Dirty Laundry (multiple changes) **PART 4 ADDED** Feb 28

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Dirty Laundry (multiple changes) **PART 4 ADDED** Feb 28

Postby audipwr87 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:51 am

This is just the first story that could possibly become a series if people enjoy it enough which I hope you guys and gals do!


A dark mysterious figure walked down a lonesome road looking around with a malicious smirk on her face. The cracked pavement becoming scorched under her every step.

She was looking to cause chaos. She was looking to ruin some lives. She was looking to have some fun.

She was a demon.

Her pupils were a deep purple in color with flecks of red littered throughout. They were surrounded in shades of purple eyeshadow.

Her name was Lilith.

She saw happiness as a kind of virus that needed to be eradicated. The more miserable people were, the better. She fed on misery.

She had long black cascading waves for hair that reached down to her voluptuous ass with streaks of red and deep purple plump lips hiding her pointed teeth.

She was walking up to the one and only laundromat. This old run down structure sitting in the heart of a small nameless town.

Even with It's decrepit outer appearance, it still received alot of business from various townsfolk with it being the only still operating laundromat.

Lilith licked her lips with her long forked tongue. It was a perfect place to exact some much needed madness to the small town.

She slowly opened the front door to the establishment trying to decide where to begin.

She walked down the right side eyeing all the happy people. She hated happiness. She saw it as a virus that needed to be eradicated.

She finally spotted her first victims.

They were in a tight embrace lightly kissing each other in between their conversation.

She looked into their past, present and future.

Emily and Troy were a newly married couple in their late twenties and were high school sweethearts.

Emily stood at an average 5'5 and weighed 115 pounds without an ounce of fat on her trim body. She was a picture of pure health and could draw stares wherever she went.

Troy was exceptionally fit as well. He did marathons, triathlons and anything else that would be considered a challenge and it showed. He stood at a towering 6'4 and was made of pure lean muscle.

They first met back in ninth grade on the track team at the school. They were the top two competitors at high school events and they quickly became friends. First pushing each other to run both farther and faster. Then becoming closer as time went on.

Now they were in the best shape of their lives and only focused on improving their hard bodies. Going on runs almost daily.

Lilith listened in on their conversation.

"I'm excited to try out my new yoga pants. I've heard they're supposed to be the most advanced work out pants you can buy! If only this damn dryer would hurry up!" Emily said impatiently.

Troy chuckled. "Well don't get too excited. We still have to eat some dinner before we go work out."

Emily smiled. "Can we have that delicious kale and cranberry salad that I love so much?"

Lilith decided that now would be the perfect time to start messing with Emily.

She looked into Emily's mind and found that her favorite food was Italian. Of course she never truly partook in it because of empty calories and simply because there were no good Italian restaurants around. She had very strong willpower.

Lilith would put it to the test...

Emily opened up the dryer to check her new workout attire and smiled seeing that they were finally dry. Holding them up to her slim frame admiring the material...

Lilith decided to go back in time 10 years and add a few top notch Italian eateries to the area.

Lilith looked at Emily's lithe form with disgust. It hadn't changed at all!

"Ok so you're a health nut? Well let's bring your will power down a notch or two and see what happens."

Lilith looked into Emily's past after making the subtle change and found that she dragged Troy to Mario's at least once a month now.

Emily looked down at her new workout clothes and her face gained a look of horror when they morphed into black Victoria's secret yoga pants. Stylish but not ideal for working out.

But her look quickly changed to pure joy again when her mind altered to match her new reality.

Lilith looked over at Emily and noticed a very faint bulge where her rock hard abs used to be. She surmised that Emily was at a softer 130 pounds.

It wasn't too noticeable to the untrained eye. She was just softer all around. All of the muscle she earned from her hard work had been melted down into fat.

"I know we have to work out but do you think that we could possibly go to Mario's before hand?" Emily said flashing puppy dog eyes at her beau.

"We just went there two weeks ago! Shouldn't we eat something a bit more healthy?" He asked obviously annoyed.

Emily flung the Victoria's secret pants over her shoulder and walked up to Troy wrapping him in a tight embrace and kissing him deeply.

"Please babe? Italian sounds so good right now!" She asked pleading.

"Oh alright, I guess I can get a salad there. But we're still working out afterwards! Promise me you will! You're starting to get soft around the middle!" He said poking her in the stomach.

