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Elena Spur had just arrived home from school and casually drifted into the kitchen for a piece of fruit. Still attired in her cheerleader uniform, due to the pep rally that had transpired that afternoon, Elena’s appearance was more captivating then most of the girls on the squad. Her wavy blond hair glided over her shoulders, framing her beauteous features and her trim figure was practically flawless. All was going right for Elena. Popular and cute, she was the co-captain of the squad, her social calendar was booked solid and one of the most admired guys on campus invited her to the home coming dance.

Frozen in her spot, daydreaming while munching on a pear, Elena’s concentration was broken by her mother’s noisy intrusion. Elena eyed her mom with not quite contempt but rather unadulterated embarrassment. Home from grocery shopping, Elena’s mom juggled a few bags while clumsily hobbling to the kitchen table. Elena observed the scene in silence, not moving from her spot or volunteering her aid. Mrs. Spur was a pleasant, ample bodied woman, looking heftier than usual in a powder blue pantsuit.

Mrs. Spur adjusted the bags upon settling them on the table, “You could have given me a hand?” Elena took a modest bite out of the pear, gaping at her mom’s wardrobe and the big curlers strewn through her hair. “Something the matter?” Mrs. Spur asked.

Elena dramatically replied, “Ah yeah! How could you leave the house looking like that?”

“Looking like what, dear?” Mrs. Spur inquired in almost comical fashion.

Elena brought the pear to the waistline of her skirt, “You look absolutely dumpy in that outfit and those curlers! People will see you and it reflects on me!”

Mrs. Spur rolled her eyes and sighed, “Damn, you’re in one of your moods.”

Elena swung the pear to her lips, snaring a voracious bite, chewing as she spoke, “I have a huge reputation, I needn’t it spoiled.”

Mrs. Spur diligently went about putting away the groceries, “Now babe, I have another bomb to drop on you, since you’re already in a foul mood, what difference will it make?”

Elena folded her arms over her generously proportion breasts, “What is it?”

Mrs. Spur adamantly informed her daughter, “Your cousin Sue will be spending a few days with us, I expect you to be on your best behavior and be civil to her.”

“What the hell?” Elena cringed, “Then I’ll just stay over at Stacy’s until she’s gone.”

Mrs. Spur replied with a melodious hum, “Nope, you’re staying home and make friends with your cousin.”

The vexed vixen crowed her complaints, “But we share nothing in common, she’s a complete nerd!”

Mrs. Spur sarcastically snickered, “What? No criticism in regards to her weight?”

Elena insidiously grinned, “I was just about to bring that up.”

“Still,” Mrs. Spur happily blathered, “You used to get along so well with Sue until a few years ago, why not just try to get along for peace in the family?”

Elena brushed back a wandering strand of hair, “Ms. Jumbo thighs and I are like, two diverse species of female, it’s impossible for us to get along.”

Mrs. Spur approached her daughter, “Maybe if you weren’t so vain and snotty, you’d realize Sue is a highly admirable young lady.”

Elena smirked, “Admirable? She’s clueless in fashion, isn’t into sports and watches lame TV shows and movies. Though I assume her appetite is unsurpassed; that chick can eat her weight!”

“Hold on there!” Mrs. Spur snapped at her toffee nosed daughter. “Haven’t you noticed that the females on my side of the family are thick? Susan’s size is not so much a matter of her appetite but her genes.”

Elena’s hand slithered downward, aligning with her delicate waist, her eyes callously burning while a smug grin dashed over her attractive face. “And how do you account for me?”

Mrs. Spur boldly scrutinized Elena’s hourglass figure, she couldn’t possibly weigh more than the upper one twenties? Clearing her throat, Mrs. Spur contemplated before replying, “You shouldn’t be so narcissistic, Elena. You’re predisposed too fattening, it’s only a matter of time until you’re just as chubby as me.”

Elena’s arrogant smirk disintegrated, “Think whatever you wish, but you’re wrong.”

Mrs. Spar answered back, “Really?” You think dieting will keep you trim? All you’re doing is postponing the inevitable.”

Elena backed away from her mom, “Stop it, mom. I won’t let you upset me.” Elena could usually maintain her self-control, though under stress her appetite went up for grabs.

Mrs. Spar was aware of this fact, and acknowledged her daughter with an ingenious smirk. However, Mrs. Spar heaved a disgruntle sighed and changed streams, “Then let’s stop quarreling. I‘m only asking you to be nice to your cousin.”

Elena gestured with an adequate expression, then announced, “I’m going to take a shower.” In the bathroom, Elena leisurely removed her cheerleader outfit and then her undergarments. Her spectacular 36-C’s nimbly bobbling while released from the confines of the bra, subsequently dropping the hip hugging panties to the floor. She posed at her reflection like a world class model, admiring her cute face and stunning cleavage. Elena’s high cheekbones and narrow nose bestowed the aspect of elegance too her facial appearance and her skin remained flawless due too a defined amount of posh facial cream.

The firm tissue of her breasts kept the wilting to a minimum, though it was the tummy control panties that smoothed out her stomach. Elena’s tummy was of a puffy consistency, soft and redundantly squishy, especially the small pouch below the navel region. The minor bulge was scarcely noticeable but made her feel thoroughly self-conscious. She placed her hands over her hips, the child baring variety that endowed her hourglass shape, and gazed over her reflection. Elena’s waist was authentically trim and her marginally thick thighs were athletic in appearance.

Swerving to capture a side view glance of her figure, she contently smiled at the roundness of her adequately proportioned derriere. Elena straightened her posture, and yet her tummy still managed to jut outward. Not quite an official potbelly, but there was a trivial bulge that impaired her figure. Elena’s hand slithered over the rubbery bulbous patch, her fingertips inspecting the mushy tissue.

Elena cupped the lower portion of her tummy, her sour expression revved up a notch, “I can’t be getting heavier?” Elena motioned toward the shower but paused in deliberation. Biting her lip, she urgently boarded the scale, her posture deflating as she read the number aloud, “129-pounds.”

Elena crinkled her nose; somehow in the course of a couple of days she had put on four pounds. Elena puffed up her cheeks and released a disenchanted sigh. Elena veered her vision toward the discarded cheerleader uniform. All too obvious to the superficial beauty; if she couldn’t maintain her weight, if she continued to fatten, she’d be off the squad and her popularity would likewise falter.

Elena took an unusually long shower that afternoon to calm her nerves, then afterward looked through her family album for motivation in handling her weight.
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The next few days swung by, and Elena managed to drop the excess weight while thwarting the progression of future fat cells from corrupting her delicious figure. During cheerleading practice she did extra laps around the field, entertained a generous amount of time at a local women’s workout center and due her shallow demeanor, criticized the various heavier chicks at school.

She recognized Jane Pratt’s weakness for sweets as blame for her chubbiness, and Mallory Singleton‘s lack of discipline and laziness caused her to gain a substantial amount of weight over the summer. Marcia Golden was another gal. She was the prom queen for the class that graduated the year prior too Elena’s senior year. Now working at the local 7-11, Marcia’s well-fed appearance provoked the suggestion that she was always a heavyset female. There were, of course, other females that Elena didn’t actually know but considered them the stereotypical fat chick she needed to avoid becoming.

Back long before junior high and obviously before Elena’s popularity peaked in high school, her cousin Sue was basically her best friend. It wasn’t her cousin’s popularity that Sue resented but the snide remarks and the overall boasting that played havoc on Sue’s nerves. Nor was it that Elena managed to slim down from 145-pounds before high school and Sue’s weight escalated too just under 190-pounds. Whereas Sue accepted the genetic makeup produced by her family heritage, Elena rejected it.

