in life, because you have these. But have you ever thought what life would be like without them?”

Sophia now reached around and placed a gag in Jessica’s mouth to stop her screaming. As Katie proceeded to suckle on her gigantic left breast, with Sophia beginning to suckle and squeeze her right one.

“Soon you’ll be flat chested, a no body because you don’t deserve such big boobs.” Said Katie as she became ever rougher as she worked on Jessica’s fantastic breasts.

Jessica couldn’t fight it she could feel her nipples becoming more and more aroused with every squeeze. Suddenly she feel her nipples lactating, just gently, but it was beginning, she could feel her prized big breasts changing.

“It’s working” said Katie as the sight of Jessica’s breast milk shooting from her firm proud nipples, “Soon you’ll have nothing to flaunt. Nothing to be cocky and confident about. You’ll be smaller than me.”

Jessica tried to fight the warm sensation in her breasts but couldn’t, and suddenly they began to squirt milk uncontrollably. Her immense breasts had begun to shrink, the breasts that had brought her worldwide fame, that paid for her flat and given her an amazing life, where rapidly deflating in the glare of the studio lights. Jessica could feel the firm heftiness of breasts ebbing away as the milk was drained out of each breast. Her precious cup size diminishing with every aggressive squeeze and suckle. She could feel her losing her truly magnificent 32GG breasts as they went down, first to a G, then an FF, then an E, then a D. They kept shrinking further and further away from being her fantastic firm and pert 32GG breasts to suddenly a saggy 32AA.

Moments later she passed out from the orgasm only coming around when Casey and Mathew uncuffed her from the wall. Immediately she realised her worst fear had become true, she’d lost her perfect 32GG breasts. All she had was tiny little saggy 32AA breasts, with milk still dripping from her nipples. Looking down on the floor was a huge puddle of her breast milk. Whilst in the background Katie and Sophia were being arrested for grievous bodily harm.

That night Casey looked after Jessica, who just as Casey had done the year before sat in total shock at what had been inflicted upon her that day. Jessica still wasn’t really sure what had happened when Casey got her on a plane that night and said they were going to Oslo as there was a man who would get her prized breasts back.


The road to recovery was long, but after six months she looked down and felt that her breasts back to normal. Dr Olson had done his job and restored Jessica back to her world famous 32GG cup size.

Over the six months it took Dr Olson to get Jessica’s breast back from being little 32AA cups to their glorious 32GG cups, she done a lot of thinking. At almost 35 she was pushing it for glamour modelling and coupled with the twists and turns of the last two years she was ready to retire. It was time for her and Casey to go on holiday together as they’d planned. But first they had to go back to London for one last shoot. Jessica was proud of her enormous breasts again and wanted one last shoot before calling it a day.

Following the incident David had sacked all of the new models and was in the process of selling World Class Centrefolds to an American company. Before he did though Jessica had asked him if she could do one last shoot with Casey. She wanted the world to see how massive breasts could be firm, perky and fun. But she also wanted to flaunt them in every major glamour magazine in the world so Katie and Sophia could see them.

After they’d been arrested Katie and Sophia had been found guilty of money laundering, identity theft and harbouring stolen goods and were now awaiting sentencing. With their vicious cruel act of destroying Jessica’s perfect breasts their whole worlds had fallen in.

As both girls gently squeezed the others massive breasts for Mathews camera, Jessica and Casey couldn’t help feeling thankful for each other but also to the miracle work Dr Olson had done. Mathew finished taking his last few photos and asked: “Right girls, can I get a couple of you holding hands and pushing your breasts out?” Dutifully they did, and Jessica stole a glance at Casey’s impressive gravity defying 32I cup breasts, whilst Casey returned the glace at Jessica’s magnificent 32GG cup breasts.
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Re: Come back (BR, Revenge, BE)

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Thu Oct 03, 2019 9:15 am

Two thumbs up! It was heart warming to see the two girls end up making peace, becoming friends and more. It was an exciting twist that there were two new envious girls that had actual malicious intentions unlike the previous incident with Jessica and Casey, and thus the much harsher punishment for them. It is interesting that they cut off a model's career by age alone. I mean considering that everyone ages differently, thus age by itself is no guarantee if a person is truly too old to model because people can look young for their age and vice versa.
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Re: Come back (BR, Revenge, BE)

Postby Masterclass » Sat Oct 05, 2019 1:09 am

Thank you for the kind words, they are appreciated! I think back when there was a lot more main stream glamour magazines there was so many busty confident women wanting to be a model that it became a short stay at the top. So by the time model approached her 30s, and a little bit of sagging had occurred, there would be another woman with massive pert gravity defying breasts ready to take over.

It was always appeared that models were almost a disposable commodity and given that they faced physiological pressures to be skinny and Uber busty they often seemed to go on crash diets. Some of the affects made the reasons they modelled, their huge boobs, loose size quite quickly and it was noticeable how much their breasts shrunk. And when they did lose some of their prized ample breasts they pretty much stopped being glamour models and the next girl took over.
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Re: Come back (BR, Revenge, BE)

Postby resupplied69 » Sat Oct 05, 2019 5:26 am

It has been fantastic to read this story. Fantastic. It’s inspired me to finish ‘Losing It’

And the pressure on busty glamour models is immense. Having to maintain the incredibly busty yet oh so slim figure they find fame with at 18 or 19 is a challenge.
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Re: Come back (BR, Revenge, BE)

Postby FrigOfFury » Sat Oct 05, 2019 2:32 pm

The central conceit (suckling causing breasts to deflate) came from nowhere, but once I got over that, I found it pleasant that most of that characters were basically nice people.

And also big boobs, of course.
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