Emily squealed and hugged him tighter. "Oh you'd still love me if I got fat wouldn't you?"

Troy smirked. "Well of course I would because I love you for not just your looks but also your fun, energetic personality but please don't test it. I think fat is disgusting."

Lilith was having too much fun with this. She decided to amp up the changes even more taking more of Emily's will power away and also giving her no want for healthy foods.

"Yes... we can work out but please don't push me too hard while were jogging, you know I'm nowhere near as fit as you."

As Emily embraced her lover her yoga pants morphed once again becoming a basic pair of black sweatpants... in a much larger size of course.

Lilith looked into Emily's past and present seeing that she was getting the desired outcome she was looking for.

Occasionally Emily used the sweat pants for working out but more often than not, she would just lounge around the house in them.

As Emily was embracing Troy she felt him push away little by little. Her trim abdomen and breasts slowly filled the gap between the couple and then some but that wasn't the only reason.

Troy was becoming disgusted with how out of shape she was. He couldn't believe how she could let herself go so much.

Emily was now at least twice her original size. The sweats draped over her plush shoulder would now fit her much larger body... although they'd be stretched near bursting.

Lilith entered Emily's mind and found that she now weighed 265 pounds.

Troy still loved her for her fun flirty personality but he could barely look at her jiggly body. It disgusted him.

Emily gave Troy a sultry look. "After we're done here, how about we head back to our place for some horizontal exercises?" She said flashing her deep blue eyes at him.

Troy smiled at her suggestion. He was trying to find a way to bribe her and also get her to shed some pounds at the same time.

"Well how about we go on a short run first, then we can go home, have some fun, shower and then we can grab some dinner."

Emily's eyes lit up at the very mention of dinner. "Oooh can we go to Mario's? I just love their Chicken Parm!" She said licking her plump lips.

Troy instantly became frustrated. "Why do you want to go there again? Don't you want to lose weight? Aren't you tired of getting fatter and fatter every week?!?" He said with disgust.

Emily just scoffed at him and took a bite of her candy bar that had mysteriously appeared in her pudgy hand. A normal occurrence for her these days.

She was used to these kind of conversations ever since she started gaining weight. "Well I'm sorry you don't find me attractive anymore! I thought you loved me for my personality and that looks didn't really matter."

Troy just shrugged his shoulders and slowly rested his hands on her hips. "Your personality is more important to me than anything hun, I just wish you'd take better care of yourself is all. Don't you miss being in shape like you were back in high school?

Emily looked down at her bloated body defeated. A single tear rolling down her plump cheek. "I promise I'll try to get my appetite in check. I'm the same girl that I was back in high school. Just a bit bigger is all... I'll even start working out again and I'll try to eat healthier even though I find most of that food disgusting... anything to make you happy."

Lilith was infuriated. Even with all of the changes she had made to Emily, Troy still loved her. She thought this would be the perfect time to cast the final blow. She just loved tearing happy couples apart.

Lilith took what was left of Emily's willpower, and to make the changes truly terrible she gave her a slob mentality with a heightened libido.

The changes started to take hold...

First Troy's hands left her plump sides and he stepped back a few feet.

Next the sweats draped over Emily's shoulder completely vanished.

Her current strained pants were replaced with some extremely roomy grey sweats. They were roomy even for her huge form. But not for long...

Troy had a seriously disgusted look on his face now. He cringed as he looked at his fat assed pig of a wife chowing down on her fifth candy bar in the last hour.

"Could you please stop stuffing your fat face? You're fat enough already!!" He shouted at her.

Her transformation was in full swing.

"Mmmf well I fucking like candy okay?? What's the big deal, I'm not THAT fat...

(275 pounds)

"Besides, I think I know what would cheer you up!" She said sensually as she waddled up to him. "How about we go home and have some fun?"

(290 pounds)

"No! I don't want to have sex with a bloated heifer like you! You have absolutley no drive to lose weight...

(325 pounds)

Troy contunued on... "and for god sakes when was the last time you changed your clothes or even showered?!?

Emily shrugged and just kept stuffing food in her rounding face all the while returning insults at troy.

"Well... chomp... for your information I've found many men... and women for that matter... chomp... who actually find me damn sexy. Who keep me well fed and fill all of my sexual needs!"

Her grey sweats suddenly gained many food stains and unrecognizable fluid stains. Her belly had gained a second doughy roll and was covered in stretch marks.