It was Friday night when Elena returned home from a social event that she discovered her cousin Sue lingering in the kitchen. “Don’t mind me,” Elena’s greeting was low key and drastically cold. “Going to pour myself a glass of juice before bed,” Elena added while walking by Sue.

Sue closed her puzzle book and laid down her pencil, “Nice to see you too, have fun?”

Elena presented Sue a haughty glare, “Peachy, everything you dream about.”

Susan Svenson was a senior at a rival high school one neighborhood away from Elena’s. Popular in her own right among her better friends who claimed Sue was pretty damn cool, most other students considered her a certifiable nerd. Her short mane, a peculiar shade of dark red with brown streaks, wildly framed her pudgy face that was charmingly sweet but hindered by her thick black glasses and a fair amount of acne. Sue’s ample cleavage laid over her swollen belly, and her spacious waist was circled by a couple of chunky rolls. Tremendously wide in the hips, Sue’s profoundly huge posterior hugged the seat of the chair and her abnormally large thighs were equipped with pulpy saddle bags.

Elena purposely flaunted her curvaceous form while opening the fridge. Her sleeveless red dress contoured to her figure in a sophisticated style, particularly addressing her smooth bubble shaped hindquarters and athletic thighs. Sue swerved her well nourished body toward her cousin, “While you’re in there, grab me a soft drink.”

Elena’s eyes consumed all of Sue’s girth, decked out in a lime green colored T-shirt that featured a photograph of a B-movie poster and purple spandex shorts. “Diet cola isn’t in stock,” Elena huffily told Sue while holding up a can of Pepsi.

Sue adjusted her glasses, “That’s fine, I don’t cotton much to diet cola anyway.”

“No shit,” Elena replied as she tossed Sue the can.

Sue caught the can with the prowess of a professional ballplayer, then chirped, “Thanks, Ellen!” Elena poured herself a modest portion of apple juice in silence, though her facial expression was explicitly peeved. Sue opened the can of cola and upon a short sip, acknowledged with a hearty chuckle, “Yeah, that’s right. You haven’t gone by Ellen in years.”

Truth be told, Elena’s actual name was Ellen Mable Spur, but once entering high school, preferred to be called by the much more exotic version of her name. Even her family catered too Elena’s whim.

Elena held the glass within inches of her lips as she condescendingly warbled, “Clever deduction Sherlock, so what?”

Sue enjoyed another sip, subsequently reflecting, “When one thinks of an Ellen, a less pretentious female comes to mind, Elena suits you just fine.”

Elena engaged in a long sip, sighing at the release of the glass from her lips, “My mom told me to get along with you, why are you taunting me?” Sue stood up and adjusted the T-shirt over her spongy big belly, while the sight of the blubber convinced Elena, she would never look like that. “Disgusting,” the cheerleader thought to herself.

Sue wandered over to Elena whose vision locked upon her cousin’s thunder thighs. Letting loose a squeaky sigh, Sue pushed up her glasses before addressing her cousin, “Taunting you? All the mocking I’ve received from you over the last two years and you’re upset because I made a little fun of you?”

Elena venomously smirked, “I never said anything that wasn’t true.”

Sue’s smile was the complete opposite, fully captivating and thoroughly giddy, “I know I’m a geek, totally deficient in fashion and fat.”

“If you have a point I’d appreciate hearing it, I have an outrageous schedule tomorrow,” Elena scathingly retorted.

Sue gulped down a fair amount of cola, then relinquished her thoughts, “We used to get along very well, we still would if you weren’t so artificial.”

Elena’s jaw dropped, “Artificial? Are you calling me a phony?”

Sue began caressing her swollen belly while informing her uppity cousin, “You bet your ass. Everything about you is a façade, you’re as phony as a mathematical equation compounded by a square root.”

Elena lifted her chin, “If you think you can get under my skin, you’re not as smart as you think.” Elena whirled around and made tracks out of the kitchen, “I’m going to bed!” However, Sue tagged along and the debate continued while Elena undressed and prepared for slumber.

Elena pushed back her bangs, “You’re not sleeping in here; the couch is good enough for the likes of you.” Sue plopped her excessively wide booty on the comfortable cushions of the lazy boy rocker situated in an abandon corner of Elena’s bedroom.

Sue stretched out her beefy stems and remarked in utter sarcasm, “The couch, very nice. The kitchen is in the next room and the TV at my beck and call.”

“Don’t thank me, you’d be staying in the garage if I had it my way,” Elena snipped.

Sue pressed her hand against her heart, dramatically pretending dejection, “Elena, that hurt, do you actually think so low of me?”

Elena scrunched her nose, “You gotta be kidding, did I really hurt your feelings?”

Sue’s giggling ceased with a bellowing snort, “Nope! Your opinion doesn’t bother me at all.”

Elena didn’t bother to reply,but having Sue in her room meant she could ridicule her by showing off her slender figure. In slow motion Elena began to peel away her dress, though any envious thoughts went unsaid, Sue instead casually questioned, “What’s the hurry in going to bed? It’s not even midnight and you used to be a night owl.”

Elena purposely moved in slow motion to the nightstand, “That’s ancient history.”

Sue smiled while observing Elena reaching for the face cream, “Is it? I very well remember how we used to stay up until nearly dawn, watching old horror movies and snacking on just about anything edible.”

Elena sarcastically giggled, “Judging by your waistline you still do. I’m beyond all that, I care about my appearance.”

“Anyhow,” Elena added in a stern timbre, “I’m usually up very early because I like to jog before breakfast.” Elena proceeded to smear on the face cream while seated at her vanity table, “I do not wish to become like you or my mom or my sisters.”

Sue cracked a comical grin while watching Elena apply the cream to her appealing face, “You’re not going to sleep with that stuff on your face?”

Elena swerved her shoulders toward Sue, “Naturally I don’t. I wash it off in 15-minutes and apply another sample after my morning shower.”

Sue repositioned herself on the recliner, folding her arms over her bust, she brought up, “Yeah, you did have a very minor case of acne but I suppose if you didn’t use that stuff, you would have all kinds of blemishes.” Elena failed to respond; Sue continued blathering away, “Logically the acne will decrease over time on its own but using face cream will hold it back.”

Elena finished applying the face cream and strolled over to her cousin, “Does it bother you?”

Sue‘s belly mildly wiggled as she scratched the pulpy tissue, “Nah, it only proves my point that you’re artificial.”
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Elena lifted her chin, “Why do you keep insisting I’m artificial?”

Sue casually explained, emphasizing several examples. “You expel those nasty pimples that would infest your skin; your hair is a dubious shade of blond; your actual hair color is kind of brownish-blondish but hardly as shiny.” Before Elena could argue her point, Sue stepped on her thoughts, “That must be an expensive brand of conditioner you use; your hair texture was never so wavy.”

Elena finally proposed her opinion, “I tweaked my appearance a little, big deal.”

“I’m not finished yet!” Sue screeched.

Elena pounced on the edge of her bed, making sure Sue got a decent look at her luscious thighs, “Please, for my own amusement, continue to humor me.”

Sue shook her head, “I’m glad you don’t mind, I expected you to be hostile.”

Elena chuckled, “I know it’s out of spite. You’re envious of me.”

Sue shared in the chuckle, “Like, totally. I really want to conceal my genuine appearance and personality, so I can pretend I’m someone I’m not.”

At this point Elena noticed how her little pouch of belly inflated her panties, and she hurriedly obscured her flabby tummy by laying her bathrobe over her lap. Sue resumed her dissertation, “Now about your disguise, what about your glasses?”

Elena pouted, “I haven’t worn glasses in years.”

“No kidding, I remember how self-conscious you felt, claiming you looked like a nerd,” Sue replied.

Elena exhaled, “I did look like a dork; contacts are much more lucrative too my appearance.”

Sue nodded, “A dork? Well, I’ll run with that statement and remind you that a while back you enjoyed many of the same things I enjoy. Reading philosophy and non-fiction material, science fiction movies and you were an admirable foe at chess.”

Elena rendered her cousin a stoic expression, “So what if my interests changed? Now I enjoy fashion, athletics and socializing out of the library and away from the TV.”

“Comic books!” Sue chimed, “You used to collect comic books and shared them with me and Dobie Phadden. Remember Dobie? He had an outrageous crush on you.”

Elena drooped forward, “Yeah, I remember Dobie. I’d still be a nerd if we still hung out together.”

Sue brilliantly smiled, “You know we‘re still classmates, and he does occasionally ask about you.”

Elena insensitively giggled, “Is he still a butterball with greasy hair and. . .”

Sue impatiently interrupted Elena, “He’s still very nice and pleasant to be around.”

Elena momentarily focused on their friendship, “I suppose he had some value; he’d treat me to the movies and . . .”

Sue spoke up, “I don’t want to break his heart, so I never told him how awfully vain and shallow you’ve become.”

Elena lifted her eyebrows, “Like I really care. Dobie can’t compare to the guys I date.”

Sue gestured with her hand, “Obviously because they’re as shallow and plastic as you.”

Elena discharged her wraith, “Hold it tubby, just because a guy is good looking and cool doesn’t make him superficial or a jerk!”

Sue congenially agreed, to a point, “Okay, you’re probably correct in some, but not in all, cases. But, be honest, cousin Elena, would that stud, whoever it is, take you to the homecoming dance if you were in actuality Ellen and not Elena? Imagine, you’re still wearing those glasses, have as much acne as I have and your hair is the same blah color and worn in a frugal style.”

Elena stood up and tossed her bathrobe on her bed, “An intriguing scenario but without merit, because I’m nothing like that.”

Sue plainly noticed Elena’s pulpy little pooch, and hummed, “What if you were chubby? Very chubby and besides that, dressed the role expected of a nerd?”

Elena caught the beaming shine of Sue’s eyes centering over her tummy and swiftly hid her stomach with her hands, “I suppose you’re probably correct, Tad wouldn’t ask me to the dance. But, Susan, I’m nothing like that, I’m one of the most popular girls at school, not only a cheerleader but . . .”

Sue rocked herself off the recliner, and addressed her cousin, “I see you haven’t rid yourself of that fat belly, though you always did retain the weight there.”

Elena nervously ran her hand over her puffy tummy; lying to keep hold on the argument, she replied, “My tummy isn’t all that big and not that it’s any of your business, I’m working on toning it up.”

Sue took Elena by surprise; instead of mocking her, she became sensitive, “Well, Elena, it might be a demanding task since your body is obviously prone to storing fat in your midsection and belly.” Elena intently listened to her cousin, “I surmise your rear and thighs are targets as well. I know you‘re aware fat cells only shrink, so should you regain the weight, you’ll become heavier and the pounds will be harder to lose.”

Elena blinked, she couldn’t comprehend Sue’s candor, “Why are you telling me this?”

Sue expressed herself in a bubbly eruption of harmonious affection, “Because I miss hanging out with you! Maybe you’re this celebrity cheerleader and I’m a chubby nerd. Who cares! We’re cousins; we should get along.”

Elena deliberated as Sue pressed on, selling her the store. Elena knew very well that her clique of friends and the guys she dated would never approve of her socializing with such a misfit but for peace in the family, she could perhaps be nicer to her. Sue kept blathering away, “. . .and remember when we used too search those web sites about. . .”

Elena cleared her throat and motioned to her face, “I’m going to wash this off, if you would care to stay up for a while and talk or you know, watch a movie or something, it’s cool with me.”

Sue pushed her limp hair behind her ears, “I’d like that. Thanks.” While removing the face cream, Elena fleetingly considered aiding Sue in her appearance and shedding some weight. Though it occurred to the cheerleader that championing a makeover immediately after reaching terms might lead to another argument since Sue seemed comfortable with her nerd status and hefty figure. “Anyway,” Elena thought to herself as she put on her bathrobe, “A fat Sue is the best example ever to watch my weight.”

Once in the kitchen, Elena discovered Sue near the stove. Nonchalantly spinning around,

Sue let loose an awkward sigh, “Cousin, I need to be honest with you.”

Elena walked around the kitchen table, tightening the rope of her bathrobe around her waist, “I don’t understand?” Elena’s nose crinkled, “This isn’t a ploy to get me upset again?”

Sue’s lips parted into an uneven smile, “So you’ll get angry enough to lose control and pig out? No, Elena, nothing like that.”

Elena pulled out a chair and parked her shapely derriere, bewilderment captured in her eyes. Sue reached over and opened the cabinet, removing a tea kettle as she explained, “While it’s true, my visit is due to my parents being out of town for a work conference, I’ve been meaning to see you for a couple of months.”

Elena nodded, “All that syrupy stuff you brought up in my room, you’ve been thinking about that all this time?”

“You’ll enjoy this part, I’m so sure!” chirped Sue. Elena watched as Sue prepared the tea, bouncing around the kitchen like she owned the place and talking a mile a minute, “I didn’t know how you’d accept me, the previous time I was over you weren’t very nice.

But after our chitchat, I realize you’re honest about being on the same page with me and so that’s why I held it from you.”

Elena scratched her velvety cheek, “Held what from me?”

Sue approached Elena, “I know how to rid you of that tummy bulge!”

Elena’s sour expression equaled the bitterness in her voice, “I don’t have a tummy bulge; it’s just not as flat as I would like it to be.”

Sue contentedly rolled up her T-shirt and ran her hand over doughy big belly, “I can’t argue with you, cousin. This is an authentic tummy bulge. My boyfriend; he rubs my belly all the time; I really enjoy it.”

Elena cynically gazed at her cousin, “And this is suppose to help me how?”

After tapping her belly, Sue admitted, “I haven’t any reservations about my weight but you do.” Sue squeezed an ample portion of her portly belly, “You’re worried you’ll become like me and I can’t blame you. If you got fat, you wouldn’t be deemed attractive by your peers, be dumped off the squad and your popularity would be forgotten. You’d quite possibly go back to your former behavior, shopping at some discount clothing store instead of the Gap!”

Elena rocked her head backward, “Can you please get to the point.”

Sue adjusted her T-shirt, “But I know how to get rid of your, um, soft tummy before you do have a potbelly. I just wanted to make sure we could get along before sharing it with you.”

Elena flexed her eyebrows, “No offense, Sue, but you look heavier than ever. If it works, why aren’t you using it?”

Sue was blunt, “I already said my weight doesn’t bother me but also, this will only work for someone trying to control their weight, not lose weight.”

Elena leaned toward her cousin, “Like, keeping my appetite under control? That’s fine, but I actually need to tone up my tummy.”

Sue turned around and removed a few herbs and dried up leaves out of a pint size paper sack. “You’ll tone up because this stuff eradicates the fat cells that go straight to your stomach.”

Elena wide eyed peeped, “Are you for real? What is it, what do I have to do?”

Sue snickered, “All you have to do is enjoy some tea, maybe it’ll take a few weeks for the results to show, but it’ll work in time to show off your figure in a bikini instead of a one piece.”

Elena bubbly chimed, “That’s fabulous. I was always much too self-conscious about wearing a bikini! How often do I drink the tea?”