Her massive tits were hanging low on her bloated belly with her nipples nearly pointing straight down. They started leaking milk...

(370 pounds)

Lilith was loving the progress and decided to look into Emily's past.

**Emily and Troy still met the same way and she was the same track star back in high school but that's where the similarities ended.

After graduating from high school they kept up their workout routine until one day as she was jogging with Troy, she tripped and ended up breaking her ankle.

She couldn't work out for quite some time. That didn't stop Troy and Emily from having fun and one broken condom later Emily was pregnant with their first child.

Her cravings included Italian food (of course), ice cream, deep fried foods, any sort of candy she could get her hands on and an endless amount of deserts.

With both Troy and Emily having a more traditional view on raising a child, they decided to get married.

By the time she gave birth to her son Jeremy she was tipping the scales at 162 pounds.

Her ankle had finally healed but that didn't mean she started working out again. She tried to, but she found that she was very much out of shape and couldn't even come close to keeping up with Troy.

Needless to say she threw in the towel after just one week. She didn't have much free time or energy anymore now that she had a child to raise and working out just took too much energy.

She may have given up on jogging and working out in general but with her increased sex drive she still did alot of extra curricular activities with Troy.

Four months after her first child was born she found she was pregnant once again and her cravings came back with full force. And then some...

She threw caution to the wind and stuffed her face til she felt like she was going to burst. She actually found she enjoyed stuffing herself full til she was writhing in pain.

She stopped taking care of herself only showering once a week, shaving only when her and Troy were going to have some fun. Which was becoming less and less frequent so stuffing herself full of food took his place.

She found massive amounts of pleasure in eating and eventually came across feeder websites and bbw dating websites. The two sexual releases combined made her gain weight like no tomorrow.

By the time her daughter Lexi was born she was tipping the scales at a very healthy 212 pounds.

At this point her sex life with Troy was nearly dead. They were only having sex once every couple of months now and their love life had run out of gas.

Troy had sexual needs of his own and he found it in a thin blonde named Mandy. She was everything Emily used to be. Fun, fit and happy.

Both Emily and Troy would typically have lovers over and rub it in each others face; Emily being fed by one of her many lovers right in front of Troy and Troy making sexual advances with his love Mandy.

Their love for each other was replaced by hatred.

With the past blending into the present Emily was now weighing in at a whopping 452 pounds.**


Lilith could now see her job was done with this couple. They were absolutely miserable so now it was time to move onto ruining someone else's life.
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Re: Dirty Laundry by Audipwr87

Postby Matt L. » Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:12 am

Wonderful story, pressed all the right buttons, I especially enjoyed how her slacks changed accordingly to her blossoming figure and reinvented history. I look forward to more.

Fantastic work!

Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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Re: Dirty Laundry by Audipwr87

Postby audipwr87 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:23 am

Matt L. wrote:Wonderful story, pressed all the right buttons, I especially enjoyed how her slacks changed accordingly to her blossoming figure and reinvented history. I look forward to more.

Fantastic work!

Cheers, Matt

Thanks Matt L! It means so much coming from one of my favorite authors of all time! Your stories are amazing!!!
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Re: Dirty Laundry (wg, slob)

Postby Matt L. » Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:17 am

Hello Friend,

Thank you for the gracious acknowledgement. The best stories always become all the more entertaining with every read, Dirty Laundry marvelously fits into that category.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Dirty Laundry (wg, slob)

Postby Junketh71 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:16 pm

This was very good. Thanks for posting!
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Re: Dirty Laundry (wg, slob)

Postby audipwr87 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:00 pm

Junketh71 wrote:This was very good. Thanks for posting!

Thanks Junketh71! Wow a compliment from another one of my favorite artists on here! I'm definitely feeling the love!
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Re: Dirty Laundry (wg, slob)

Postby TrunkKeyFitz » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:58 pm

Awesome story!
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Re: Dirty Laundry (wg, slob)

Postby Chopchop37920 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:26 am

More like this story please! Very entertaining! :D
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Re: Dirty Laundry (wg, slob)

Postby colt361 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:39 am

I loved this story, weight gain, slob and general corruption are some of my favorite topics!
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Re: Dirty Laundry (wg, slob)

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:10 am

Thank you to everyone for the love!! Because of that, I've been working on another story and am almost finished with it. Ill be posting it soon!
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