Sue held back her answer, though due Elena’s pushiness, she coughed up a number, lying behind a mischievous smile, “It all depends. Once a night should do it.”

Elena unfastened her bathrobe and gently clutched her flabby tummy, “I’ll feel so much better once this fat has evaporated.”

Sue wobbled over to the fridge, “There’s chocolate cake, your mom bought it for my visit. Would you mind if I indulged?”

“Go ahead, Sue. Maybe I’ll even have a slice, if this tea works as well as you said?” Elena comfortably contemplated.

However, Elena absentmindedly cast her eyes on her cousin’s bulbous belly and changed her mind. “I’ll take a rain check until I’m sure this tea works and I see the effects.”
Sue brought the cake unto the table, “That’s understandable, cousin Elena. But should you change your mind, it’s absolutely cool!”

A few minutes later, the tea was ready, and Elena enjoyed a generous sip. The aroma was peculiar too say the least, reminiscent of burning leaves or a camp fire. The taste was just as strong, bitter with a bizarre after taste.

Sue acknowledged her cousin’s disagreeable expression but encouraged her to continue drinking, “Looks like you just inhaled a mouthful of dust but be sure, you’ll get used to the jarring flavor over time.”

Elena paused before her next sip and commented with a humorous grin, “I hope so, it’s like I’m drinking a cup of boiling crap.”

Sue tapped Elena’s hand, “Go on, drink all of it. You’ll be amazed at what it does.”

Once Elena had finished the tea, Sue freshened up her cup, pointing out that having a second cup would be a superior move. Elena bobbled her head in a spurt of enthusiasm, this time lapping up the tea in an inebriated manner. Sue backed away, slipping into the shadows.
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Sue momentarily abandoned Elena and drifted into the darkness of the living room where sat Mrs. Spur. “How’s it going?” Elena’s mom politely inquired.

Sue crunched down next to Mrs. Spur and softly conveyed, “Elena’s on her second cup of tea. In a few minutes she’ll be in a trance and I can go to work.”

Mrs. Spur drew her face near Sue‘s, “Splendid, Susan. I appreciate this so very much.”

“My pleasure, auntie, think nothing of it,” Sue told Mrs. Spur.

Mrs. Spur exhaustively sighed, “And Elena won’t have a clue that we’ve given her a personality makeover?”

Sue pushed her glasses upward, “Not at all, she’ll remember nothing.”

“I just had enough of her superficiality, it was getting to be a challenge I couldn’t handle,” Mrs. Spur confided to Sue.

Sue acknowledged her aunt with a broad smile, “No need to explain, Elena was getting much too pretentious.”

Mrs. Spur candidly divulged, “It’s natural to want to look attractive and be popular but she’s become outrageously conceited and much too vain for my liking.”

“Well,” Sue smirked, “Once she’s back to being plain ordinary Ellen again, she’ll be a whole lot nicer.”

“Outstanding,” Mrs. Spur hummed, “She won’t be so critical of us any longer, no more disparaging comments about our weight and I’ll save a ton of cash as well.”

Sue concurred, “Absolutely. She’ll become much more practical about her wardrobe and avoid those trendy boutiques.”

“Yeah, she’ll be a little too plump for those fancy clothes -- how much weight do you think she’ll put on?” Mrs. Spur asked.

Sue sighed then revealed her opinion, “Hard to say for sure? However, because of our genes and how fat cells naturally reinforce themselves once the dieting stops, I think a substantial amount.”

After the females shared a few extra remarks, Sue rejoined Elena back in the kitchen.

Pulling over a chair, Sue took a seat facing her cousin. Elena sat glassy eyed, a misty web coating her mind, leaving her sub-conscious open for manipulation. “Elena, nod if you can hear me?” Sue asked. Elena shook her head. Sue’s voice took on a peppy tone, “Elena, you’re so totally popular and gorgeous too! Cute face, amazing figure, no wonder your social calendar is booked solid. Isn’t that correct, cousin Elena?” Elena nodded and Sue continued but her peppy tone was replaced by a stern warble, “You realize you’re misleading yourself, don’t cha? You’re genetically predisposed to being chubby; your battle of the bulge is pointless. Why bother continuing the charade? You’d rather eat ...”

Sue paused, a defiant smirk adding dimples to her swollen cheeks. “You actually loathe dieting, even though you won’t admit it, you’d rather entertain your appetite and eat whatever you desire. Isn’t that true, Elena?”

Elena pouted in confusion, slowly bobbling her head sideways. Sue proceeded, “And working out? Oh please, it’s a tedious inconvenience. You’re apparently influenced by peer pressure, watching your weight and whatever else it takes to fit in. Your friends on the cheerleading squad are so cool and have athletic figures, thoroughly beautiful in appearance. You strive to be like them, though in fact it’s a demanding task. Inside you’re the complete opposite, compliant, pudgy and plain. Ain’t that correct, Ellen?”

Elena released a faint sigh before nodding. Sue leaned back in her chair.

“Things will be easier once you realize the true nature of you status. Abandon your high maintenance agenda; you’re a regular high school senior without any pressure from your peers to fit in. You have an outrageous appetite; dieting is ineffective; you hate depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy. Fancy clothes won’t appeal to you once you start gaining weight -- discount beauty products instead of the expensive stuff and you really needn’t use that face cream anymore.”

Elena grimaced in uncertainty; Sue beamed a wide smile. “Think of yourself as Ellen; behave exactly as you would minus that artificial protocol. Ellen is down to earth, unassuming and docile. “ Sue rotated her head toward the clock then completed her task, “I’m going to escort you back to your room; you won’t remember drinking the tea or anything else. But starting tomorrow, your pretentious behavior will be eliminated and you’ll accept your legitimate personality.”


The next day: Sue had already been up a decent hour when Elena entered the kitchen. Sue immediately noticed a few subtle changes to her cousin. First off, she had slept longer than she intended and skipped her morning jog. Furthermore, her gait seemed a little off balance and she hadn’t yet brushed her golden blond mane which was indeed unusual.

Sue held back her smile and impassively greeted her cousin, “Hey,” then sipped her coffee.

Elena scratched the side of head, glancing at Sue enjoying a big slice of chocolate cake, “Weird breakfast.”

Sue maneuvered a morsel of cake between her lips, “I don’t think so, want some?”

Elena scrunched her nose, “I um, think I’ll just have some coffee and leave it at that.”

Sue shrugged her shoulders as Elena poured herself a cup of coffee and then joined her at the table. In a feminine manner, Sue nibbled on the cake while her cousin watched, “What’s on your agenda for today, going to run a few miles and then meet up with your friends?”

Elena sipped her coffee, subsequently whirling a strand of hair around her finger, “I’ll jog tomorrow; I feel kind of fatigued.”

Sue acknowledged Elena with a casual smile and short nod, noticing Elena focusing on the cake. Elena let loose an awkward sigh, “Maybe I’ll have some cake after all?”

Sue was anxious to check out Elena’s disposition, thus inquired, “Really? I thought you avoided sweets?”

Elena tighten the rope that circled her bathrobe, “Not always, I sometimes indulge,” she then nervously admitted as her voice cracked, “Not very often but occasionally.”

Sue promptly stood up, “I’ll fetch it for you.”

Elena puffed up her cheeks, engaging in another awkward sigh, “Thanks, um a glass of milk would be ultra cool too.” Elena blinked -- did she really say that? “Ultra cool,” Elena thought to herself, an unfavorable expression upon her face, “I sound like a nerd.”

Sue brought Elena the cake and milk, “You haven’t told me your plans for today.”

Elena lobbed a generously portion of the cake into her mouth, “I was suppose to meet up with Stacy and get our nails done but I’m not in the mood. Maybe I’ll take a shower and give her a call later?”

Sue grinned, “Let me know what your going to do later, maybe I’ll join you, Elena.”

Elena was lost in a vacuum while enjoying the cake, failing to recognize Sue’s comment.

Sue decided to take a chance and asked, “Ellen, maybe I’ll join you and Stacy later?”

Though Elena didn’t acknowledge Sue when called by that name, she did react upon being called Ellen. “I really ain’t too sure, Susan,” Ellen told her cousin, “Stacy is kind of snotty; she probably wouldn’t be very sociable toward you.”

Sue waited until Ellen sloppily sipped the milk before asking, “Why then do you hang out with her?”

Ellen slipped another forkful of cake between her lips, “Because Stacy is totally cool and stuff. Anyway, we’re both cheerleaders, you have nothing in common with us.”

Sue refilled Ellen’s glass, “I understand. Stacy is definitely a babe, I’d be envious of her too.”

Ellen gaped at Sue, “You think I’m envious of Stacy?”

Sue stood with her hands to her hips, “Well, she does have a beautiful face and fabulous figure.”

Ellen sighed, her self-consciousness revealed by her high-pitched tone of voice and the slipshod manner in which she fed, “Um yeah, I guess I’m a tiny bit jealous of Stacy, she is exceptionally gorgeous.”

Sue observed a few changes to Elena’s personality and behavior. Elena’s posture was less refine, the monotone drone of her voice and the informal manner in which she ate. In addition, Elena’s vocabulary seemed less cultured and much more pedestrian. “I could really use another slice of cake,” Elena announced in a persuasive manner as she lapped up the final morsel.

Sue pushed up her glasses, “Would you like another slice?”

Elena chewed on her fork, “I ain’t usually this hungry but jeepers, this cake is outrageously delicious.” Elena cringed, why was she talking like a dork? Sue ignored Elena’s perturbed expression and brought her another slice. Elena glanced over the chocolate chunk and noisily sighed, “This won’t do my waistline any favors.”

Sue cracked a cheerful smile, “You did enjoy the first slice and you said you were still hungry.”

Elena spoke while greedily pouncing on the cake, “I’z knows…butz imm watching muh figgurre.”

Sue brought the milk carton out and once again refilled Elena’s glass, mischievous in thought, “Give it a while, you’ll have more of a figure to watch.”
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Elena sluggishly stretched upon finishing her breakfast, subsequently yawning before leaving the kitchen. Later on in the evening, Sue provided Elena’s mother with the details of the afternoon.

“Elena skipped her typical shower, not even washing her hair and put on those rumpled sweats, the ones reserved for low maintenance afternoons. I was straightening up the kitchen when Elena returned and was caught off guard by the book she was carrying. She made a beeline to the fridge and ignored the fruit juice almost like it wasn’t there and sucked down what was left of the milk. I asked her what she was reading and Elena held the book upward for me to see. ‘One of these girlie girl romance novels my mom reads,‘ Elena said, adding that, ‘I just got a hankering too be lazy today and do some reading.’

“I know, Elena hasn’t opened up a book for recreational purposes in over a year, I mean she has dozens of fashion magazines, why a novel? She then helped herself to a couple of donuts and settled on the sofa. It wasn’t much longer until the phone rang, and Elena asked, very politely I might add, that I answer it. It was Stacy. Elena gave me an annoyed look but took the phone, chewing on her fingertip while she spoke.

“The entire conversation didn’t last two minutes. Stacy must have been asking Elena to meet her or something? I know they were supposed to get their nails done. Elena keep repeating, ‘I’m not up too it’ and, ‘I’ll take a rain check, I’m staying in tonight.’ After that, Elena called another friend, I think a guy and cancelled for this evening, saying she wasn’t feeling very well. So anyway, Elena left the sofa, moving in such an uncoordinated manner, I was even surprised. She then disappeared into her room.

“I went to check up on her and Elena was on her computer playing chess. Amazing huh? She asked me if I was ready for lunch, I said I could stand for a bite and Elena began picking my brain on what I wanted to have? I told her anything is cool with me, and Elena frowned. Obviously I asked what was the matter, and she didn’t say anything, just looked at me like I had two heads. I approached her, putting on a candy smile, I basically asked what was on her mind?

“Elena turned to me, her voice cracked and she stuttered. ‘You….you think it w…would be alright if I skipped a healthy meal and eat something I like for a cha..change?’ I encouraged Elena, telling her, ‘There’s no real harm in eating the food you enjoy or even giving in to your appetite. We’ll have whatever you like.’

“Elena’s head slid downward and she placed her hands over her tummy. ‘I’d like to splurge a little, but my tummy is really getting fat, maybe I should just have a salad?’ Elena confided to me.

“I manufactured a shrewd remedy for Elena’s reluctance, ‘You’re much too self-conscious, doesn’t your cheerleading coach put you through some rigorous exercises? You’ll be able to burn off the calories as easy as pie.’

“’You had to say pie?’ Elena absentmindedly giggled, then she contemplated out loud, ‘Mrs. Sheridan is absolutely tough; she benches squad members if they don’t meet the requirements or aren’t energetic and stuff.’

“I noticed how Elena was twisting her hair around her fingers and the uncomfortable gaze in her eyes. I reached a tender spot. ‘But she treats you alright?’ I asked.

“Elena nodded, adding with a tiny bit of a squeak in her voice, ‘Yeah, we’re on the same page but um, I think she likes Stacy better?’ Elena then went through a few examples, pointing out how Mrs. Sheridan often congratulates Stacy on her technique and appearance.

“I told Elena, ‘Go ahead and finished your game and I’ll run out to the store and pick up something we both can enjoy.’

“Elena questioned, ‘Exactly what do you have in mind?’ I told her that I’d surprise her. Elena was starting to resent Stacy and knowing that when upset, Elena turned to food, I peppered our conversation with comments about her. Elena sat virtually spineless at the kitchen table like she was made of rubber. Her hair never looked so messy, a bona fide rat’s nest if you ask me, all tangled and rolling over her shoulders in a bungled disarray.

“Elena seemed thrilled at the plate I set in front of her, telling me, ‘I definitely could use something else to eat rather than my routine salad; I’m totally hungry.’ I served Elena macaroni and cheese, a bacon sandwich on French bread and mashed potatoes. I brought up a few random subjects. Elena said little, focusing mainly on her meal. In a weird turn, she began nibbling like normal at first but it seems her appetite took charge, and she began consuming her meal, and pardon the pun, like a hungry little heifer. She sucked out the mayo before chomping on the sandwich, shoveling up the mac and cheese between bites.

“Things accelerated whenever I brought up Stacy. Elena actually began to whine about several things, mainly about Stacy stealing her thunder and surpassing her in popularity. I tossed Elena a backhanded curve by insisting, ‘Having such a popular friend works in your favor because all the real cute guys are drawn to her. This way you’ll be noticed.’ I’d really pushed Elena’s buttons beyond their limit. ‘Maybe Stacy is breathtakingly gorgeous, and she does have an admirable figure, but she couldn’t possibly weigh less than you.’

“By this point, Elena’s cheeks were bloated by the excessive amount of mashed potatoes she stuffed into her mouth. Eventually she whimpered a ludicrous excuse, ‘Stacy’s mom used to be an aerobic instructor, I could be just as trim if I had a coach…’ She then brought up the consequences of yo-yo dieting and not having a sufficient work out schedule. Ah yes, Elena’s self-confidence was disintegrating and her self-consciousness was becoming a brick wall.

“Elena looked genuinely disappointed when she discovered I forget about dessert. ‘You never eat dessert,’ I dramatically stated. Elena pulled herself out of the chair, flung back that horse mane of hers and walked to the fridge. I held back my smile, ‘You still can’t be hungry?’

“Elena failed to reply, she simply stood looking into fridge with her sweatshirt partially pulled up and rubbing her tummy. ‘Why isn’t there any more cake? I want more cake,’ Elena whined.

“’There’s cupcakes on the lower shelf, I was saving them for your mom.’ The cupcakes were intended for Elena all along, but I couldn’t tell her that.

“Elena removed two of them, munching on the first one while pouring a large glass of milk. ‘I’m going to blow off my diet the entire weekend, what’s the big deal?’ Elena squeaked. ‘If I gain a few pounds, who cares? I lost weight before, I’ll do it again,’ she added. Elena’s pipsqueak drone was very different from the eloquence her voice previously held, and very funny.

“’Wanna watch a movie?’ she asked, a dab of frosting smeared on her nose. This was really something. Elena had surrendered to her appetite, there was a fragile tone to her voice and her body language depicted her insecurity.

“I’m positive within a month, Elena’s personality overhaul will prove successful, and she’ll be back to being Ellen.”
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It was almost a month later when the cheerleading coach, Mrs. Sheridan, invited Elena to see her before practice. Elena’s punctuality had significantly improved since undergoing the makeover, and she quietly waited in Mrs. Sheridan’s office.

Over the short span of time, Elena was developing distinguishing traits unbecoming to a popular cheerleader. Case in point; her appearance. Elena’s blond mane reverted back to its dismal shade and seemed greasy. Pushed behind her ears, it added a circular shape to her fuller face that now included a minuscule second chin. Her attire was a multicolored, flowery designed T-shirt and an inferior brand of baggy blue jeans. Elena had put on a few extra pounds that added an inch to her soft waist and a noticeable spread to her bottom. Obviously, her belly and thighs weren’t spared, and her tummy was on the verge of potbelly status, while her upper thighs appeared a tad chunkier.

Her peers were puzzled by the changes, not only in looks but personality. Elena was almost constantly snacking, oddly devoted to reading The Lord Of The Rings and playing video games. Those within her clique and even other students talked frequently behind Elena’s back, the gossip less than positive.

Elena was nibbling on Doritos, among her after lunch favorites, when Mrs. Sheridan entered. Mrs. Sheridan was a fetching thirty-something female with long curly red hair and athletic body. She granted Elena a perplexed gape before getting to business. Mrs. Sheridan slipped her shapely buns onto the chair, “Sorry that I had to summon you before practice but I’d rather be done with this and move on.”

Elena snapped a chip between her lips, then nodded. The pert smile on Ms. Sheridan’s delicate face didn’t mesh with her strict tone, “I really don’t know what happened, but you have missed four practices in two weeks. Furthermore, you have become physically inept and have gained weight. Is everything okay?”

Elena shrugged her shoulders and whined, “Practice gets me all tuckered out, all those laps we have to run, don‘t you think it‘s a little extreme?”

Mrs. Sheridan virtually cringed at Elena’s whimpering. This wasn’t the same young lady that could once exert herself beyond the rigorous standards Mrs. Sheridan demanded or cunningly dish out a sarcastic retort. This was a blah, milquetoast who was sorely inadequate as a cheerleader. Elena nasally sighed, “But I’m doing the best I can.”

Mrs. Sheridan focused on her figure. “I have no alternative but to release you from the squad due to being out of shape and clumsy.”

Elena swayed her book bag over her pulpy tummy and leaned toward Mrs. Sheridan with an overwrought grin, “Could I be released from gym class too?”

“Certainly not!” Ms. Sheridan indomitably denied the request, “Physical education counts as a full credit toward graduation and anyway, you need a doctor’s note.”

Elena puffed up her cheeks and sighed, “I’ll look into it.” Once Mrs. Sheridan abruptly and angrily asked Elena to leave, she clumsily journeyed to her locker on the far side of campus. Unbeknownst to Elena, a pair of cheerleaders observed her strolling down the corridor.

“I haven’t a clue what the hell happened to her,” Candace Chan told Monique Ravers, “But I hope it isn’t contagious!”

Monique pushed back her lustrous black hair, “You’re not kidding, Elena got totally weird.”

Candace scoped Elena from behind, her expression souring, “I think she‘s starting to get fat?”

Monique pulled her body closer to Candace’s and acerbically snickered, “Better her than me.”

And so it went. Elena’s popularity among her elitist circle of friends gradually diminished. Elena’s former friends, many of them cheerleaders, weren’t exactly cruel towards her but displayed a haughty temperament whenever she was around. However, Elena was much more maliciously scorned by the students she used to ignore or ridicule.

“I can’t believe Elena wore the same top the entire week,” Esmeralda Hart observed. Paige Nudget, a student Elena once called a super nerd, couldn’t control her laughter when Elena invited her to check out the video games on sale at Best Buy. Wanda Gold had remarked about Elena’s lack of style, causing Fern Tollbridge to agree, “She used to always look so trendy now she doesn’t seem to care what she looks like.” Evidently many of the male students, especially the more popular guys, rarely acknowledged her.

A month later, and Elena quit wearing contacts and resumed wearing glasses since it seemed like the superior option. Her mother made sure to have less than trendy glasses available for her daughter in order to keep her modest disposition in check: common black frames that managed to exaggerate her low key personality while somehow adding a definite roundness to the shape of her face. Elena’s blondish-brownish hair was trimmed just a tad, though often worn in a slipshod style while her voice slipped furthered into an awkward tone.

Friday afternoon and Elena noticed Troy Laman walking down the corridor with his pal Stuart Knoll. Elena was on friendly terms with Troy and though at one time considered dating him, nothing came into fruition because she would always ditch him for a much more significant male. However, Troy was now particularly enticing since her social schedule was literally bankrupt.

Stuart noticed Elena gaping at Troy and elbowed his friend in the ribs, “You have an admirer, what’s her name is checking you out.” Troy bestowed his friend a wily smile, and they both approached Elena. Elena’s prowess in flirting was once above average, but now she limped along in the category of needlessly coy. She couldn’t make eye contact and dropped her head when Troy said hello.

Both Troy and Stuart cautiously scrutinized Elena. She was indeed heavier and sloppily attired in a figure hugging blue sweatshirt and checkered slacks. A fair amount of blemishes covered her fuller face and her lopsided bangs merged with her archaic eyewear. Her waist was indeed thicker while her puffy tummy corresponded to the width of her bloated rear and larger thighs.

“Something on your mind?” Troy candidly asked.

Elena nervously exhaled, “Um…yeah…I was wondering if…if u… hav..have any plans for the weekend?” Troy remembered Elena as being full of confidence, this new persona or whatever, made her all the more unattractive.

It was Stuart who spoke up, “Yeah, we’re going to Stacy’s party.”

Elena was caught off guard, “Stacy’s having a party?” she pondered to herself. Somehow Stacy hadn’t informed her, perhaps an error, perhaps not? Elena put on a false smile, pretending she was aware of the social event, “Yeah, me too!”

Elena improved her posture, though causing her squishy tummy to aimlessly sway under the confines of the elastic waist band. The guys looked at each other, Troy then directed his attention to Elena, “Maybe I’ll see you there; have a nice day.”

Elena nodded as the guys vacated the scene, and she wandered through the halls searching for Stacy. Stacy, a thin but shapely brunette, was with her friends standing just within the doors of the gym.

Jennifer Salmon, a dark haired, rather curvy cheerleader was the first to acknowledge Elena, “Hey Elena, what’s up with the glasses?”

Elena gawkily pushed up her glasses, “You like them?”

Stacy placed her hands over hips, lying through her teeth, “They look smashing, so very you.” In actuality, Stacy and just about everyone else thought the old fashion style eyewear made Elena look ridiculously docile.

Elena revealed with a lackluster grin, “Yeah, my contacts were getting to be a pain, so I went back to wearing these.”

Another cheerleader, the blond and gorgeous Tina Franklin, contemptuously addressed Elena, “We’re just about to work out, is there something you need or what?”

Elena nervously blurted, “I heard you’re having a party, Stacy.”

Stacy’s eyes grew wide, “Saturday evening but I’ve already exceeded my limit with guests. You understand, don’t you?”

“Shoot!” Elena snorted, “I was like, always helped you arrange these things, why did you leave me out?”

Stacy spoke down to Elena with the same condescension that Elena once distributed to others, “Now, dumpling, I don’t mind you hanging around us, but social events are completely different. Be a sport and try to understand?”

Tina chimed in, “It’ll be a huge favor to us, so find something constructive to do with your time.”

Elena shrugged her shoulders, “Yeah um, I guess I can see what’s going on with Candace or Monique ?”

Jennifer tossed back her mane, “They’ll be busy, I can assure you.”

Elena sighed, “They’re going to the party, too.”

Tina suggested, “Maybe spend your time with Fern or Wanda, I think they’d enjoy having you around.”

“ so?” a surprised Elena stuttered.

Tina boldly delivered her point, “You’re more in vogue with the nerd squad than us.”

Stacy swayed her gentle face toward Tina, “That’s an awful mean thing to say”, then returned her attention back to Elena, “But nonetheless true.” The cheerleaders marched by Elena into the gym, Stacy making another observation, “You’re looking sloppy, dumpling. If you’re going to speak to us in public, try to spruce up your appearance!”
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Wanda and Fern weren’t exactly too keen on befriending Elena. “That chick treated us like trolls and now she’s all cool with us because those snotty cheerleaders have shown her the door,” Fern grumbled.

Wanda agreed but reserved a rash decision, “Yeah, she was totally obnoxious, but, what the heck, now that her status quo has changed, maybe she’ll be a normal person.”

Fern curiously relinquished, “Maybe? You think she’ll get fatter?”

Wanda rapid fired replied, “If she keeps true to that junk food diet, she’ll outweigh us by January!”

Fern capitulated, “Alright, I’ll be nice, but she better not give me attitude.”

Wanda slipped her fingers through her curly red hair, “I wouldn’t be too concerned, from the looks those popular guys have given her, her attitude has been squashed.”

Over a short span of time, Fern and Wanda noticed that Elena’s unobtrusive nature seemed a better fit then her uppity demeanor, almost as if she had always been a nerd trapped in a cheerleader’s body. Elena was appropriately accepted into their clique, and her appearance and personality indisputably matched her friends. The once popular babe was now situated on a lower rung of the social ladder.

Sue made a point of visiting Elena for the weekend just to see how her cousin’s behavior was developing. It was deep after the midnight hour, and after watching the film, Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers, the cousins engaged in a little chitchat.

Elena’s facial appearance appeared less charming now that her features had softened and an ample amount of blemishes corrupted her cheeks and forehead. The old fashion glasses didn’t do Elena any favors as well, and her hair lacked the uniform shine and style, a disheveled mess that dangled near her shoulders. Her colorful pajamas exposed the doughy consistency of her figure, especially her bloated belly and husky thighs. Elena hadn’t weighed herself in weeks, but it was a safe bet she nearing the 160-pounds range.

Sue watched in silence as Elena stuffed her mouth with a handful of chips then guzzled down the Pepsi like nobody’s business. “Think I have a candy bar in the fridge, be right back!” Elena told her cousin in a nasally warbled.

“This is amazing,” Sue thought to herself as Elena rocked herself off the sofa. Elena moved like she had just ran several laps, her teetering depicting an out of condition chick and her unassuming stride was minus any shred of confidence.

Elena returned to the family room with a generous chunk of pie, she happily squeaked, “Forgot, I ate the candy bar, found this instead -- want some?”

Sue leaned over and seized the bag of chips, “I’ll just munch on these.”

“Have all you want,” Elena snickered, “We got another big bag in the pantry!”

Elena stretched over the sofa, planting the plate over her bulbous tummy and practically inhaled the first bite. Elena spoke while she chewed, “Any plans for tomorrow?”

Sue shrugged her shoulders, “What would you like to do?”

Elena thought it over, “Maybe we could go to the movies or check out the bookstore?”

Sue nodded and after agreeing, brought up a few items, “I’m thinking about having some friends over next weekend, care to join us?”

Elena slurped the piece of pie off her fork, “Maybe? Do I have to dress up?”

“Casual is fine, come as you are,” Sue replied.

Elena sighed in relief, “Then maybe I’ll go. I’m not all that into dressing up anymore, somehow it’s not so important.” She then giggled, “I suppose because I’m getting fat!”

Sue rendered Elena an accessible glance, “I can see you put on a few pounds -- how are you dealing with the weight?”

Elena briefly paused from eating, just long enough to view her plump thighs, “Um, well, I’ve come to the conclusion that watching my weight was erroneous on my part. Just look at our family, we’re genetically inclined to be chunky, why fight it?” Sue shook her head as Elena added, “Yeah, being thin isn’t realistic and anyway, I’m able to eat whatever I want.”

Sue smiled and showed her approval by grabbing a slice of pie for herself. Once she rejoined her cousin, Sue announced, “Still, you might want to look your best, Dobie Phadden will be there!”

Elena lifted her head off the cushiony arm rest, “Really?”

Sue delicately nibbled on the pie, “Yeah, Elena. I talked you up big time, so you need to lose the exotic version of your name. Ellen works just fine for you.”

The former cheerleader bit her lip, “Yeah, that’s a cool idea. Does he know I’m not on the squad anymore?”

Sue eased back the chair, “That kind of stuff wouldn’t matter to Dobie, all he’s interested in is seeing you again. However, I did tell Dobie you gained a little bit of weight because he remembers you as being slim.”

Ellen chuckled, “Thanks for warning him!”

Sue then nonchalantly added, “You’ll be surprised, Dobie has lost a decent amount of weight and has improved his taste in fashion.”

Ellen rolled off the sofa, though recovering her wits, questioned with a dragging whimper, “He weighs less than me?”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Sue replied as Ellen made a beeline into the kitchen. Sue enjoyed the final morsel of pie then traveled into the kitchen where Ellen was helping herself to leftover lasagna right out of the serving dish. Ellen’s pimple invested cheeks were swollen to nearly chipmunk proportions as she shoveled the food into her mouth, all the while her flabby body kept weaving from side to side.

Sue drew near her cousin, realizing that the overeating was due to nervous tension, “Are you worried that Dobie won’t accept you because he’s no longer all that chubby and you’ve piled on the pounds?”

Ellen momentarily paused, “Something like that.” Sue pushed back her bangs, speaking while Ellen consumed the lasagna, “He lost weight but he’s still heavier than you, what’s the big deal anyway?”

Ellen squeaked, “If he’s looking better and wears better clothes, he might reject me like those jerks at school. Can you actually believe many of those guys don’t even talk to me anymore?”

Sue began brewing coffee while chiming in her opinion, “Damn, Ellen. Didn’t you notice all those guys weren’t exactly interested in your legitimate attributes? You hung out in a shallow crowd, you attracted shallow guys.”

Ellen took a seat, “Is that suppose to make me feel better?”

Sue rounded the kitchen table and addressed her cousin, “Dobie is still the same guy who likes comic books and video games, writes science fiction stories and enjoy B-horror movies. Most of all, he still has a crush on you!”

Ellen pushed her glasses upward, “Even if I look like this?”

Sue checked on the coffee, then resumed the repartee, “Be yourself and you’ll do fine.”

Ellen lapped up a spoonful of lasagna, “Yeah, maybe I did overreact? I mean like, Dobie wouldn’t be put off by my size, no doubt he probably expected me to fatten up.”

“The coffee is just about done, it’s only going on four, does a game of chess sound intriguing?” Sue chirped.

Ellen squeaked, “You’re on!”
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Things began working in Ellen’s favor. At Sue’s modest social event, she met up with Dobie after having no social contact in over two years. His appearance had been fine tuned, not only in wardrobe, but his face had lost the boyish qualities, replaced with the features of a strikingly handsome male. Though he still had a slight case of acne, his hair was casually arranged and sans the greasy peculiarity Ellen had remembered.

Dobie was otherwise his normal self. A little shy but talking a mile a minute when excited, polite and courteous with an eccentric sense of humor and a great knowledge of the arts. They took up where they left off, becoming solid buddies until an authentic spark of romance advanced their relationship in mid-February.

At school Ellen’s popularity among Fern and Wanda and even Mallory improved, and she sporadically joined them after school and on the weekends. Stacy even on rare occasions treated Ellen like a friend, though most of the other cheerleaders simply ignored her. Ellen’s personality changed for the better and without the superficial attitude became much more conscious to the needs of others. She tutored a few freshmen in English and math, two classes where she excelled without prejudice and even began helping her mother around the house.

Ellen’s eating habits showed no restriction and, due to genetics, she continued to gain weight. By the time graduation rolled around, Elena was essentially forgotten and Ellen had remerged from the chaos of her superficiality. It was Ellen’s choice to help her mom, and thus, right after school, she made a detour to the supermarket before coming home. She juggled several bags while entering through the back door, her prominent waddle thoroughly genuine.

Ellen’s homebody demeanor and undisciplined eating habits had drastically changed her appearance, much like that of Marcia Golden the former prom queen whose heavyset figure projected the notion she had always been fat. Her dull brownish-blondish hair was simply combed back, adding a definite roundness to the shape of her pudgy face. Not quite plain but far less stunning due to her tame glasses and the pimples that stretched over her oily face.

Furthermore, the additional pounds had acutely fattened her cheeks and bestowed a thick rubbery double chin that rendered her docile in appearance. Clad in a faded green and red colored flannel shirt and dark gray sweats, Ellen’s portly figure was virtually apple shaped with her big belly propelling outward.

She gently dropped the bags on the kitchen table, subsequently searching through the bags for her sugary reward. Mrs. Spur entered the kitchen, looking no different than usual with this lone exception: her daughter was now dumpier than her. “Thanks for picking up the groceries,” Mrs. Spur beamed a happy smile.

Ellen seized the Twinkie she was looking for and tore opened the package with her teeth, “Shucks mom, it was no bother.”

Ellen proceeded to chomp on the treat like she hadn’t eaten all day, causing Mrs. Spur to lift her eyebrows, “Take it easy, you don’t want to spoil your appetite; dinner will be ready in a couple of hours.”

Ellen spoke as she munched, “You kidding?” then she bellowed her signature squeaky giggle.

Mrs. Spur folded her hands over her large bust and prudently observed Ellen clumsily storing away the groceries, “It’s Friday night, do you have plans with Dobie?”

There was a significant bounce in Ellen’s flabby caboose as she turned to her mom, “Nah, he’s hanging out with his friends but tomorrow, he’s taking me to a comic book convention!”

“That’s nice,” Mrs. Spur grinned. “Then you’re going out with your friends?”

Ellen half-smiled, “Mallory invited me to her violin recital, but I’m not up on dressing up. I was thinking I’d just stay in and we could maybe order a pizza and watch some Julia Roberts movies?”

Mrs. Spur approved the request, “That sounds fine; anyway, you’d want to dress up for the convention, at least a little.”

Ellen extended her hand over her squishy globe of a belly, “Yeah but um, I’m starting to feel self-conscious.”

“What about?” Her mom diligently asked.

Ellen looked over her glasses that were perched over the tip of her nose, “I’ve gotten bigger than Dobie; what if he’s embarrassed by my size?”

Mrs. Spur had gladly accepted Ellen’s new persona, even though she now overreacted more than ever. “I think your size doesn’t matter to Dobie, matter of fact, I know it doesn’t,” Mrs. Spur informed her 245-pound daughter.

Ellen puffed up her fatten cheeks before she whined, “How can you be so sure?”

Mrs. Spur congenially told her daughter, “From what your cousin Sue said, he thinks you’re fabulous and will be asking you to his prom.” Mrs. Spur then winked, “You didn’t hear that from me.”

Ellen whirled around in slow motion, “This is so cool!”

Mrs. Spur chuckled, “The right guy was always there for you; you only needed to be yourself for him to discover you!”

Ellen’s double chin expanded as she tilted her head and blushed. “Mom, if you don’t mind, I’m going to take a shower and then play some chess with my net friends; after dinner we’ll watch the movies,” Ellen screeched in exuberance, then asked, “Is that copasetic with you?”

Mrs. Spur nodded, “Sure but how about some chocolate cake with ice cream; you’ve had pizza twice this week not counting school.”

Ellen obliged her mom suggestion, “Okay, that’s fine with me.” Ellen began strolling out of the kitchen, “Somebody should invent chocolate pizza, that would be stupendous!”

In the bathroom, Elena leisurely removed her snug apparel and then her granny style undergarments, her big belly sprawling outward while her chunky thighs wiggled in the process. Once released from the confines of her bra, her soft 40-D melons now hung lower on her body, skimming the top surface of her belly.

She self-consciously gawked at her reflection like a run of the mill couch potato in realization of the excess pounds she had put on. Elena’s high cheekbones and narrow nose were covered by a substantial layer of cushy fat, bestowing the aspect of a latent lifestyle to her pudgy facial appearance, and her skin was no longer flawless due to a defined amount of acne. Her large breasts wilted due to their weight while the once firm tissue was unremarkable in its spongy consistency.

She placed her hands over her broad hips that aptly suited her butterball shape and released a bellowing snort. Ellen’s waist was indisputably thick, a pair of fat rolls semi-circling her beefy trunk and her huge thighs were uncompromisingly flabby. Swerving to capture a side view glance of her figure, she squinted at the roundness of her enormous derriere.

Ellen momentarily straightened her posture, and her portly belly still managed to jut outward: beyond potbelly status but a bulbous globe, its girth corresponding in proportion to the size and shape of her ass. Ellen’s hand slithered over her belly, her fingers merging with the rubbery texture before pressing them into the mushy tissue. Elena cupped the lower portion of her belly and she fleetingly visualized her former appearance.

Briefly her expression soured but her lips then curved into a wide contented smile. “What’s the big deal?” Ellen chirped, “I was always meant to be fat!”

Removing her glasses she hurried into the shower, she didn’t want to keep her on-line chess partners waiting!

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Postby Cartoonking1 » Sat May 09, 2015 9:10 pm

I Love your Fat Nerd stories, they are the best. :D
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Postby Matt L. » Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:31 pm

I'm very pleased you enjoyed the story, thanks for reading.

Cheers, Matt
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